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Storie \ Under Linda's Table (3)

  COL | Feet Under The Table -  - English story | 27.08.2002

I stumbled back into my office after lunch with the worst case of blue balls I'd ever had! For the past week I'd held off masturbating at the behest of my married lover, all the while enduring her sexual teasing. And now I'd just returned from a lunch where one of her single friends had come within seconds of bringing me to orgasm under the table where we sat.

Sitting in my chair, I put my had to my head in my hands, feeling the room begin to spin. There was no way I was going to be able to concentrate for the rest of the day. No way. I called Linda and told her that I was going home for the day, that I felt fine but just needed to do some things before our date tonight. She flirted with me over the phone and reminded me to be on time later that evening.

"You can bet I'll be there sweetie!" I almost panted. At that moment I probably needed an orgasm more than any man alive, and I wasn't going to blow it by not showing up tonight.

Leaving work, I went home and ran a few miles on my treadmill, the fatigue of which helped calm me down somewhat. I spent the next few hours cleaning up my place and trying to get ready for tonight. My cock was anxious and soon began protesting his lack of action. After the workout Laura had given me at lunch I would have to be careful tonight not to cum too soon. I wanted Linda's stockinged arches wrapped tight around me as I came.

Finally the hour arrived and, wearing my only Armani suit, I set out for my fateful rendevous with Linda. She had chosen well, a nice place specializing in French cuisine with a Hilton hotel nearby where we had reservations. They were in another city about an hour's drive away, so we were probably pretty safe from seeing someone we knew.

I actually passed Linda on the interstate. She flashed me a big smile, and I could see her long hair was pulled up into a tight bun. She looked adorable even from the quick glance I got. Following me all the way into the next city, we parked next to each other at the restaurant.

Linda's appearance took my breath away! She was wearing a black sleeveless and strapless dress that extended halfway down her thigh. Her nylons were a "smoky" grey color, with reeinforcements on the toes and heels that were clearly visible through the skimpy high heel slingbacks she wore. I was mildly surprised her husband let her out of the house dressed this way, but no matter.

She was MINE tonight.

We kissed and hugged our greetings. Linda pointed to her legs. "They're silk stockings. I bought them and the shoes just for you." She smiled, "I thought you'd like the feeling of my toes in silk rubbing your dick."

My eyes got big and she had a little laugh at that. But I was ready too. "Stockings huh?"

"Uh huh." She nodded back, still enjoying her role as the ultimate tease.

"So are you wearing panties?"

Licking her lips she purred, "Yeah, they're silk too."

"Good, the silk there will feel really good on my tounge." Now it was her turn to get big eyes. "Don't think you're gonna end this night without having my mouth between your legs little missy."

She grabbed my hand, "Let's eat!" And, taking my arm, Linda and I walked into the restaurant. All eyes followed us as we were greeted and led to our table, as we did indeed make a handsome couple. Besides, I was really excited and honored to be seen with such a beauty as Linda.

We took our seats and both pulled up close to the table, ever mindful of what was about to happen. Linda smiled at me and reached over to take my hand. "Are you ready?" She asked playfully. Linda then made a big production of shifting in her seat.

I was prepared to feel her touch, and my cock was even more anxious. But nothing. She smiled and then looked at me seriously, "I have a problem here and I need your advice." Not sure if she was joking, I was still taken aback somewhat that she would bring up a non-sexual topic now. I merely nodded, and she continued.

"Well, I've got my legs crossed you see. The silk feels sooo good rubbing against my legs. Well you see the shoe on my foot that's crossed just won't stay on!" She said, feigning concern.

I relaxed, realizing she was trying to gain the high ground again by going into tease mode. I grinned at her as she continued, "The shoe's just dangling off the ends of my toes. I don't know if the strap is too loose or if my foot is just too small for the shoe. What should I do?"

Leaning forward seriously, I played her game, "Well honey, it's obvious you need to get rid of it. Try curling your toes and letting your slingback fall off."

"Good idea." She purred, then gave me a look of mock concentration. After two seconds she sighed and gave me a relieved stare, fluttering her long eyelashes. "Oh that feels so good, to be barefoot. I can wiggle my toes and flex my arch without that old shoe on."

"Jack honey?" She inquired again.

"Yes?" I smiled back, relishing our little verbal sparring.

"Now my foot is cold. Can you think of someplace hot I can rub it against so it can get warm?"

I licked my lips with anticipation, knowing what was coming. "Yes, I can think of a place sweetie."

"Funny," she purred back, "so can I."

At that moment I felt the all too familiar and pleasant sensation of a small shoeless foot sliding up the inside of my calf. Despite being "ready" for it, I still jumped, causing Linda to giggle with delight. She tilted her head slightly, watching me with an amused closed mouth smile as her foot moved up to stroke my inner thigh.

"You don't know what that does to me." I croaked.

"Oh yes I do. I felt it the other night through your trousers." She said, referring to our first encounter, "Only tonight my feet are going to take you all the way honey." With that her foot slid over to my crotch and began lightly stroking my already swollen package.

I inhaled sharply and gripped the sides of the chair hard at the intense sensation. Linda only smiled and kept masaging my erection with her stockinged foot.

"Hello, may I take your order?" The buxom brunette who would be our waitress suddenly appeared next to me, polite, efficient and ready to serve. I tried to straighten up and regain my composure, but a weeks worth of teasing, and a little silk covered foot in my lap right now prevented me from doing anything but carrying on a minimum of conversation.

I gave my order as clearly as I could, and I'm sure my voice sounded strained. Linda worked her silk covered toe over my fly and, pushing back the little flap of fabric, began to try and move the metal tab of my zipper. Swallowing hard and feeling my body tense, I asked, "What will you be having dear?" My throat getting tighter.

Linda bit her bottom lip, scanning the menu, and declared frustrated, "I don't know what I want. Can you make a recommendation pleeeze?" She addressed our waitress, and then threw me a quick wink.

Ohhh, this little vixen knew what she wanted to eat! She was just dragging out the tension. And it WAS tense as she shifted her foot around, pushing my cock with her toes and trying to maneuver it into a better position. I closed my throat, supressing a whimper as her foot continued to move me around inside my slacks until finally she had my cock extending down my trouser leg.

The waitress was still listing some menu options as Linda pinned my rapidly expanding cock against my thigh with the sole of her foot and began masturbate me with quick and smooth motions, back and forth, back and forth.

"What do you think honey?" Linda asked me wide eyed, putting on a show of innocence. I hadn't even heard the question the sensations below the table were so intense. In just a couple of minutes she had me hard as a rock!

I muttered some affirmative reply, but she pressed me, "Are you sure I should get that honey?" I stared at her, amazed at her composure! Meanwhile, all the sexual frustration of the past week poured into my cock as Linda began to pick up the pace of her pumping foot.

Again I muttered something and Linda let me off the hook by making her order. Mercifully, the waitress left, and then I felt Linda's foot leave my cock.

I sighed deeply, and squirmed in my chair. She only giggled again. "Good huh?"

"Always the best." I groaned, feeling my cock pulsing still. Linda slumped a little in her chair and her foot was back in my crotch, using her toes to outline my erection as it strained against the fabric of my slacks. Her slick little toes had me white knuckling the sides of my chair. God it had been so long since I'd cum, and her foot felt like nothing I'd ever had before!

I shut my eyes and concentrated on the sensations between my legs. Linda alternated between using her toes to sweep up and down the length of my hard-on, and her sole to push it up and down against my thigh. Everything from the past week came flooding back: Linda's verbal teasing, her "accidental" touches, and then Laura's footjob at lunch. As pre-cum began to flow into my shorts I heard a voice, and my eyes snapped open.

"Sir, could you move your napkin?" It was the waitress, holding my salad in her hands. Linda already had hers. Relaxing my grip on the chair, I moved a trembling hand to grab my napkin off the table. "Thank you." I whispered, looking desperately into the eyes of my tormentor, who merely smirked and contined to tease my crotch with her foot.

I realized the waitress was still standing there after giving me my salad. She was about to burst out laughing. Instead she leaned over and whispered something into Linda's ear. Linda listened but contined giving me her a sultry smirk as her stockinged foot brought me closer and closer to orgasm.

The waitress left and Linda removed her foot from my lap. She sat up straighter. I only whimpered and tried to focus. "What did she say?" I moaned.

Linda began eating and spoke to me between bites. "She said we were a cute couple, but that we should be careful. They've asked people to leave for doing what we're doing."

"So what should we do?" I asked.

Her foot answered me by moving back into my crotch, "We ignore them and you sit there and take it." Linda purred. I fought to restrain from squirming as she pushed my erection into my thigh and started stroking again. What a devil she was! I loved her for it, but I wasn't sure I could take much more of this without cumming. But then again, that was the idea.

I tried to think about other things, I really did. I also tried to eat. But it was useless. Each time I started Linda would pick up the pace of her antics under the table. She would always pause for a minute or two, but then resume her stroking and kneading. My cock never had time to do anything but shudder vainly against her frisky foot.

By the time the main course arrived I was sweating and almost unable to control my reactions. The crotch of my shorts was soaked to the point that I was sure my trousers were too. Linda stopped again and I was sure that I was in for a moments respite before she went back to work.

Instead she leaned forward, pressing her ample cleavage together, giving me a magnificent view of her breasts. It only made me want her more.

"Now listen, I'm serious about this. I'm going to stop while you eat. I know you love what you've ordered here. Eat up because you're going to need the energy for later tonight."

Sighing again, I could only smile weakly at my beautiful and voloptuous companion. Linda was true to her word and never touched me as we ate our main course. Our conversation turned light and my old composure returned. I kept her laughing, as much to turn her on as to hear that delightful sound myself.

She positively glowed in the soft light of the restaurant, and although more relaxed, never lost the seductive glint in her eyes. We finished our meals and lingered over a bottle of champagne, still joking and flirting.

Finally Linda fixed me with a "come fuck me" look. Then I felt both her feet, shoeless, on my crotch. I tensed again, squirming at the new sensation of double action. Linda used the balls of both feet to stroke my cock through my pants, gradually increasing the pace.

Gripping my chair again, I thrust forward with my hips slightly, in time with her pumping feet to get the most friction possible.

"Do you want to cum right here? Can you handle it? Because if you can I want your cock out under the table. I want to feel your cum on my stockings." She licked her lips and let her toes begin to work around my zipper tab and belt buckle.

Her words made my erection pulse violently, and I seriously considered her offer. It would feel sooo good to cum now and especially to fulfill my restaurant fantasy. I stared at Linda, wide eyed as she was able to work one of her big toes inside my zipper tab. Even through the nylon, her dextrous toes succeeded in bringing the zipper down about halfway, just enough for her to slip her toes inside.

I trembled at the touch of her stockinged foot on my boxers. Linda wiggled her toes around until she found the fly opening. It was then I finally felt the heavenly touch of her stockinged toes on my erection! I grabbed my napkin and bit it, trying desperately to stave off the cries in my throat!

Linda had one foot inside my pants, her toes wiggling against the base of my dick. Her other stockinged foot was massaging the outline of my cock through my trousers.

"Take you cock out Jack, come on. Take it out honey so I can jerk you off with my feet. I wanna feel your cum on my stockings!" Her voice was as smooth as the silky toes on my cock. My face was red with tension and excitement, I could feel the orgasm building...but I couldn't go on.

I knew that I was going to scream like a banshee when I came, so, reluctantly, VERY reluctantly, I reached under the table to stop her busy feet and zip up my trousers.

"No, let's go to the hotel now. You're too much babe, I won't be able to control myself when you bring me off. Let's go."

"Not so fast lover. I have to finish my wine." She purred, reclining like a goddess in her chair. One of her feet stayed in my lap, lazily caressing my shaft, giving me enough attention to stay rock hard, but not enough to cum.

I just sat in my chair fidgeting, ready to leap across the table and jump her bones. Linda just smiled sweetly, ignoring my plight and continuing her under the table minstrations.

The waitress arrived with our check, and as had been the case all night, Linda kept masturbating me. While I did the credit card thing the waitress stared down at me, still amused. I finally realized that the tablecloth had moved enough so that Linda's wiggling toes were visible over the bulge in my slacks.

I smiled weakly at the waitress, who just shook her head and left, still smiling. Looking back over at Linda, she cocked an eyebrow at me. "Shall we?"

Not giving her a chance to say anything else, I stood up, swollen crotch and all and began pulling her chair out from the table. She laughed at my anxious manner, but her flushed face said she was as ready as I was for some serious lovemaking.

To be continued...