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Storie \ Rita

  Anonimo | Feet Under The Table -  - English story | 27.08.2002

Lisa, Rita and I had stopped at the diner to get something to eat. Lisa had just picked Rita up from a wedding party and Rita was still dressed in her purple velvet dress and very sheer black stockings. I couldn't keep my eyes off of her little feet in the open-toe high heels that she was wearing. I was looking down at the deep purple polish on her toenails.

We were waiting for a table when my she called my name. "Sean, what are you looking at? You like my shoes?" She asked innocently.

"Oh yeah, yeah," I said trying to cover up what I was doing and hoping that she hadn't noticed. As the waiter led us to our table, I sat down and Rita quickly took the seat across from me and giggled. I thought nothing of it as I looked at the menu.

After we all ordered, Lisa began telling some story about what college she was going to. I was trying to listen, but Rita wouldn't take her eyes off of me. She kept staring right at me. I tried not to pay attention and listen to Lisa, but then all of a sudden I felt something warm and soft press against my shin.

I looked at Rita nervously and she was smiling now. She had seen me looking at her feet before and she knew what had been going on. She slid the sole of her nylon covered little foot up and down my shin, reaching higher up my leg and bringing it back down. She then began toeing at the opening of my mesh shorts and I began growing incredibly hard.

As Lisa kept talking, Rita slowly inched her tiny foot into my shorts until she had the ball of her foot inside my boxers. She stopped just inches from my now fully erect dick. She then slid her toes downward and touched my balls with the nylon causing me to jump suddenly.

Lisa stopped talking to ask if I was alright and Rita just stared into my eyes. After I had assured Lisa that nothing was wrong, Rita began to tickle under my sac with her toes, making it nearly impossible to sit still. It was at this time that I began to feel her other nylon covered foot sliding up my other thigh. She expertly worked her entire foot into my boxers and went straight for my shaft, this time sliding her full sole up and down along the underside of my cock.

I began to shake from the incredible feeling this produced and she slowly brought her other foot out from under my sac to use on my shaft. She slowly slid both of her silky arches around the head of my cock and squeezed lightly, causing me to breathe more heavily. She teased me with her toe ring grinding against my head until she felt that I had had enough. Then she began sliding her foot slowly up and down my cock.

She had her mouth open now and was licking her lips seductively, making sure to get me even harder. She began to increase her tempo just as the food arrived. As Lisa focused on eating, Rita was pumping at full speed with her little arches wrapped tightly around my cock. She slid her feet back a little in order to trap me between her toes, and began kneading my head between all ten silky little toes.

I couldnt stand the feeling of her teasing at my head with all of her toes. I began to squirm as she maneuvered her two big toes underneath my head and began to stroke them back and forth over my most sensitive area. I began sweating and breathing heavy now as I felt an orgasm was inevitable. Her other toes were wrapped tightly around my head and were sliding smoothly up and down my shaft. She let her other two toes do all of the work though, as I looked down at the deep purple polish through the black nylon.

I was sure that I was about to explode soon, when Rita spoke up. "Almost done Sean?" she asked innocently implying that she was talking about the meal. But this reference to what her secret motives were, mixed with the incredible feeling of the nylon on her toes continuously rubbing against my cock was too much as I exploded all over her ankles.

She slowly removed her feet from their grip on me and slipped them back into her sexy shoes, smiling at me.