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Storie \ Under Linda's Table (1)

  COL | Feet Under The Table -  - English story | 27.08.2002

I had arrived early at Linda's house. It was supposed to be an evening of drinking and playing Trivial Pursuit, but for me it turned out to be much more.

I'd been spending a fair amount of time at Linda's house over the past month. It was gratitude on her part and her husband's part. See, 30 days ago I fought off a mugger who had attacked Linda in our companies parking garage. Linda and I work on same floor, and by chance had left together that day. The mugger was either stupid or blind because he apparently didn't see me walking with Linda.

He just jumped out and grabbed her, trying to snatch her purse and gym bag. With the dumbasses attention focused on the bags, it was fairly easy for me to put some Akido moves on the mugger. The loud "snapping" sound that cut off the attack was the sound of the muggers left wrist breaking. Unfortunately, his pain induced frenzy knocked me down, so I was unable to grab him as he sprinted away, screaming like a little bitch and clutching his twisted wrist.

Linda had quickly fallen into my arms when I stood up. Shaken and terrified, she clung to me until her husband showed up at the police station an hour later. Even then she held my hand until the three of us parted ways later in the evening. Lindas husband was understandably grateful, and so did not mention, or perhaps did not notice Linda's physical attachment to me.

It was the beginning of a change in my relationship with Linda. Being coworkers, we'd always talked when our paths crossed, but it had been purely an "acquantance" type of contact. Now, Linda actively sought me out during the day, asking for work and personal advice, and even having lunch with me at least twice a week. She was also more physical, constantly patting my shoulder, touching my forearm to make a point, and standing closer to me than she did before.

I wasn't complaining. Being single and lacking a female companion, I enjoyed the attention immensely. Linda was a very beautiful woman, short with dark blonde hair and green eyes. However, it was her legs and feet that got most of my attention.

Linda would usually show off her legs at the office, not in a slutty way, but with tasteful and fashionable suits and skirts. And always with hose and heels. I would try hard not to stare at her as she dangled her pumps during meetings, or dipped out of them as we stood waiting for the elevator. Sometimes at lunch I'd look into her warm smile across the table and wonder how it would feel to have one of her little bare feet teasing me under the table.

Now, as I entered Linda's house, let in by her husband, I saw that Linda was wearing one of my favorite outfits: a tight, light colored flower print dress, suntan nylons and white high heel pumps. It didn't help that she was leaning against the wall talking to another guest and dipping her foot out of one of the pumps.

She noticed me come in, and I'm sure saw me staring at her legs. Linda came up and greeted me with a hug and a small kiss on the cheek. I could smell burbon on her breath, so I knew she'd been drinking already. Her eyes were bright and her smile almost a smirk as she introduced me to the other couple there that night, as well as the girl she was trying to set me up with.

Things went well as we sat around drinking and talking. My potential female companion, Laura, was nice enough, but her legs and feet were covered: jeans and hiking boots. Anyway, we got along well, laughing and finding some common ground. The strange thing was when I'd look around and see Linda, she always seemed to be looking at us. And the look in her eyes was...jealousy? No, no way, I was reading too much into this, and letting my crush on Linda get the better of me. And that white pump dangling ever so slightly off of Lindas foot....

At one point I took Laura's glass into the kitchen to refill it. As I stood at the kitchen sink I heard the "clip-clip" sound of high heels on the tiled floor. I turned to see my little blonde goddess approaching, smiling. Linda stood next to me and put her arm around my waist. She was a little drunker now and I was a bit nervous as her fingers began to tickle my side. We talked for a few moments before I heard a loud "clop" from down below.

My eyes involuntarily looked down to see Lindas empty white pump on the floor. She was dipping, and I could see her perfect little pink toenails through the sheer suntan nylons. I caught my self staring, and looked back up into Lindas eyes, and I swallowed hard. She regarded me curiously, looking at me over the rim of her glass as she took another sip of burbon.

"Why do you always look at my legs? Are you one of those foot guys?" She was positively purring. My face turned three shades of red and my throat dried up. Now THIS was embarassing. Linda brought her bare stockinged foot up to my knee, touching me and allowing me a good look. I gasped at the touch and the sight of her exquisitely high arch.

Linda giggled, her laugh was unique and delightful and it just made me that much more aroused and embarrassed. She gave me another squeeze around the waist and left the kitchen without letting me say a word. I took a few minutes to settle down before going back into the living room. Lindas eyes burned into me as I sat back down next to Laura.

At that point Linda announed that it was time to play a game. We all moved over to the dining room table and sat down. Laura sat next to me and Linda was directly across from me. The end of the table next to me was against the wall, so no one could sit there.

We began to set up the game board and take our pieces. I could tell that Linda had crossed her legs under the table because her pump kept bumping my calf. Linda did not make eye contact with me for the first few minutes, but I was aroused nonetheless.

Play began and Laura and I quickly began to score, correctly answering all the questions put to us. Laura nudged up against my shoulders and commented on how we were kicking their asses. I was about to smile and laugh back when I felt pressure against my calf under the table.

Linda's high heeled foot.

I looked over at her quickly, but she was not looking at me, but rather at Laura. And that same look as before, jealousy, perhaps some annoyance too? Confused and aroused, I could only breathe deeply and try to respond to Laura as Linda turned her gaze to me. The smile was as warm as always, but her eyes were alight with mischief...and her pump stayed where it was, genty pressing against my calf.

About now I was beginning to get more than a little nervous and aroused. I took a couple of sips of my beer and tried to calm down. But between Laura's flirting and Lindas foot on my leg, it was tough going. Little did I know that it was about to get better, or worse depending upon your viewpoint.

As the game continued Linda began to ever so slightly move her foot against my leg. It was a subtle but noticeable change as she slowly increased the friction against my leg. Ten minutes later she had dropped all pretense of accidental contact and was calmly and deliberately using her white high heeled pump to caress the inside of my right calf from ankle to knee.

After a few minutes I could tell that the motion of her foot had caused the pump to begin to dangle off her toes. I was now enjoying the sensation of feeling the same high arch I'd seen in the kitchen a few minutes ago and the leather of her pump. Linda looked at me and winked, I could only shift uneasily in my seat, trying to contain my emotions.

I could barely believe this was happening as I tried to remain composed. What was going on here? Why was she doing this? And her husband was right next to her with an arm around her shoulders! My inner feelings were at war, but I made no move to stop Linda from her exquisite foot teasing. Indeed, this was a dream come true for a foot fetishist: being on the receiving end of a tease under the table in public...and from a married woman no less!

My eyes met Lindas, and I tried to express my conflicting fear, arousal and confusion. The beauty across the table from me merely smiled sweetly as the toe of her pump stroked the inside of my right knee. I took another sip of my first beer, my stomach was too tight from excitement to take much, and noticed that Laura was starting on her third. It showed too as she slid closer to me in her chair to show me the question she was about to pose to the other married couple present at the table.

I was not immune to Laura's charms, but Lindas tease had my full attention, and she made sure she was going to keep it. Glancing at Linda, I saw again the same jealous flare in her eyes as Laura snuggled up to me. Once again, Linda upped the ante to keep me focused on her. Across the table, I saw Linda slump slightly in her chair, keeping her husbands arm around her. At the same time, I felt her pump glide up onto my inner thigh.

Oh god, I started coughing to cover what would have been a moan of raw lust and pleasure. This was too much, and the teasing smirk on Lindas face only made the sensation that much more powerful. I had to get a break. I pulled back from the table and announed I was going to piss, offering to refill glasses on my way back. Picking up three glasses from the table, Linda made sure to touch my hand with hers.

For the next few minutes I tried to calm down in the bathroom. I took a few more gulps of the beer I had with me and finally started to feel the effects. Perhaps that would help me to maintain my composure because, in spite of the danger of discovery, I desperately wanted Linda to continue with her game of footsie! And so, emboldened by lust and liquid courage, I returned to the table, sitting down confidently and meeting Lindas gaze I announced, "OK, I'm back and I'm ready for more!" The comment was directed solely at Linda, but the others at the table, now getting somewhat rowdy from the booze, clapped and whooped their approval, unaware of the other game going on beneath the table.

Linda wasted no time either. Despite myself, I jumped when I felt shoeless nylon covered toes touch my ankle. Linda had removed her pump, and it was now lying empty somewhere on the carpeted floor below. Her toes found their way up inside my trouser leg and over the top of my sock. I squirmed again in my seat as she curled and straightened her toes against my bare calf.

Wanting more, I tried to bait Linda. When she wasn't looking I got Lauras attention and winked and smiled at her. She responded by edging over in her chair closer to me so that the sides of our bodies touched. Linda noticed this and removed her foot from my pants leg, placing it on my inner thigh. I feigned more coughing to cover my lust as Linda slid her nylon covered arch up my thigh. Moving as far forward in my seat as I could, I saw Linda slump some more in her chair. Hopefully no one would notice her posture, and the sweat that was beginning to break out on my forehead.

Linda and I locked eyes for a moment when no one was looking. I nodded ever so slightly, but she shook her head back at me ever so slightly and smiled. She kept her foot on my inner thigh, slowly rubbing up and down, but not getting close to my crotch, which was screaming for attention. What a little tease she was!

It took Laura to force the final move on Linda. Laura put her hand on my shoulder and showed me another question card, putting her lips close to my ear to ask a question. I felt her body heat and my nostirls filled with the heavenly perfume she was wearing.

But Linda would have none of it. She gently slid her foot up my thigh to my crotch. I jumped in my seat again and laughed, which only encouraged both women to continue their advances. Laura was in a bad position, and had to continue the game and rely on her charms and some bump and grind, but Linda knew my primary weakness, and was exploiting it under the table. Her small nyloned foot probed the swollen crotch of my trousers, prodding, caressing and curling her toes on my confined cock. Squirming some more, I felt my face turn red and the sweat began to flow more.

Linda placed the sole of her foot over my trapped erection and began a slow massage, back and forth. My cock expanded almost violently in my trousers, and I bit my lip to avoid a cry of ecstacy as I swelled against her foot. Linda felt the rampant movement under her foot and gave me a big smile. I didn't know how much more of this I could take without cumming in my pants.

I believe Linda sensed my pre-orgasmic tension and momentarily stopped her teasing. She left her little foot firmly against my crotch, but did not move it or apply any more pressure. Still aroused, I sweated through the next fourty five minutes with Lindas foot resing on the edge of my chair so that she still had contact with my crotch. Every now and then she would move her foot or wiggle her toes to get a reaction out of me.

As the close game was near climax, she began to stroke and knead my erection through my trousers again, making me squirm. She did this because she was about to ask me a question which would enable Laura and I to win the game. I could barely hear her as the incredible sensations of her foot in my lap flooded out all other stimuli. I broke out of my trance with some effort to see everyone looking at me expectantly, waiting for an answer. Linda broke the silence with a double entendre, "C'mon Jack, answer me, you can perform under pressure can't you?" She purred and laughed in her special way, and the others laughed too, totally ignorant of the situation as Lindas stockinged foot continued to slowly masturbate me beneath the table.

I stuttered something incoherent as Lindas toes mercilessly worked their magic over my bulge. I could feel myself leaking inside my shorts. I was almost at the brink once again...and my answer was wrong. Everyone hooted at my mistake, and Linda smiled, then gave me a pouty look, sticking her bottom lip out. It was at that point that her foot left my lap. I would not feel it again that night.

The game broke up quickly after that, as the other couple won after two more questions. It was getting late and the whole evening came to an end. I exhchanged numbers with Laura and walked her to her car. With her husband present, Linda could only hug and kiss me goodnight, but in her eyes I saw the same fire that was present during her footjob. I weakly said goodnight and headed home.

The crotch of my trousers absolutely burned with Lindas touch and I sped home to finish what she had started. Inside my apartment I quickly began to strip, and hit my answering machine button as it was flashing.

I was shocked and surprised to hear Lindas voice.

"Hi Jack. I'll bet you didn't know I had your home number. I'm sorry we couldn't go all the way at the the table tonight, but I'm sure you have everything in hand," Then her laugh, intoxicating and utterly feminine. "Just promise that you'll think of me when you jerk it tonight," Linda continued, "We'll talk tomorrow...I think I love you. Bye."

I came four times that night thinking about Linda and her footjob before finally falling asleep.

To be continued...?