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Storie \ Sharing The Wife

  Anonimo | Feet Under The Table -  - English story | 07.09.2003

This incident is undoubtedly the highlight of my fascination with high heeled shoes, nylons and female feet. It took place after my wife and I had been married for maybe 4-5 years. By now myself and my wife were begining to explore some silly, hot sexual possibilities related to swinging.

A few hours before some friends of ours, a married couple, were to come over for an evening of drinks and stuff, we decided to create a little plot. I mentioned to her that after we had a couple of drinks and were playing a board game, that maybe she could get a little frisky with her stockinged foot after her cute little pump came off!

Anyway while playing the board game, everyone became rather tipsy, and I could tell that my wife, while crossing her legs under the table, was brushing her shoe against the leg of the husband part of the couple. He obviously didn't move his leg away (who would?). I then began to see her leg begin a slight pumping motion, increasing the friction against this guy's leg. His wife had no idea what was going on.

Taking discreet peeks at the action every so often, I saw that my wife's high heel began to dangle off her foot, and eventually, her little size 6 pump falls to the floor. She is rubbing at this guy's leg now with her stockinged foot. I could eventully tell that her leg begin to straighten, and I later learned she slowly brought her foot up into his lap. It was piping hot seeing that look on her face, knowing what was going on. Again this guys wife was totally oblivious to all of it.

I couldn't contain myself, I had to get up to get a drink of something to get a better look. Once in the kitchen, I knelt down and carefully cracked the door open to look back into the den. As clear as day I can still remember how hot it was for me to look under the table and see one of her shoes on, the other lying empty on the carpet, and her foot up in this guys lap

At one point when his wife went to the bathroom and I got up to give em some space, my wife told me later on that he began lightly groaning and telling her how incredible it felt what she was doing for him. I was on total fire guys knowing my wife had her gorgeous little stockinged foot on a another guys crotch!!