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Storie \ Under Linda's Table (2)

  COL | Feet Under The Table -  - English story | 27.08.2002

Last night had been incredible, to say the least. My friend from work, Linda, had discovered my foot fetish. She had then teased me with her foot later in the evening. Now, in the morning light of the following day, I was hoping that her sexual advances had been more than the burbon and female territoriality manifesting themselves. After all, it seemed Linda was somehow just jealous of the woman she'd set me up with.

When I reached my desk at 8:00am sharp, Linda had already left me a voice-mail asking me to meet her for lunch. She had picked a spot outside on a grassy knoll within our corporate complex. It was very public. I was fully expecting her to put the brakes on our relationship at this meeting. Sweating through the first four hours of the day, I stopped by our company cafeteria to pick up some oatmeal cookies, they were Linda's favorite.

Once again, she'd beat me to the punch: Linda was already at our designated lunch site. She was wearing a white blouse, black capri pants and no nylons. Her strappy black sandals were lying on the grass next to her knees, and her glorious size fives were on display, light pink nail polish and all. My heart jumped, I didn't think she'd remove her shoes if she was going to drop the hammer on me. My crotch also jumped, remembering that one of those feet had been fondling me under her table last night.

I sat down next to her, she was pleasant and was happy to get her cookies. We made small talk for a few minutes, but the tension was palpable.

After a few minutes Linda looked at me seriously and then smiled, "Well I guess I owe you an explanation for last night." She looked away, almost shy.

"I'm sorry I took advantage of you like that." She spoke again.

I laughed, "Took advantage of me? Linda, you about fulfilled one of my fantasies last night. Besides, are you telling me that wasn't a drunken pass you made at me?"

Linda cracked up, and I reveled in the sexy sound of her laughter.

"Well, yes, it was a drunken pass...but it was much more than that." She paused and took a bite of her sandwich, looking away from me thoughtfully before continuing.

" know my feelings for you have changed since what happened." She was referring to the attempted mugging, she always called it "what happened".

"I'd always considered you a friend, but since that night...I know it sounds like a cliche, but I see you in a whole different light now." She paused, obviously choosing her words carefully. I merely sat and listened.

She looked at me hard after several minutes. "Finish eating." She said simply. The look in her eyes told me to obey quickly. We wolfed down the rest of our lunch and went back inside the building. Linda led the way toward an area where there were seveal conference rooms. Turning to me, she smiled and took my hand, pulling me into a vacant room. Locking the door, she turned off the lights exept for one. It was cool and dimly lit, and for an office, even kind of romantic.

Linda put her arms around my neck. "I didn't finish what I started last night, but I'm gonna prove to you now that I'm not just a tease." She pulled herself up and kissed me. I wrapped my arms around her and returned her affection. It was a long, deep kiss, worthy of an old movie: full of passion and warmth. I melted under her touch, but she wasn't done yet.

Locking eyes with me, Linda slowly went down to her knees, causing me to gasp, contemplating the thought of the pleasure her mouth was capable of delivering. And yes indeed, that was what she had in mind. Still staring up at me, Linda uzipped my trousers and slid her hand inside my open fly. I was already hard from our kiss, but when her gentle fingers touched my shaft I jumped and sucked in another breath. Giggling, she maneuvered my cock out of my pants. The cool air of the room and her hot breath felt oh so good, and I leaned back against the wall.

"Oh Linda..." Was all I could manage to moan as she gently kissed the head of my cock with her full and luscious lips. Linda's blowjob was everything I could have hoped for. Her mouth was the soft, wet and warm glove of ecstasy that I'd imagined it was. As she worked her lips up and down my shaft, I put my hands on her head and began thrusting my hips slightly in time to her mouth. Every so often Linda would moan and look up at me. I was in absolute heaven as her tounge swirled around my shaft, pulling me closer and closer to orgasm.

As my pent-up arousal grew and I remembered the sensations of her teasing foot from the previous night, I began to fuck her mouth, thrusting my hips harder into her as I felt her lips increase the pressure around me. I felt my cum boiling inside, and Linda looked up at me with lusty eyes, "MMMMMM" she moaned. I started to throw my head back in anticipation of a truly explosive orgasm. With one final swirl of her tounge, I shot off like a rocket.

I couldn't stifle the cry of ecstasy as I flooded Linda's mouth. Linda took it all. She kept her lips wrapped around me as my spurts decreased in intensity. Finally she released me and stood up, making a point of letting me see her throat working as she swallowed. I could only pant and sink lower against the wall as I recovered from the orgasm.

"That was.." I started to say. Linda cut me off, smiling and putting her arms around me again, "That was my thank you, to my hero." She purred, and kissed me on the cheek before we got ourselves together to go back to work.

"I really want return the favor Linda, and spend some more time with you." I said before we left the room.

She thought for a few moments. "Next Tuesday night is good, I don't have any plans and I can tell hubby that its a girl's night out. That way I'll be good until at least 2:00am. Where do you want to meet? It's gotta be someplace outside of town."

"Leave that to me, I'll find a good spot...with a nice hotel nearby." I grinned and she returned it. "One last thing." Linda sidled up close to me, one of her hands began fondling me through my pants. "I know it's five days away Jack, but save it all for me. Think about me, but don't act on it. I promise you I'll give you a night to remember."

I was stiffening again under her touch. What a woman she was! And asking me not to masturbate, I could do that. We left the conference room, all smiles, although mine was bigger. I immediately began to search for an appropriate meeting spot for next week. Linda and I did not meet again that day, and I didn't jerk off that night. Believe me I wanted to, but I kept my hands to myself.

The next day, it was clear that Linda was back in tease mode. She certainly remembered our conversation about me not masturbating, but her actions would put me to the test. For the rest of the week Linda teased me mercilessly every chance she got. Each day she wore one of her best outfits, and always with nylons and heels. She took every opportunity to dip or dangle her heels, knowing I couldn't look away. Other times, she would look at me when no one else was paying attention and lick her red lips lasciviously. Thursday was bad, when she dragged me along with one of her friends, Holly, to go shoe shopping at lunch.

Friday was the worst day though. I'd nursed my erection all through the week, and was looking foward to some distraction camping for the weekend. But Linda had gotten herself invited our Friday afternoon department meeting. Her black business suit and slingbacks nearly killed me. She made sure to sit next to me, and after the meeting had started I felt her shoeless left foot rubbing my right ankle and lower calf under the table. It was all the contact she could make but it drove me crazy! I was slightly hunched over when we left the room, and Linda giggled watching me try to hide my erection by holding my daily planner over it.

I had a hard time, literally, not doing anything until Tuesday. Monday was uneventful, I didn't even see Linda. Tuesday was a different story, the workday that I thought would fly turned out to be an erotic ordeal I could have never imagined. At 11:45am Linda showed up at my office with Laura.

Laura, I had not seen her since last week at Linda's house. We'd talked on the phone a few times but had not gone out yet. She looked spectacular in a brown jacket and skirt, brown nylons and open toed pumps.
She smile warmly at me, I'm sure remembering our flirting at Linda's house.

"C'mon let's go to lunch!" Linda said, her smile was both happy and amused as she saw my eyes widen at the sight: Linda was wearing the same outfit she'd worn the night of her foot tease. "C'mon let's go!" She was insistent.

"Yeah Jack let's go, Linda said you were taking us to Huk Ling's for lunch!" Laura said excitedly. I gulped and flushed. Huk Ling's was a great Chinese place here downtown. Low table with big pillows to sit on...and a shoeless dining policy. I was kind of surprised at this turn of events. I thought Linda was jealous of Laura. Well, I wasn't going to try and figure it out. Female competitiveness is unfathomable to me.

Gathering up my strength, I stood up and escorted the two ladies out the door. I tried to think about other things, but I knew that Linda was going to give me one last hurdle to overcome before tonight. It did no good try and distract myself, Linda looked as good as I'd seen her, and Laura was no slouch either. Laura was a hardbody like Linda was. She was a little taller and had shoulder length red hair. The outfit she wore, a far cry from her jeans and boots of last week, didn't help matters much. This was not going to be an easy lunch.

We arrived at the restaurant and the ladies got rid of their pumps with relief. My blood pressure went up: Laura's feet looked only slightly larger than Linda's size fives. Her nylons had a slight reeinforcement over toenails that were painted a bright red, and her left ankle was cirlcled by a thin gold chain. "Stay calm." I told myself, knowing it was futile.

The three of us were led into a small room occupied by a low circular table and four large pillows arranged around it. As expected, I found myself on one side while the girls sat together on the other. Linda had placed herself directly across from me with Laura sitting next to her. Sinking into the deep cushion, I saw Linda's lips began a smirk, a slow big smirk that said, "You're mine to tease!" All I could do was smile and shake my head. Hell I was already hard in anticipation of that was about to happen.

I had trouble getting comfortable on the big pillow. My knees are bad, so I can't bend them all the way to sit "indian style", and so I extended my legs out under the low table. I looked at Linda, and then it happened, I felt a nylon covered foot glide up my calf.

"Oh, Jack, I'm sorry." Linda said, a note of sarcasm in her voice that only I could detect. She smiled and pulled her foot away from me.

"What?" Laura asked, always curious.

"I bumped my foot into Jack's leg by accident." Linda said innocently.

Laura grunted skeptically and smiled at Linda, "Oh come on girl, you're trying to play footsie with him aren't you?" Laura glanced at me and winked.

Linda looked at me with exaggerated interest. "Well maybe I should, he is kind of cute." She winked lasciviously and rubbed her her foot up my inner thigh to my crotch, her toes wiggling into my burgeoning hard-on. I tensed with excitement.

"You can't come on to him Linda, you're a married woman!" Laura replied, feigning shock.

"If the sex is good who cares?" Linda retorted, and the two of them burst into laughter. Laura winked at me, her smile still warm and a bit flirty They stopped laughing when the server came in to take our orders. Linda took her foot away, leaving me hanging.

"It feels sooo good to get out those pumps for a while." Linda sighed, giving me look.

"You're not kidding girl, that's why I'm glad we're here so I can put my feet some place comfy for an hour."

Linda smirked at Laura, "Someplace comfy huh? Where would that be, in Jack's crotch?" Laura nearly choked on her water laughing, and I sat up, hoping they didn't notice my little gasp at the idea.

"What is it with you and this footsie thing!?" She replied, coughing between chuckles.

"Well you started it Ms. Dirty Mind!" Linda glanced at me again, obviously drawing out the foot talk to make me aroused and uncomfortable.

"I didn't start it, YOU were the one rubbing Jack's leg with your foot!"

"I never!" Linda acted as if she were offened. She turned to me, looking at me squarely, "Jack, was I playing footsie with you earlier?" Both women were looking at me for an answer, beautiful in their smiles and laughter.

Under the low table a set of nyloned toes started rubbing my left ankle. I tried not to react, I really did, but I'm sure I tensed up again. Hoping they didn't notice I replied as best I could, "No, it was an accident Laura."

Laura gave me a look of mock disappointment, glanced at Linda and then back at me. "Well, it might have been an accident, but would you really MIND Linda playing footsie with you?" Beneath the table the toes slid up underneath my trouser leg and began to slowly push the fabric up towards my knee. Linda was going to make this as difficult as she could.

Shifting on my cushion, hoping it didn't look like squirming, I smiled back at Laura. "Laura, I would never accept that sort of thing from a married woman. It's wrong and I wouldn't want to be a part of breaking up a marriage." In my mind I crossed my fingers as I said that.

"Awww, that's so sweet." Linda cooed, looking at me warmly, placing her elbow on the table and resting her chin in her hand. I met her gaze for a moment, hoping I'd scored some more points, as well as to get her to cease teasing me until tonight.

Laura looked at me skeptically, "You're so full of shit Jack!" We all laughed at that, and moved on to another topic for a couple of minutes before the food arrived. The whole time we talked Linda's foot was pushing my pants leg up toward my knee. When the server returned with our orders, Linda had bunched up my pants leg around my knee, and then began to treat my bare calf to a nice long massage with her stockinged foot.

Despite the low table, I'm sure that the young Asian girl serving us saw what was going on. She gave me a little smirk as she placed the plate of sweet n sour chicken in front of me. I smiled back, embarassed but feeling only the slick sensations of nylon against my exposed skin. The meal continued and so did Linda's foot. Once we were about halfway done I felt her toes hooking around my bunched up pants leg. She pulled it back down over my leg.

I looked up at her as her foot slid up my calf to my knee, and she caressed the inside with her high arch. My face was mask of desire and fear, I wanted her to continue, but with Laura here... Linda only looked back at me with amused curiosity and continued to eat.

We kept talking, and Linda started the foot talk again. "So Jack, do you give foot massages to your dates?" Her toes on my knee slowly inched up my thigh.

Sitting up straighter despite myself, I answered with more enthusiasm than I really felt, trying to cover for the incredible sensations below that made my cock swell. "Ahhh yes I do. Feet are very sensitive, there's more nerves there than in any other part of the body. I like to think of it as relaxation and affection for my date.

"That's nice. I loove a good foot massage." Laura said winking.

"Who doesn't? My feet need a lot of attention too." Linda looked at me again, the statement had meaning. Below the table her arch was stroking up to my mid-thigh. My dick knew that little probing foot, and was anxiously working its way down my leg to meet it. I reached down to adjust myself, the crotch of my trousers was now REALLY uncomfortably tight.

"Do you know how to give a pedicure Jack?" Laura asked, clicking her chopsticks. My whole body was tensed up and I was sure there was sweat on my forehead. How could I continue to participate in this conversation with Linda teasing me with her foot? A foot that was now mere inches from my swollen crotch.

"I uh, can't say that I do." I cleared my throat and breathed deeply, covering it by coughing.

"Well maybe we can help you out with that Jack." Linda replied cheerfully.

"Keep your feet to yourself Linda." Laura teased. The girls began laughing again as Linda moved her foot the distance to my throbbing boner. Her toes moved easily against the shaft which was straining to break free of my trousers. I began coughing again, and I'm sure I turned red.

"What's wrong Jack, choke on your drink?" Linda smirked. Her foot continued to smoothly masturbate me beneath the table.

"Yeah, I'll be all right." My voice was tight and I fought not squirm again. I was pulsing against the sole of her foot and I'm sure she felt the heat of my cock.

"You look a little flustered Jack. You really ok?" Laura asked, then glancing at Linda, "Linda's not giving you a footjob under the table is she?"

Linda gave a big mock gasp and lightly hit Laura, "You're so bad!" She told the redhead. They both cracked up with laughter, and I just sat there about to cum in my pants as Linda's stockinged foot began to pick up the pace from gentle caresses to firm stroking.

I looked desparately at Linda. I'd held off masturbation for a week, and endured her merciless teasing that would have normally driven me to jerk off in the bathroom during the day. I'd kept my word in order to be ready for our date tonight, and now it looked like she was going to make me cum here in the restaurant, and in front of her friend and my potential date no less.

Granted, this was not a bad situation to be in. It was more erotic than I can put into words, but I REALLY wanted to save my cum for Linda tonight. Apparently she'd changed her mind, and my naughty, sexy married girlfriend was taking me to orgasm here in public.

Arching my back, I tried to prepare for orgasm. God her foot felt good! She had twisted her ankle slightly as to trap my cock between her high arch and my thigh. Now, flexing her leg back and forth, Linda was now firmly stroking the length of my trapped erection, pressing down to give me the benefit of as much friction as possible.

I began leaking pre-cum into my trousers.

Trembling slightly, I couldn't eat anymore as the girls carried on a conversation about pedicures and foot care. I knew I was red in the face. I put my left hand up to my mouth to cough, desparate to make some noise, trying to stifle groans passion. What was she doing? She knew I hadn't cum in five days and that the orgasm would be explosive. I might not be able to control myself. But apparently that didn't matter to Linda.

Taking one last look, Linda gave me a quizzical look, then shrugged and smiled. So it was to be here I said to myself. I was determined to enjoy it as much as possible. I smiled evilly back at her and tried to control my breathing.

I reached down to fondle the pumping nylon covered foot in my lap. My fingerips grazed the toes and the instep. I felt over to my cock, hot and pulsing to the touch. My trousers were soaked with pre-cum as I continued to leak for my impending orgasm. I KNEW she felt it and it caused her to little stockinged foot to pump even faster. I wanted to be touching her foot when I came, which was now seconds away.

My balls, full of almost a weeks worth of cum began to draw up close. This was going to be a big one. Laura was now talking about shoes and Linda was ignoring me. I drew my hand over her soft heel, reveling in the sensation of the nylon, wishing my cock were free to feel it. My fingers moved back up to caress her instep, and my little finger grazed her anklet.


My brain clicked.

Linda wasn't wearing an anklet today.

I moved my hand up over her ankle to confirm that it was circled by a thin band of gold.

Feeling all the blood rush to my crotch I leaned back slightly and looked down.

The silky little stockinged foot in my lap, the one that was almost a blur of nylon as it pumped over my straining cock was encased by brown nylon.

The toes had a slight reeinforcement.

The toenails were painted bright red.

Laura's foot.

It was Laura's foot between my legs!

All this time it had been Laura's foot! And I was about to cum!

I looked up at Linda, she was taking a bite of her food.

I looked over at Laura. She gazed at me and gave me the hottest, most smouldering look I'd ever received from a woman. Her lips and tounge moved sliently. I recognized the word.


OH GOD! I jumped up from the table, coughing and lunged for the door. "Sorry I don't feel well!" I croaked as I dashed for the bathroom. Without further stimulation I had a few more seconds. I won't go into what I did, but I stopped myself from cumming. I sat in the bathroom stall for a few minutes, sweaty and panting, trying to calm down.

Somehow I made it back out to the table, unsure of what was being said to me. We made it back to the office.

I confirmed my date with Linda that night...and I made another date as well.

But that's for part 3!