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Storie \ My Cousin Tammy

  Anonimo | Feet Under The Table -  - English story | 27.08.2002

My family, like most others gathers on holidays. One particular thanksgiving day, the whole family gathered at my aunt and uncle's house. My cousin Tammy, who was 23 and living in a different state at the time, came back for thanksgiving. I was 18 at the time and went with my parents to my uncle's house. There were alot of people there, about 40, but the first thing I saw was Tammy. She is about 5'7" 105 pounds and breathtakingly gorgeous with blonde hair and green eyes, plus one hell of a figure. She was wearing a light pink mid thigh length skirt and a matching blouse that was almost see through. We didn't talk much,just hello and some chit chat, but a couple different times when I looked at her I noticed her looking at me. When dinner time rolled around everybody scurried for spots at the tables. They were big tables that seated about 12 people. They filled up fast, but I was able to get my spot and as luck would have it, Tammy ended up directly across from me. It was pretty noisy with everyone talking, but Tammy and I never spoke. However, she did give me a sexy look or two. I was just about to take a drink when I felt something rub up against my leg. There were so many people at the table, and none of them paying any attention so I thought nothing of it. Just as I put my glass down I felt it again, but this time it rubbed all the way up to my thigh. I looked at Tammy and she was acting like nothing had happened. Just as I began to look away she gave me a sexy look and I felt it again. She slid down in her chair some, but not far enough to cause any suspicion. I felt her foot slowly slide up the inside of my thigh and stop right on my cock. She slowly started moving her foot in circles on my quickly growing cock. She mouthed the word "unzip" to me, so I quickly complied, making sure that nobody else saw me do it. She slipped her foot inside my fly and started massaging my erection with her foot. We sat there doing this for about ten minutes when she finally lowered her foot and got up to leave the table. I quickly zipped back up and followed her into the kitchen with my dishes. As I was putting my dishes in the sink, I heard my aunt say "Tammy, will you go out to the garage and try to find that old card table." After she walked out, I made sure nobody was watching and I snuck out. When I entered the garage, she bent over looking through a pile of junk. I walked up behind her and planted my still hard cock firmly up against her ass. She was startled at first, but once she realized what it was, she was ok. I slid her skirt up to her hips and slid my hands up to breasts. She let out a sigh as I squeezed them roughly. I ran my hand up her thigh and gently between her legs. She was already quite wet. I slid her panties down her legs, and she stepped out of them. She took them from me and stuffed them in her pocket.

She reached behind her and opened my pants, letting them fall to the floor around my ankles. Then I slipped my underwear down to my pants. She bent over a big box and guided my cock into her with one hand. She was so tight and warmed. I grabbed her hips and started slamming into her as hard and as fast as I could. We had only been going at it for about five minutes when I felt her pussy squeeze my cock and she began to tremble. As her orgasm rushed over her, I felt my own ready to hit me. So with one final thrust, I held myself deep inside her as I came harder than I ever had before. Just as we had finished and relaxed a little, we heard the door open. She slid her skirt down and hurried to the door while I pulled my pants up. It was my aunt, we're lucky we didn't get caught. We went back inside like nothing had happened.

Later that night, at supper time, there weren't quite as many people there anymore. I got my spot at the table and Tammy sat down right next to me on my left side. She pulled the tablecloth away from the table, covering my lap with it. About halfway through the meal, I felt her hand on my thigh. She kept it there until she finished eating, then she moved it up and let it rest on my crotch. She was slowly rubbing my cock to a huge erection. My cock was so hard it felt like it could burst my zipper. She took a quick glimpse around the table and everybody was busy talking. I don't know how she did it with only one hand, but she quickly unbuttoned my pants. The fear of getting caught made me very nervous, but it also excited me. She slowly unzipped my fly and spread my pants open as wide as they would go. She massaged my hard-on through my underwear for a minute. She spread open the fly of my underwear and let my cock spring out. She started stroking my cock slowly while looking around the table to make sure nobody was watching. She pulled her hand away and reached up onto the table and got a gob of butter. She put her hands under the table and rubbed the butter around in her hand to get it nice and slippery. Then she reached over and grabbed ahold of my cock and started stroking quickly. The butter made it feel so good, I knew it wouldn't be long before I erupted. I leaned over and whispered to her "you're gonna make me cum all over." With that, she pulled her panties out of her pocket and wrapped them around my cock. Now she was stroking my cock madly. I felt my orgasm about to start, I grabbed her leg and squeezed hard. She must've knew what I was getting at because she started stroking harder and faster. I couldn't hold out any longer, I came just as hard as when I fucked her, if not harder. She kept stroking until she was sure that every drop had been milked from my cock. As my erection was subsiding, she kept her panties wrapped around my dick and stuffed it back into my underwear and then she buttoned and zipped my pants. She leaned over and whispered "keep the panties, so you can remember this day." That was the last time I saw Tammy, she's so far away that she doesn't usually come to family events, and when she does come, I'm not there. But, I'll never forget that day.