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Storie \ My First Experience With An Office Feet

  Anonimo | Feet Under The Table -  - English story | 18.09.2002

When I worked for the Bank of Montreal in Montreal I was at this big branch at the corner of St.Catherine and Peel. I was undergoing a management training program, so I trained at a number of different branches. I was 21 years old. The lady training me was named Alyssa. She was about 29, slim, long dark brown hair and beautiful feet. She would wear on most days open toed pumps or sling backs. I couldn't help but stare at her feet. I would be sitting next to her sort of looking over her shoulder at what she was doing. But a lot of the time I would be glancing down at her feet. I guess it became obvious because she said to me, ' You won't learn much if you are always staring at my feet.' I was caught off guard by her statement and didn't know what to respond, so I said something like,' I'm sorry, I'll be more attentive.' She then started to tell the girl across from her who was in her department that I was staring at her feet. I became very embarrassed and turned all shades of red, because my fetish at the time was very private to me and I didn't want to be ridiculed about it. Anyway, we happened to be going out that Friday because the training period was finished and the group usaully goes out to celebrate at a restaurant bar. I remember we went to a place on St.Arthur, the greek district. I was sitting across from Alyssa at a long table covered by a table cloth which hung over the sides of the table. During dinner I felt something on my foot under the table, it was kind of digging into my foot. I sort of glanced under the table and saw Alyssa's shoe heel on my foot. It didn't hurt but I idin't know what to do. So I just didn't move. Then something was on my lap. Alyssa had put her other foot up onto my lap. I looked over at her and she just smiled. Now having this gorgoues woman's foot in my lap excited me to no end and I became hard in my pants. I put my hand under the table and on her foot. I removed her heel and dropped it to the floor. I put my hand around her foot and began to fondle it. It was slightly cool to the touch due to her being opentoed. So I guess my warm hand felt good around her foot. I knew it was great for me to finally have those gorgeous feet under a table in a public restaurant! She moved her foot right to my crotch and against my hard cock. THen she started rubbing it under the table while all the others were eating supper and conversing. I couldn't talk, I was in heaven. As she rubbed my penis with her foot under the table, she dug her other shoe into my foot. But this just seemed to heighten what she was doing to my cock under the table. Soon I couldn't hold back and I just let go into my pants. I must of shuddered while I came because the girl beside me asked if I was alright. I didn't respond. I just looked at Alyssa. She had this smile on her face. She responded to the girl beside me, 'I think he's just enjoying his supper.' The rest of the night Alyssa kept her foot on my lap and I continued to fondle it. After the evening was over, everyone said goodnight and good bye to me as I was now moving on to another branch. Alyssa gave me a little kiss on the lips and under her breath wispered in my ear, 'I couldn't let you go without getting what you wanted now could I?' I said thanks I really enjoyed it and told her I 'd keep in touch. She said I hope you do. But that was never to come to pass. But it will never be forgotten! That was my first under the table experience with office feet.