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  COL | Feet Under The Table -  - English story | 27.08.2002

"Hi Alyssa! Oh, it's so good to see you!" Lauren gushed as she rushed up to embrace her friend.

"Whooo!" Alyssa replied, hugging Lauren. Lauren had not seen her former college roommate in years. Family and career obligations had prevented them from meeting until this Christmas season. Now the two old friends finally had a chance to spend time together. They spoke for a few moments before Lauren turned to the man standing next to her.

"Alyssa I'd like you to meet my husband Jack."

"Hi stud, it's nice to finally meet you!" Alyssa hugged him, and Lauren noticed she held him for longer than was necessary for a normal embrace. Lauren cocked an eyebrow at her friend, and Alyssa just smiled. It had been a long time, but Lauren still remembered the naughty games they used to play with the men they dated. She wondered if Alyssa expected to do the same sorts of things now even though Lauren was married.

Lauren suddenly had a vision of Alyssa sucking Jack's cock. The thought startled her, and caused a surprising flush of heat between her legs.

"Are we ready to eat?" Alyssa asked them, breaking Lauren's concentration.

"Sure, let's go!" Lauren replied, recovering quickly. They piled into Alyssa's sedan and headed out for Tangerinee's restaurant for a reunion lunch. Lauren sat up front with Alyssa, and Jack leaned forward in the back to talk to the girls. After a few minutes Lauren noted that Jack had given Alyssa the once over a couple of times. She smiled and felt the warm glow inside her again. It was a little confusing, thinking of her husband with another woman, but so far she was having trouble justifying keeping him away from Alyssa.

"Too much 'sharing' in college!" She thought to herself.

Lauren took in Alyssa's appearance. She knew her friend was attractive, and kept her 25 year old body in shape by a rigorous aerobics program. Part of Alyssa's job involved physical fitness, so she did not have a problem finding time to work out. Otherwise, the strawberry blonde always dressed to impress, much like Lauren. In fact, both women were dressed almost the same today: a nice dress, hose and high heel pumps.

After arriving at the restaurant, the three of them waited to be seated, as it was a fairly busy lunch hour.

"We'd like a booth in the back please." Lauren told the server at the entrance. The three of them spoke quietly while they waited, and Lauren noted that Alyssa let her eyes wander over Jack's body more than once.

When a booth finally opened up, the server led them towards the back.

"Lead the way hero." Lauren smiled at her husband. He grinned back and walked away.

"Go ahead sweetie, I'll follow you." Lauren ushered her friend ahead of her. Jack sat in the booth first, moving over to the far end of the seat, with Lauren coming in next to him. Alyssa smiled broadly at them, and seemed to make a big show of sliding into the seat on the other side, stopping when she was right across from Jack.

"Well, shall we get started?" Alyssa asked Lauren with a wink, then glancing at Jack.

"Sure, I'm famished!" Lauren replied, smiling at them both.

Opening her menu, Lauren heard her husband inhale deeply and then clear his throat. She glanced over at him, seeing him grinning, and Alyssa was giving him a mysterious little smile. "What's up with them?" She thought. Ignoring the slightly odd exchange between the two, Lauren chose her menu items.

The server appeared again, quickly and efficiently taking their orders and then disappearing to fill them.

At the booth, the three made small talk, reminiscing and trying to bring each other up to date on the happenings in their lives. The food arrived and they began to eat, laughing and talking about the upcoming Christmas season, and the madness of shopping, family reunions and of course, bills.

As the meal progressed, Lauren sensed her husband becoming more and more fidgety and uneasy. He seemed distracted and agitated, not in a bad way, but like he was trying very hard to stay calm. Occasionally he would moan and his eyelids would flutter. He would then immediatlely pull himself together and comment to Lauren about how good the meal was. Although she tried to hide it, Lauren caught Alyssa giving Jack the same little smile she had given him earlier.

"She's flirting with him!" Lauren knew she should be offended, but nothing inside registered that emotion. Instead, she felt the same old blood rush that came in the old days when she and Alyssa would team up to tease and sometimes please their boyfriends. Lauren remembered that it was always the same: one of them would get a date, and then bring the other along at the last minute. The guys never minded this, especially when they BOTH started coming on to him. Usually one of them would back off to let the other finish the job, but Lauren squirmed with nervous arousal as she remembered the two occasions where they'd had a threesome.

Lauren looked up to see Alyssa staring at her, an amused grin on her face. Lauren blushed and returned her old friends gaze. Alyssa then turned her hazel eyes to Jack.

"You guys seem really happy." Alyssa asked.

"Yeah, things are pretty good." Jack replied and glanced at Lauren. She could see something in his eyes, and noted his tense facial muscles.

"Is Lauren still a cocktease?" Alyssa asked, giggling.

They all laughed at this, but Lauren felt a familiar pattern begin to emerge, one she was both powerless and unwilling to stop.

"What?" Jack put the question back on her, his voice breaking.

"You know, teasing you. Rubbing your cock when you're in a theater," Alyssa's voice grew soft and smooth, her eyes locked on Jack, "or perhaps slipping off her pump in a restaurant and sliding her stockinged foot up your leg to your hard cock." At this Jack squirmed nervously in his seat, clearing his throat again.

Alyssa continued, glancing at Lauren "You guys should try that! Trust me Lauren, guys love it in public." She turned her attention back to Jack, " When you start curling your toes on their cock under the table they go nuts." Alyssa stared at him, smiling lasciviously.

Jack squirmed and let a little whimper escape his throat. Lauren thought his facial expression was one of utter torment. He looked like he wanted to explode, and Lauren had a vauge suspiscion of why. "Yeah, I guess it would be great." He said in a strained voice.

"Has Lauren ever had that done to you? Hmmmmm? Had her sexy foot slowly stroking you through your pants in a restaurant?" Alyssa asked him, her voice low and intense. Lauren noticing Alyssa twirling her tounge around her food as she took a bite her pasta, her eyes never leaving Jack's.

Lauren looked over at her husband and saw him turn red, his eyes widening. "Um, can't say that's happened." His voice still strained and abnormal.

"Awww, that's too bad. I can feel you'd really enjoy that." Alyssa smirked, then shifted slightly in her seat.

"Uhhhhh." Jack groaned suddenly. Lauren was now almost certain of her suspiscion, but she didn't quite want to believe it.

"What's wrong." She asked him.

"Yeah Jack, tell us what's bothering you." Alyssa asked. The tone of her voice seemed more mocking than concerned.

"I'm ok, really, I'm ok." He croaked in reply, smiling sweetly at Lauren.

The distant whine of sirens outside the restaurant became louder and louder, and Alyssa looked up to peer out the window next to their booth. "Jeez, is there enough of them?" She asked, counting four fire trucks.

Jack and Lauren reflexively looked out the window as the trucks raced past at short intervals. Lauren quickly lost interest because of what was happening at the table. She looked back towards her plate to take another bite. As she moved her head and eyes, she caught a glimpse of movement in Jack's lap. The napkin on his lap was in motion, something underneath it was bobbing up and down and swirling around. Lauren was unable to see what was doing this because of the tablecloth.

With the others still looking outside, Lauren risked moving the tablecloth slightly, and as she did so she saw a nylon covered ankle that disappeared under the napkin moving so actively in Jack's lap.

"Oh god it's Alyssa's foot!!" Lauren thought with shock. She fought hard to stay in control as the realization tumbled down upon her. Lauren felt like a cartoon character who has a light bulb appear over their head, suddenly everything that had happened at lunch made sense. The comments Alyssa made about their sex life, Jack's uneasy behavior and the way Alyssa had seated herself.

"She's been rubbing his cock with her foot the whole time!" Lauren felt her face flush red with the thought of the forbidden sex act taking place literally right next to her. Her mind raced, she had suspected this was happening, but had not wanted to admit it. Memories assailed her. The passion and unpredictable excitement of the old days charged through her veins, and Lauren was powerless to stop it.

Lauren tried to pull herself together as her two tablemates turned their attention back to the meal, and each other. Lauren could tell that her husband was having his own problems maintaining his composure, and she wondered if Alyssa would try to get him off right here at the table.

"Can a guy cum just from a girl's foot?" She wondered. Lauren had only heard of the foot fetish, she had no experience whatsoever. But, juding from the way her husband was responding to Alyssa's touch, it was more than enough to drive him crazy. Besides, Alyssa had made those comments about playing footsie, so she obviously knew what she was doing.

Lauren found herself becoming more and more excited by this game, and she wanted to take a more active role, just as she had in college. She knew her husband, either from lust or a desire to hide the situation from her, was working hard to control himself. Lauren was pretty sure he'd never cheated on her, but now this strawberry blonde across the table was trying to drain him dry, and it looked like she might do it too. It was just like college, she thought again.

Fidgeting with her utensils, Lauren had a mad desire to look at her husband's lap again, desire that grew stronger with each passing second. Looking at her plate and keeping her head motionless, Lauren shifted her eyes to her left, and saw that the napkin in her husband's lap was still quite active. At this point though, the napkin was about to fall off him and onto the floor. Lauren hoped it would as she swallowed hard from excitement.

A few more minutes of coy conversation passed and Lauren's wish came true: Jack's napkin fell away, but she still needed an excuse to get a good view. Looking out the window again, Lauren pointed, "Oh are the fire trucks coming back?"

As she had expected, Jack and Alyssa looked up and out the window, ignoring her for a few seconds. Lauren took this opportunity to look down in her husband's lap. She saw Alyssa's nylon covered foot working sexily over the huge bulge in her husband's trousers. Lauren's eyes lit up at the size of his erection, and the wet spots which clearly indicated where the head of his cock was. She looked away quickly, now more turned on than ever.

"Almost finished Jack?" Alyssa inquired innocently. Lauren smiled to herself as she realized the double meaning of that phrase.

"Nearly." Came the strained reply from her husband.

Lauren surprised herself by adding, "Oh, don't finish too soon sweetie. You have to savor the experience. Relish the sensations." She gave him a quick, sexy smile and Jack's face reddended again.

"Yeah." He croaked back. Lauren met Alyssa's eyes for a moment...and a silent message passed between them.

More wickedness began to flow through Lauren's now sexually energized body. She was now primed to join in on the teasing of her husband. It was just like old times! Lauren slid over in her seat until she was pressed up against her husband's side. She put her arm around him, feeling his taut and excited muscles and tightly controlled breathing. She looked over at Alyssa, saying, "It is sooo good to see you again Alyssa! I've forgotten how much fun you and I had together!"

Jack cleared his throat, gasped, and inched up closer to the table. Lauren and Alyssa traded an amused look and then turned their attention back to Jack.

"Well we always have a good time when we're together. Sparks ALWAYS fly don't they Lauren?" She asked, smiling wide.

"Mmmhmmmm!" Lauren snuggled in closer to her husband, and noticed that Alyssa shifted in her seat again. She wondered what that was, but guessed when Jack started coughing and blushing. He squirmed in his own seat, but Lauren kept her arm around his shoulders, smiling at him.

"Oh god maybe she's using both feet on him now!" Lauren thought. She wanted to know, HAD to know, but how? She didn't want to look, not now, it would spoil the game. Short of lifting the tablecloth, how could she find out?

Lauren had an idea. Under the table she lifted her left foot slightly off of the carpted floor, and pushed down with the toe of her high heel pump. This motion caused her heel to pop free of the shoe. She withrew her pantyhosed foot from the pump and placed her toes on the carpet in front it. Slowly, gently, she moved her toes along the carpet towards where Alyssa was sitting. Lauren's breath was becoming somewhat ragged in her excitement, matching that of her husband next to her. She could feel him shaking slighly as the three of them continued to talk normally above the table.

After a few inches of movement, Lauren's probing toes barely touched something. With a light a touch as possible, Lauren slid her toes up on the object, confirming that it was the toe of a leather pump, Alyssa's. With even more caution, she moved her toes up the pump, then feeling over the empty vamp.

She smiled as she curled her nyloned toes inside Alyssa's empty but still slightly warm high heel pump. It was the left shoe, and Lauren knew that the foot she'd seen earlier in her husband's crotch was this one. Now to look for the other one.

Above the table she noticed Alyssa's big smile, and Jack's increased and seemingly desperate agitation. She knew he was close to cumming, and despite the sexual tension they kept up a mundane conversation. Lauren knew that Jack was trying hard to hide what was happening, but he was unaware that he was totally outlclassed by a couple of old pros.

Lauren smiled at the thought, and carefully slid her shoeless left foot further to her left, feeling around for Alyssa's other pump. When she finally made contact the pump was actually laying on its side.

"Yes!!" She thought, and suddenly the mental image of her freind's feet stroking, kneading and teasing her husband's cock popped into her brain. Lauren replaced her shoe as her husband Jack coughed yet again.

They were all silent now. Alyssa was now giving Jack an openly wicked smirk. Jack looked directly at his wife's friend, a desperate look in his eyes and his teeth clenched shut. Lauren looked with tense excitement at them both, her own body was wound up, waiting for the inevitable release Alyssa was about to provide her husband.

No longer caring, Lauren looked down. Jack's lap was covered by the tablecloth. Reaching down, Lauren lifted it, gasping at the sight. All ten of Alyssa's red painted toes, covered in thin nylon, were wrapped tightly around the swollen bulge of Jack's crotch. Her feet moved swiftly up and down his trapped cock, masturbating him towards a climax that Lauren sensed was only minutes away.

She looked up at Alyssa, still smirking sexily at Jack. Then Alyssa turned her gaze to Lauren. Coolly she whispered, "Unzip him Lauren, I want him to finish on my feet. Go ahead sweetie, take his cock out for me."

Jack looked at Lauren, eyes filled with terror and lust now that the secret was out. Lauren smiled calmly at him. "It's ok honey, really. Just sit back and stay quiet...but do what we say." She added, giving her husband a sexy smirk of her own.

"Oh honey..ohhhh." His voice choking with desire. Lauren locked eyes with her husband, her hand shaking, Lauren pushed the tablecloth aside. Alyssa's teasing feet were now gone, and Lauren fumbled over the bulging trouser fly to find the zipper tab.

"Go ahead." Alyssa's soft voice urged her on.

Lauren moved the zipper tab down with difficulty, careful not catch the teeth on the silk boxers underneath. His fly open, Lauren slid her trembling fingers inside, fishing for her husband's cock. Jack groaned lightly and squirmed under her touch, and Lauren marveled that she was doing this in the middle of a crowded restaurant.

With some effort Lauren finally maneuvered her husband's hot, hard erection out in the open under the table. Her jaw trembled as her fingers encircled his member, reflexively stroking it. Jack's cock pulsed to her manipulations, and a bit of pre-cum oozed onto her fingers.

Alyssa saw the slight motion of Lauren's arm and smiled. "That's right sweetie, pump him for me a bit, get him ready for my feet." Jack and Lauren locked eyes again.

"That feels sooo good!" He whispered to his wife. And Lauren had to admit that it did feel good, hot, sexy and forbidden.

Suddenly Jack arched his back and gasped. Lauren could feel that Alyssa had moved one of her stockinged feet back to Jack's cock, and was caressing him with her toes just under his head.

"Ok, sweetie, that's enough. Let me finish him off." Alyssa purred, shifting in her seat again.

Lauren took her hand away and quickly glanced around the restaurant. No one seemed to be paying them the least bit of attention, and the darkness underneath all the tables and booths also seemed to contribute to their little game.

Her heart pounding, Lauren slumped in her seat and lifted the tablecloth again. Her husband's cock was barely visible between the nylon blur of her friend's pumping feet. His back was arched in the seat and his eyes were screwed shut. He covered his mouth with both hands and thrust forward with his hips.

Lauren watched, utterly amazed as Jack's cock exploded all over her Alyssa's nyloned feet. Semen shot everywhere, on the bottom of the table, on Alyssa's feet and on his own trouser legs. Jack squirmed and writhed in the booth as Lauren felt her wet, warm pussy seem to flutter beneath her panties. Alyssa merely stared at Jack, now with a look of triumph on her face.

Alyssa slowed the pace of her cum covered feet, but still milking her friend's husband's cock for every last drop she could get. Finally she pulled her feet away, and Jack slumped down in his seat, panting and exhausted.

Alyssa looked over at her wide eyed friend. "Did you enjoy your lunch Lauren?" She asked in a coy voice.

"Y-yes. We'll have to do this again soon." They shared a laugh, both flushed with excitement at yet another sexual conquest.

"Good, I agree. Oh, and Jack?"

"Yeah?" He groaned, but now with a HUGE smile on his face.

"Next time maybe Lauren and I will do this to you together."

Jack gasped, and Alyssa merely looked at him with an amused smirk. Lauren also smiled at him, and decided then she needed a couple of new pairs of silk stockings.

More than one pair of course, because they were going to get wet....very wet.