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Storie \ Zoya

  Anonimo | Feet Under The Table -  - English story | 27.08.2002

Zoya was sitting across from me at Friday's. I had gone with her, Erin, and Danielle. For some reason Zoya was dressed up for the occasion. She was wearing a short tight skirt and black nylons with a tight red shirt. As we began to eat, Zoya's foot began tapping against my shin under the table. I thought nothing of it, moved my leg, and continued eating.

About ten seconds later I felt Zoya's foot hook around my calf and slowly slide up and then back down again. This made me jump and look at Zoya to see what she was trying to do. She kept her foot hooked around my calf as she looked back at me with an innocent look on her face. She then looked at Erin and Danielle who were eating and smiled. As she did this her foot slowly slid upward until she was rubbing my thighs with her nylon toes.

I could hardly keep still as Zoya teased me with her little size five and a half foot. Until that point, Danielle and Erin had been talking to each other while Zoya was making me hard. But then Zoya joined their conversation and began asking me questions to make me talk. I couldn't believe what she was doing to me.

Zoya asked me a question and as soon as I opened my mouth to speak, she finally eased her foot up against my zipper. I involuntarily let out a loud breath of air and squirmed in my chair as Danielle and Erin watched the whole thing unbeknownst to what Zoya had just done.

"Are you okay Sean?" Erin asked.

"Yeah, I just had something in my throat. I'm fine now." I answered back.

"So you never answered my question Sean," Zoya said seductively as she began tracing the outline of my cock with hher big toe. I couldn't even remember what she had asked me. I couldn't concentrate with her doing this to me. I began sweating as Zoya began working her toe against the underside of my head. She pressed at me harder to watch me squirm and let out a little giggle as she saw my reaction. "Okay, forget I even asked Sean." She said.

I was so relieved that she finally dropped it, but it didn't change the situation at all. Zoya was toeing around the top of my zipper now and I could feel her getting one toe inside it. Above the table you couldn't tell at all what Zoya was trying to do. She kept a straight face except when I would look up at her. Then she would slide her tongue across her lips and squint her eyes at me mockingly, knowing that I was at her mercy.

As a few more minutes passed, I began feeling my zipper slide down more and more as Zoya worked her little dark red toenails into my lap. After about five minutes she had her entire foot in my pants. She began rubbing me through my boxers until she found the opening to them. Then she slid her foot up my bare sshaft for the first time. I could hardly keep from screaming as she teased me with one toe on the head of my now exposed cock. She slid her tiny toe around in a small circle on my head while I gripped the table trying not to make a sound. Zoya laughed as she did this and I realized I was now biting my lip as well as holding onto the edge of the table.

Suddenly Erin interrupted my torture and said she was going to the bathroom. "I'll go with her," said Danielle as they walked away. Zoya flashed him a devilish smile.

"Had enough yet Sean?" She asked in a deep whispery voice as she continued to drag the nylon on her little toe over my head repeatedly.

"Please Zoya, just stop. I'm not gonna be able to take anymore of this." I told her.

She looked at her fingernails nonchalantly and then took a sip of her drink. "Okay honey. I'll make you cum."

I felt her other nyloned foot join the first and wrap tightly around my shaft. She began sliding both of them quickly over me until it felt like one fluid movement. I looked up at her and she put her chin on her hands quietly. "How do you like my feet?" She asked.

I quickly looked down and saw her deep red toenails with the toe ring on her middle toe and a gold anklet to match. It drove me crazy as I looked back up at her. She leaned up against the table, pushing her breasts up on the edge of it. "Hmm?" She said quietly.

I suddenly couldn't hold it anymore as I felt my cum erupt all over her feet. As she felt it flow over her, she looked at me triumphantly and continued to stroke me until I was completely finished off.