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Storie \ The Replacement Tease

  COL | Feet Under The Table -  - English story | 27.08.2002

"Ohhhh!" I groaned softly in spite of my attempts to stay quiet. I was sitting at a booth in a dark corner of the local Pizza Haus having lunch, and I was squirming around in my seat with pleasure. I bit my lower lip, trying to keep my cool, but it was really hard. Literally!

Sitting across the table from me was my girlfriend of seven months, Karen. Her dark eyes were on fire, and she calmly ate her lunch while giving me an amused smile. The cause of my pleasure and discomfort was Karen's bare foot, which at the moment was moving rythmically back and forth between my legs. She had been doing this to me for the past 15 minutes, and it was driving me crazy!

Karen knew about my foot fetish, and would indulge me from time to time with footjobs in public places like this. Although she had never made me cum in public, I nonetheless loved the attention I got from her! I had always thought that any footjob is a gift from heaven, so no matter how it turned out I would NEVER say no one!

I looked over at Karen again, and she licked her lips at me. She was obviously horny, and was doing this not so much for me as for herself. The more worked up I was the more likely I'd jump her bones after lunch, which she had hinted at earlier in the day. She'd been teasing me in various ways most of the day. We both work at the same accounting firm, and so were able to see each other a lot.

"Hey guys! Fancy meeting you here!" The voice broke into my train of thought. I looked up and it was Diana, Karen's younger sister, and a Junior at nearby Miskatonic University.

Diana slid into the booth next to me, all smiles. I tried to sit up straighter and pull myself together to talk to her. Karen was having none of it though. She greeted her sister, but kept her foot working over my cock. I cleared my throat and hoped that my face wasn't red.

"What are you doing here Dee Dee?' I asked her, using my nickname for her.

"I'm getting lunch to go for our study group. I was standing there waiting and I saw the two of you." She smiled. If she'd been waiting I vaguely wondered if she knew what was going on under the table.

"Well it's good to see you sweetie. How are your classes going?" I tried to steer the conversation back to her, not trusting my own voice as Karen refused to let up on me.

Diana, luckily, was a talker like most women are. She went on and on about her study group, her exams coming up, blah blah blah. And I sat there trying my very best to act interested and not let on that I had a hard on the size of Florida. Mercifully, Diana's order number was called after a couple of minutes, and she bade us farewell.

As she walked off, Karen gave me a little smirk, saying "Well how was that? Exciting?"

"Ohhhh if you only knew!" I said in mock menace. Yes, it was always better when you had to hide your arousal from others, and I'm sure Karen knew that. But now I had more pressing needs. I quickly finished my pizza, paid the check and dragged my giggling girlfriend out to her car. Before she could lock the door I was on her, tossing clothes in the back seat. She never had a chance as I fucked her right there, desperate to cum. She seemed to like quickies like this so I wasn't worried about not being romantic enough.

Well, the rest of the day passed uneventfully, but for some reason Diana kept popping up in my mind. I had the unshakable notion that she'd seen what Karen was doing to me at lunch. For some reason, that bothered me.

I'd known my girlfriend's younger sister for several months, and she was quite a looker. We had engaged in some mild flirting, but it never progressed into anything else because I always backed off. I loved Karen dearly, and had the notion of marriage in my mind if things kept going as well as they were. My thoughts of Diana were purely that of a possible future sister-in-law, nothing more.

The rest of the week went fairly quickly, Friday rolled around and I had a short workday. That was good because there was going to be a big dinner at Karen's parent's house tonight. She was bringing me home to meet her family for the first time.

I cleaned up good, getting a haircut and having my suit cleaned and pressed. Underwear. I debated on this, but decided to forgo wearing boxers. Karen and I were probably going to being doing the nasty soon after leaving her parents house, so I figured I'd freeball it.

6:30pm rolled around and I drove to pick up Karen. She looked great! I had never seen her so dressed up before, and I thought the skirt, fishnets and dressy boots were an interesting look. We arrived at her parents house by 7:30pm, and I must admit to being a little nervous. First impressions are important though, so I took a deep breath and tried to use some Zen to calm down.

We walked in, and introductions began. Karen was all grace and politeness as she made the rounds with me. This was the first time I'd ever met her other sister Debra, who seemed as good and attractive a person as Karen was.

Then Diana walked in the room. I'm sure she saw my jaw drop. If Karen's look for the evening had impressed me, then her youngest sister's appearance blew me away. She wore a short white dress, her wavy brown hair being pulled up in a bun. Her long and shapely legs were covered in nylon, and on her feet were a pair of white high heel pumps.

"Hey!" She hugged me and stood close to me as I spoke with her and her sisters. Diana was wearing some kind of perfume. I'm not sure what it was but it was really starting to get to me, and I started to get a hard-on. My lack of underwear was now seemingly a bad choice as my cock started to slowly uncoil in my pants.

"Take your seats everybody." Karen's dad called out. I was grateful for this because now I would get a break. The conversation and food would surely take my mind off these beautiful girls here. Then I could take out my frustration later on Karen. She'd flashed me a pair of pink silk panties in the car, so I knew we were in for a long night.

We all moved to the rectangular table and took our seats. Karen's dad was at the head of the table, with her mom to his left. Diana was on her left, and directly across from me. Debra was at the other end of the table, to my right, and Karen was next to me on my left.

After her dad said the blessing, we started talking and passing around plates and bowls. Things seemed to be going well as we got our food and began eating.

It was at that point that something touched the inside of my right calf and started gently rubbing.

Startled, I looked up and over at Karen. She was speaking with her mom, but I knew, I KNEW, there was no way she could move that far to touch me.

My gaze then slowly and almost fearfully turned straight ahead, to the well dressed, brown haired flirtatious fox seated across the table from me: her sexy younger sister Diana.

Our eyes met, and I knew that it was her doing this. Her moist red lips parted in a wide grin, and she winked at me before returning to her conversation with Debra.

"Oh my god!!" I thought. There was a moment of astonishment and utter disbelief. Her sister was coming on to me! She HAD seen what Karen was doing to me the other day, and now she was going to do the same to me! I gasped and covered my emotions with a coughing spell.

"Everything OK Jack?" Diana asked me. All eyes turned to me. I sincerely hoped I didn't blush when I answered.

"Yeah, I'm fine."

Diana gave me a little smile, then went back to eating.

I tried hard to pull myself together. There was nothing I could do. The table was too small for me to move out of Diana's reach, and I couldn't suddenly feign illness because this was an important night.

"Besides, you WANT this you horny bastard!" I heard a voice say in the back of my head.

I tried to fight that voice. I did. Well, maybe not as hard as I could have. As I said earlier, any footjob is a gift from the heavens, and I wouldn't turn one down. My mind fought conflicting desires: one, my love for Karen, and two, my insatiable foot fetish. The tug of war was already won though, and millions of years of ingrained male instinct decided the contest.

Despite the danger and forbidden aspect of the whole situation, I wanted Diana to continue with her tease. She knew my secret, and was going to use it against me. I HAD to tough it out tonight, I had little choice. So, with newfound resolve, I knew that my mission now was to stay calm and collected for the rest of the meal, no matter what my girlfiend's younger sister did to me.

This would, of course, be easier said than done. I'd had a couple of under the table footjobs before, not just from Karen, and I knew they were the most intense sensations I'd ever experienced. I was sure that the combination of her parents and my girlfriends close presence would put my strength to the ultimate test.

Breathing deeply, I took a bite of dinner and put my fate and my sexual satisfaction into the hands, or feet rather, of my girlfriend's younger sister.

Under the table, I felt Diana's foot still gently rubbing my calf. I could tell that she was still wearing her white pump. Her movements were soft and sensual, though with each stroke her foot would go a little bit higher up my calf. This wasn't too bad, I could handle this fairly comfortably, I thought.

Diana gave me another wink as her pump clad foot slid easily up next to my knee. I swallowed hard and felt my cock start to push out against my trousers. My lack of underwear was now going to be an even bigger problem than I anticipated.

I tried to eat and participate in the conversation as Diana's high heel shoe crept along the inside of my inner thigh. Never before had I had a woman leave her shoe on when doing this to me. It was a new experience to feel the leather of her pump brushing over the material of my pants. The sensation was made all the more arousing by the fact that I wished she WOULD get rid of her shoe! I desperately wanted to feel her stockinged foot against me.

Well, I suspected she was just being cautious. If someone dropped a utensil she could quickly pull her foot away and not cause suspiscion.

"You're awful quiet Jack." Her dad asked me suddenly, and I had a moment of panic. Would I be able to speak and think properly with this little vixen's foot on my leg?

I swallowed as I felt Diana's pump slide up towards my throbbing crotch, "I uh, ahhhem, I'm enjoying the food. It's really good."

"Tell us about your hiking stuff Jack. That trip you took to the Appalachian Trail." Diana asked me, a coy smile on her face. I couldn't meet her gaze as she gently placed the sole of her high heel pump between my legs and began rocking back and forth over the straining bulge of my hard-on. My throat clamped shut, cutting off a whimper.

"This was about three years ago. I made a solo hike of part of the AT." My voice cracked as Diana's pump stroked rythmically over my cock.

I went on trying to explain my trip as my girlfriend's younger sister continued to rub the sole of her high heel shoe over my erection under the table. My descriptions of the trip were given with MUCH enthusiasm as I tried to channel some of my sexual frustation into the lecture.

After a couple of minutes Diana pressed her pump into my crotch, grinding slowly as if she were putting out a cigarette under her sole. I croaked out the last sentence of my story and I'm sure I turned red.

"Your voice is breaking Jack, are you finally hitting puberty?" Diana joked, knowing exactly what the problem was. Everyone laughed, and beneath the table her pointed toe prodded my trapped and churning balls.

I mumbled some response, and Diana laughed again, winking as the conversation mercifully steered away from me.

I was glad Karen seemed to be busy talking with her parents. The sensations between my legs were really becoming too much to bear. Diana was swiftly running the smooth sole of her pump over my trapped erection, pressing down just enough to graze the fine line between pleasure and pain. I tried not to squirm in my chair as her playful shoe kept me hard and frustrated.

We shared plenty of glances during the meal. I'm sure my eyes conveyed to her the lust and desperation I felt. For her part, Diana seemed amused and contented at her new role as my teasing mistress. Every so often she would press her pump into me and my eyes would bulge and I'd have to supress a whimper in my throat. Her composure though was perfect, and the most I got from her was the occasional wink or sultry smirk.

She kept active though, and used her high heel to great effect for the 45 minutes we sat for dinner.

By the time dessert arrived I was sweating. The sole of Diana's shoe was rolling slowly over my hard cock, which by now was screaming for release behind an unyielding zipper. I'm surprised no one heard him he was so loud!

Karen's mom began passing out the cake, and I wondered if my sweet torture would end soon.

"Mmmm, dessert, this is where it all pays off." Diana said, looking directly at me. I wasn't sure what she meant, but her shoe left my crotch. For a moment I thought she was done with me.

Only for a moment.

Her foot reappeared in my crotch: shoeless.

I began coughing to cover my arousal. Otherwise I'd have let loose with a groan of ecstasy that would have given away the game. Karen began pounding my back, and all eyes turned to me as I fought for control. Taking a deep breath, I assured everyone that I was fine, I'd just swallowed some water down the wrong way. My body was stiff and all my muscles were taut as I sat up rigidly, using every bit of willpower to appear normal.

"Are you sure you're OK honey?" Karen leaned into me, obviously concerned.

"Yeah, yeah," I panted, struggling mightly, "just give me a minute."

Diana was a ruthless mistress. Her stockinged toes were curling and uncurling over my hard cock, which was now pressing violently against my zipper. She would stop after a few repetitions to push my erection into my thigh with the sole of her foot, then go back to her toe curling routine. It was sheer, blissful agony! Oh how I wanted to feel her against my naked cock!

Giving me a quick, sexy look as she ate her cake, Diana continued to masturbate me with her stockinged foot. It was heaven and hell as my white hot dick pulsed and throbbed with excitement against her pumping ped. I was going to cum, soon. I had maybe two minutes to go.

What the hell was I going to do? I wanted this - BAD. But I figured I wouldn't be able to control myself when my orgasm hit. I hadn't had sex with Karen since Tuesday, so I was up and ready to go. I had to make a decision quick: get up from the table, or risk it and let Diana make me cum right here.

Quiet, red faced, fidgeting, and barely eating, I sat there with my mind racing as my girlfiend's younger sister used her foot to stroke me towards an orgasm I wanted more than anything right now. So engrossed in my thoughts was I that I hadn't noticed Debra was trying to talk to me. She shifted in her chair towards me, and put her elbow on the table. Her chin in her hand, she smiled and started asking me about my life.

I tried my best to talk to her and sound coherent. But I was shaking under the steady and loving caresses of her other sister's stockinged foot. Glancing nervously at Diana, she gave me another smirk and picked up the pace of her working foot. Back and forth with growing speed the sole of her foot kneaded and teased my hardness. My eyelids fluttered and I could no longer speak.

Debra grinned at me, "Are you ok?" She asked in a low voice.

"Never better." I replied, my mind made up as I felt my balls drawing up close to my body.

Debra looked at me curiously as my orgasm began to sweep up over me.

"Oh my god!" I whispered, shutting my eyes as Diana's stockinged foot stroked the stroke that put me over the edge. My cock swelled and quivered and my balls let loose with a vengeance. A hot and heavy load shot down the length of my shaft and exploded out into my trousers! I nearly fainted the orgasm was so intense. My jaw was clamped shut as I used every last bit of my sanity to stay silent. I could neither hear nor see anything but bright flashing colors as I came and came and came.

Spurt after spurt of semen blasted into my pants, soaking my crotch and trouser leg. Diana's foot continued to rub and knead my cock as it spent its energy, her toes milking the head as she wiggled vigorously to get the last drops out.

Opening my eyes, I saw that Debra was talking quietly to me, but her eyes betrayed a combination of amusement and curiosity. It was obvious she had some idea of what happened and was trying to cover for me, talking to me during my orgasm so that no one else would notice my strained expression and closed eyes.

I swallowed and tried to breathe again, looking around. Karen was explaining some obscure bit of philosophy to her parents, so the three of them were ignoring me. Diana was radiant in her triumph, and I felt the sole of her foot purposely rubbing over the wet spots on my pants. After about a minute, Diana pulled her foot away from me and stood up, excusing herself from the table with a grin.

Coming back down to earth slowly, I focued on Debra, who had moved closer to me. Did she know what just happened? I was worried, but finally able to answer her questions. Feeling GREAT, and without a trace of guilt, I chatted Debra up for the next few minutes.

She was a great conversationalist, much like Karen, but I could see the question in her eyes. We both ignored it and remained coy, talking about the mundane and the boring.

Diana had now returned to the table, so I thought this was an opportune time to go and clean up. I tried to dry off as best I could, but there was cum all over the front of my trousers. Diana's footjob had been thorough and intense. I sat on the toilet lid for a minute after I'd dried off to reflect on what just happened.

Now Diana and I had entered a new phase of our relationship. I was excited and a little scared as to where it would lead. My only hope was that I could please her as much as she'd pleased me. Again, there were no guilty feelings that I could detect. I guess I'm a bigger dog than I thought!

Well, I'll deal with this as it happens, I decided.

Grinning lustily, I walked back into the dining room and took my place at the table. On the way I noted that both Debra and Diana had their pumps off under the table. Debra's legs were crossed towards my chair, and Diana's were extended out in front of her, ankles crossed. Yummy!

Everyone was still talking but it was clear the evening was winding down.

Debra spoke up first, "Well I've gotta go folks, long day tomorrow." As her family responded, Debra shifted in her chair. Under the table I felt her pantyhosed foot brush slowly up the back of my right calf, then over and down my shin as she uncrossed her legs. I tensed and looked up at her, feeling another stirring between my legs.

She licked her lips and gave me a sly grin, "Sorry." Came her soft whisper. I merely sat and felt my heart pound again as Debra stood to leave. First Diana, now Debra? Do all the girls in this family use their feet?! Well, I decided, Debra knew what had happened at the table, but at least for now, wasn't going to mention it. I'd have to contact her and find out what her intentions were.

Pulling myself together once again, I stood up with Karen as we prepared to leave. Diana hugged me goodbye, and surreptitiously allowed her hand to brush my crotch.

"I hope you'll come over for dinner again soon Jack! I had a great time!" She said to me smiling.

"The pleasure was all mine." I boldly replied to her double entendre. Diana giggled, and I knew that this was going to be a very interesting year.