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Storie \ Under The Table Teasing

  COL | Feet Under The Table -  - English story | 27.08.2002

I had a VERY interesting experience last night with some co-workers. Here's the set-up: This Friday is my last day at work, I am relocating to another part of the country. Because of this I've been going to farwell lunches and dinners for the past few days with different people that I work with.

Last night I had dinner with two female friends/co-workers. They are both married and have children. And, needless to say, they are both very attractive. Rachel is tall and blonde, very elegant and a classy dresser. Melinda is a short redhead, a more casual dresser, and very athletic. I had known them both since I started working for the company several years ago. We had spoken almost every day and engaged in the sort of light flirting that goes on in offices that have not been invaded by the sexual harassment bug. Other than this interaction, neither woman had shown more than a casual interest in me.

Well, I met both ladies at a nice restaurant about 7:00pm. I wore a suit and tie because I wanted to make a good last impression. My eyes were greeted with a lovely sight as I walked into the building: Rachel and Melinda had also dressed to impress. They each wore a nice dress, and because it's getting a little cold up here, both wore hose. The fact that they were also wearing high heel pumps helped out too!

Oh, those hose clad legs and feet! How many times at the office had I watched these two dip and dangle their pumps, exposing shapely little feet encased in pantyhose (thank god for office dress codes that require hose!). I'm sure they probably had caught me staring on more than one occasion, but had never said anything about it.

I'm sure of this because of what happened next. We were led to a small circular table with a tablecloth that only extended about a third of the way to the floor. I was seated more or less across from the two babes, and we ordered drinks and appetizers.

We were laughing and having a nice conversation when the appetizers arrived. At the same time, I felt something nudge my right shoe. I didn't move, but the mystery object did, and when it slid up to my socked ankle, I tensed with excitement as I recognized it: a set of nylon clad toes.

As the toes began to gently wiggle against my ankle I swallowed hard and looked up at my dinner companions. Both ladies were still engaged in the coversation with me, and I looked hard for some sort of recognition as to which one of them was doing this. Try as I might, I could not pick up any signals from them.

Feeling my cock beginning to slowly uncoil, I tried to continue talking to the ladies. Below the table, the pantyhosed foot move surreptitiously up inside my trouser leg, the toes curling around the top of my sock. Clearing my throat and tensing again, I sat and allowed her, whoever she was, to pull my sock down around my ankle. Then I was treated to the cool, slick sensation of her nyloned foot as it caressed the bare skin of my lower leg.

She used her arch to move up and down my calf, and then would pause to make circles around my anklebone with her big toe before letting me feel the ball of her foot gliding back up under my trouser leg. After a few minutes of this she pushed her foot up my pants leg as far as it would go.

I shifted in my seat, trying desperately not to look like I was squirming under the minstrations of this very talented foot. Again I looked my companions, each a vision of beauty and both equally desireable. Yet neither of them gave a hint as to whether they were behind this devilish teasing.

My heart was beating faster and it was becoming a little difficult to talk and eat. Besides, I was past impatient to know which lady was using her pantyhosed foot so effectively on me. I envied the husband of whoever was doing this, if he got this treatment on a regular basis, he's a lucky bastard!

Pushing my chair closer to the table, I slowly reached under the table to try to feel the toes wiggling on my knee. I was able to feel them under my slacks, and they responded to my touch, wiggling more vigorously. Then they disappeared as she pulled her foot out of my pants leg and moved it up to my hand.

Ahhh the feel of her hose in my fingers! I massaged the small foot that had been delightfully tormenting me for the past 20 minutes. Now was a chance to get a reaction, and I dragged my index finger up and down the sole of the foot a few times while watching the faces of my dinner companions.

Curses! Nothing again. She's either not ticklish, or she has tremendous self control.

Frustrated, in more ways than one, I released the pantyhosed foot and made another move. I "accidently" dropped my napkin on the floor, and bent to retrieve it. But my tormenter was too quick for me. As I glanced under the table, I saw the hose clad feet of my lady friends were all on the floor, pumps firmly on their feet.

I sat back up and shook my head. I was not going to find out tonight. But when I felt the shoeless foot sliding back up my leg to my inner thigh, I decided "screw it". And for the rest of the meal I sat back to enjoy the incredibly intense sensations of..someone's..nyloned foot stroking my inner thigh.

Right before we left the restaurant, the little foot got bold, and drifted over my swollen crotch. I coughed and turned red feeling the pantyhosed toes curling over my throbbing cock, which was screaming for some hose to cum over! I glanced at my amused audience, my mind racing to figure out which of my married female friends was jerking me off with her foot here in the restaurant!

But before I could react further, the foot was gone, and my dinner companions were laughing at my apparent uneasiness. I removed my jacket before we stood up to cover my obvious bulge. We paid our check and left the place.

I walked both women to their cars and received a nice kiss from both of them. However, neither one let on if they were "the one" teasing me earlier.

So now I'm left wondering who it was and if I should follow up on this. Offhand I'd say one of them just decided to tease the shit out of me because I was leaving. Oh well, it's a great memory, but what I would have given to cum on that oh so talented little hose covered foot...