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Storie \ Under Linda's Table (4)

  COL | Feet Under The Table -  - English story | 27.08.2002

Linda and I left the the restaurant hand-in-hand, walking through the cool night air over the Hilton. As we stood at the counter getting our room keys, Linda dipped out of one slingback and began caressing my ankle with her silk covered foot. I looked down at her smirking face, returning a challenging grin of my own.

Inside the elevator we took to the 16th floor was another young couple. At this point I didn't care who was in there. I grabbed Linda and planted another deep and passionate kiss on her, just like the first one we shared at our office building. Her hands roamed over my back as I pulled her close, pressing my still hard cock into her.

The other couple had gotten off on another floor because they were gone when the 16th floor finally appeared beyond the open doors of the elevator. We hadn't noticed them in our lusty embrace. Nearly sprinting to our room, I stopped to put the "Do Not Disturb" sign on the outside knob, then closed and locked the door.

I turned to say something, but Linda pounced on me. Jumping into my arms, she wrapped her stockinged legs around my waist. Our lips and tounges wrestled frantically as I walked her over to the bed. She had lost all composure now and was whimpering. "Oh God please do something for me now!"

Locking eyes with her I told her, "I love you Linda, I'll do anything for you." Again, I didn't give her a chance to respond. I dropped her shapely little ass on the edge of the bed. Grabbing a pillow, I told her to lay back. Placing the pillow under her lower back, I pushed her dress up over her waist.

Linda gasped as I softly blew on her bare thigs, exposed above her grey silk stockings. Her hairless crotch was hidden by a whisper thin pair of black panties, the crotch of which were already soaked. I blew again, this time right on her shaven mound. Linda sucked in a breath again and squirmed.

Feeling her hands on my head, Linda pulled me into her crotch, and draped her legs over my shoulders. I was finally able to feel her silk stockings as they pressed against the sides of my face. I moved in to kiss her pantied crotch and began to work. My lips and tounge attacked her covered sex, and I channeled all my energy into this task. I wanted Linda to feel as good as she'd made me feel.

Her hands pulled me tighter into her crotch, and I tried to breathe as best I could while worshipping her sweet pussy through the thin silk material. I slipped my tounge inside her as far as the panties would permit, teasing and worshipping the center of her womanhood. She wrigged violently under me and thrust her hips up into my face.

Finally Linda finally cried out, "Oh please rip them off, I have to feel you, get rid of them now!" She'd given me carte blanche, so backing up a bit, I grabbed a handful of panty and pulled hard. The fabric ripped and I tossed the ruined panties aside. I then went back to work with my tounge against her now bare and soaking pussy.

Linda was constantly making noises, sounds I didn't think she was capable of making: helpless whimpers, sharp cries of of ecstacy, or undecipherable bouts of moaning and talking. I continued to push my tounge into her, using every trick in the book to pleasure her. Forgetting my own erection, I had become lost in the technical aspects of making her cum.

I lost track of time, but at some point, Linda began to babble incoherently, and roughly pulled my head as deep into her crotch as she could, grinding herself into my tounge and nose. Her thighs flexed and tried to crush my head between them. It was hard to breath but I kept licking away at her engorged clitoris. Her high pitched squealing almost scared me, but then she flooded my face with her juices as an orgasm ripped through her spasming body.

With one last satisfied groan, Linda relaxed, releasing me from her grasp, and I was able to fall back on the floor and breathe. We both rested for a few minutes. I got up quickly to go wash my face in the bathroom. When I returned Linda had removed her dress and had let her hair down. Now she lay on the bed in a fetal postion, clad only in a bra and her stockings.

Her face was alight after her orgasm. She pulled me close and kissed me long and hard. "Thank you. And I love you too." She whispered, holding my face in her hands for a few moments.

Then she moved one hand down between my legs, gently fondling my cock, which was rising again. "I think someones ready to come out and play with my feet." She teased.

"Not yet!" I replied happily. I had some specific things in mind for those teasing little feet of hers. I told Linda to stay on the bed while I stripped down to my boxers. She grinned lustily at the bulge that threatened to explode out of my shorts. I ignored her looks and took one of her size sixes in my hands.

The silk was as soft and smooth as she had promised, and her little ped slipped around under my grasp as I gently massaged her foot. Linda relaxed and let another little moan escape her lips. "Ohhh that feels good. I never get any attention paid to my feet."

"Tonight we'll make up for it!" I told her. I alternated feet, making circles with my thumbs on her soles, kneading the ball of her foot, gently pulling on each toe and rubbing her heels between the palms of my hands. I kept this up for about fifteen minutes before I got on my knees and started to delicately kiss her toes.

Linda trembled a bit, but I continued with light kisses and quick flicks of my tounge over her covered toes. At last I took her toes in my mouth and sucked them with all the love I could muster for her. Linda moaned again, "Oh god why does that feel that way!?"

"Just enjoy it!" I said quickly before returning my mouth to her peds. Now I was really in my element. Giving Linda oral sex had been more of a chore, this though, going down on her feet, was something I truly enjoyed! It showed too as my enthusiasm swept me up into the task. My tounge was swriling around her toes, soles and heels. It took me a moment to come back down to earth and realize that Linda was alternating her moans with little giggles when I'd flick her soles with my tounge.

I then began to lightly tickle her soles with my fingers. "Oh no, oh no!" She laughed, only halfheartedly fighting me as I went to work. Thrashing around on the bed, Linda filled the room with the sound of her sexy and delightful laughter as I tickled her. It was fun, but tickling wasn't really my thing. Besides, we only had a limited time to enjoy each other tonight. I had to have my dreamgirl home to her husband in three hours.

Knowing I wanted to do more to her, I stopped tickling and waited for Linda to calm down. Panting and wearing a silly grin, she propped herself up on her elbows and looked at me lovingly. Her silk covered toes then began to prod the crotch of my boxers. Now it was once again my turn to moan with pleasure.

"Are you ready for your footjob?" She purred.

"Yes, oh yes!" I nearly begged her as her silky toes made circles around the swollen fly of my shorts.

Linda then moved up in front of me and had me stand. She slowly removed my boxers and tossed them over by her ruined panties. Eyeing my throbbing erection with a smirk, she gave me the word: "Lie down on your back."

I did as she commanded, looking up at my lover from the floor as she positioned herself on the edge of the bed. Linda sat so that her feet were right next to my waist. She placed her size sixes on my stomach, toes pointed so that I could admire her high arched soles. I moaned again at the sight, and arched my back up as she placed her silk covered soles on my bare flesh at last!.

Running her soles over my stomach, I felt my body tense with the ultimate excitement of an impending orgasm. As incredible as the silk stockings felt on my stomach, I could only imagine how it would feel in a minute when they went work on my cock.

Linda was merciful, and did not tease me too long. Groaning and shaking with anticipation, I looked down to see her move one foot to my erection. Linda gently grazed the tips of her reeinforeced silk toes over the hot flesh of my cock. She then pushed it down flat onto my stomach with the sole of her foot. The heavenly sensation of the cool silk stockings and the heat of her feet inside them made my cock jump for joy!

Now that Linda had my erection trapped against my stomach, she began to run the sole of her foot up and down the underside. I arched my back again, lost in the utter pleasure this woman was bringing me. My cock was burning hot against the sole of her foot as Linda expertly worked me back and forth, pushing me towards the inevitable orgasm I craved more than anything right now.

But Linda still had a trick or two left up her stocking. Up to now she'd only been using one foot to stimulate me. Now she brought her other foot into action, sandwiching me between her soft, high, silk covered arches. Crying out with ecstasy, I now realized a dream cum true! Slowly, Linda began to fuck me with her feet, never losing her grip as I thrashed about madly on the floor beneath her.

Linda's stockinged feet then maneuvered my cock until it was standing straight up. She had all the leverage now, and used it to continue to jerk me off with her arches. I looked down to see her gorgeous feet, wrapped in silk stockings working my cock up and down with practiced ease. Linda increased the pressure of her "foot pussy", grinning as my pre-cum began to flow out. It flowed slowly out of my cockhead to coat my hard shaft. The extra lubrication just made things better! Linda's slicked up soles relentlessly masturbate me, and she added more pressure to the already almost unbearable pleasure I was experiencing.

I was speaking in tounges, babbling, trying to talk but no words made any sense as my orgasm approached like a freight train. My incredibly beautiful and very married lover was determined to bring me the best orgasm she could. Linda's leg muscles worked furiously inside their silken sheaths, and her pumping feet never slowed in their mission to drain me dry. My balls finally could take no more and drew up close to my body, I arched my back as high as I could and I felt as though not only my cock, but my whole body was about to explode with pleasure!

Then it happened, Linda's silk stockinged feet brought me to a climax I never thought possible! I felt a weeks worth of fiery hot cum racing up my shaft, and my dick reared back and went off like an artillery piece! I screamed with pleasure as I came all over Linda's feet. My pent up passion, teased and denied for a week, shot out of my body to splatter all over Linda's insteps and reeinforced toes. More cum continued to flow violently from me, and Linda's feet never stopped moving on my cock.

My subsequent streams of cum flowed out to cover her silken soles and insteps. As the orgasm subsided and I began to calm down, Linda gently pumped me for the last few drops of cum. Only after I had finally spent myself did she take her feet away from my cock and start wiping her cum covered soles on the carpeted floor.

I laid on the floor for a few minutes, panting, laughing for joy and just trying to recover from this truly mind blowing orgasm! At last, Linda came and laid down on the floor next to me. She was now completely naked, having removed her soaked silk stockings.

We cuddled for a few minutes before going back to sex. For the next several hours we did everything: missionary, anal, 69, tittyfuck, more oral sex, and finally she gave me another footjob with her bare feet. We were all sexed out, and it was terrific!

Almost out of time, we showered and dressed. Linda had extra hose and panties in her purse and so changed into them. We stopped off at a club for about half an hour, dancing and soaking up the nicotine so that Linda would "smell" appropriately when she got home.

I rolled into my own apartment about 2am, my cock utterly spent. I had to rest up though because despite my love of Linda, I had a date with Laura in less than 48 hours.

But that's another story.