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Storie \ School And Restaurant

  Anonimo | Feet Under The Table -  - English story | 18.09.2002

I remember this one older sexy lady had long toe nails yet they were well taken care of. I would always sit to the side behind her so I could lust after her sexy feet. It was a hot summer so flip flops and sexy I think they were called Chereke wedges were in fashion. She would dangle her sandles, play with her shoes etc during the whole class. I thought I was going to go mad. I though if she only knew what was on my mind. Since this was a 5day a week class program we developed a conversation friendship and eventualy started a after class study group. To my luck and surprise most of the people in the class were female taking the class to prepare for there nursing program. We'll as the study group formed I found i was the only male in the group with my strong math backgound I was in demand. Boy our first study session was rough for me, in the private library study room all shoes were off and sexy toes were wiggling everywere.

I think the whole turn of events came one afternoon during lab when I was sitting on my lab stool, the lady who I'd been drooling over her sexy feet for the last week came up to me and started taking. something was different this time, she was much closer and actually lightly rubbed her bare leg against my knee to inner thigh. I tried to act cool but my mind went crazy. Is this an accident or was this on pupose. She continued this little light rub up for 2-3 minutes. Since break was over other students were coming back to class. She took her seat across from me. This lady had me hooked. I wasn't sure what was going on. Maybe I was dreaming I thought. As lab went on she started the shoe play and dangling again. I was so drawn in by the previous activity that I was literally staring at her sexy feet and legs. I guess I did this for to long with out being on the sly because when I looked up she stared at me looked down to her feet and looked back at me. I was busted, embarressed yet very aroused.

When this lab was over as usual the study group went to the library. This day it was busier than usual so all the large rooms were taken the only rooms left wer the small ones with just one table and no chalk board. We all went into the room and started discussing that days work. As this study session went on 2 ladies went to the restroom since she was sitting across from me this is were the action started. As I was discussing a problem the other in the group were focused on my words when I felt a oh so soft foot start to rub my leg and knee area. I tried to be cool and continue on but I could feel the heat building inside. I was sure the others thought I was not feeling well that day. i don't have a studdering problem but that day I did. I could no t look at her because the passion and lust i was feeling would be all over my face. As this went on a slid forward so she could rub up higher. Bingo, she finally touched my now enflamed male organ. This is when for the first time I looked at her. What a trip she had no expression what so ever. She was cool. Here I was getting my rod stroked by here sexy foot through my thin summer shorts and she didn't even show ant reaction. She carried on a conversation around the group as if nothing was going on. This made me hornier than hell. I all of a sudden slide back. I couldn't take it anymore. I knew if I resummed my postion I would loose it which would prove to be most embarrasing in front of this group of mature ladies.

As the study session ended we all left to go to our cars. I walked all the ladies to ther cars however this one particular lady was parted further away so she was the last one I walked to her car. When we got to her car she asked me where I was parked I told her in the next parking lot over. She said since it was so hot she would give me a ride to my car. This is when we started talking. I asked her what was going on especially back at the study room. This is when she said she had noticed my checking out her legs and especially her feet. This is when she said she would purposely play with her shoes to watch me out of the corner of her eye go crazy. She figuered now was the time to go to the next level. We talked for close to 1 hr in the parking lot this is when I found out we liver really close to one another. I also found out she at the time was 29 had 2 kids and her husband had passed away a few years ago. She sugested that since we lived so close we could ride share.

My most memorable experience was at a restuarant during dinning she started rubbnig and teasing me under the table. I was getting very excited. Since it was a semi-private back table she whispered for me to unzip my slacks. When I did this her bare foot found my rod. She actually worked her foot inside my underwear, boy when that happened a shock when through my whole body. I asked her to stop because our waitress was coming in our direction. I guess she was feeling a little frisky because when the watitress came to our table instead of moving her foot she kept up her assualt. The waitress was talking to me while she kept stroking my rod. I could feel myself leaking on her foot. When she felt this she gave me a smile and kept up the footjob. This waitress was overly talkative I thought. I was hoping she would leave because I knew I was going to loose it . I tried without success to give her the please stop look. She wasn't having it. She kept up until I came all over her foot and all over my slacks and under wear. The waitress now decided to leave and serve another table. I was totally spent. That was the best orgasm I had ever had. I felt all my nerve ending going to sleep. She continued her foot play, I was surprised I started to get it up again. She then removed her foot and but her shoes back on. Now I had to on the sly wipe up and then go to the bathroom. The waitress cam by and aske if everything was OK. My lady friend said eveything was excellent except I had spilled my drink in my lap. I then proceeded to wipe up and head for the restroom.