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Storie \ Meri

  Anonimo | Feet Under The Table -  - English story | 27.08.2002

I was playing cards at this girl's house and we had all been drinking. I was sitting at a table with Meri, Mary, Dedee, and Erica. Meri had taken the seat across from me and as usual she had one of her short skirts on. But tonight it was a little bit cooler out, so she was also wearing a pair of nude stockings.

Before they had sat down, I had kept trying to sneak glances at her dark red polish on her toenails through her strappy high-heeled sandals. So now as we sat playing cards, Meri was leaning way back in her chair and stealing short glances at me whenever she would look up from her cards. Every time that I made eye contact with her, she would smile and look back down at her hand.

As the game started, I suddenly felt a warm pressure hit the zipper of my shorts. My heart skipped a beat as I looked up at Meri and saw her smiling back at me seductively. I tried to ffocus on the game, but Meri began sliding her foot up and down against my crotch. I began to grow incredibly hard as I watched Meri's facial expressions mixed with the number she sas doing on my cock below the table. She kept her eyes on me the entire game, only looking down to pick a card to throw on top of the pile.

Now that my cock was completely hard, she began to trace the outline of it in my shorts, making sure to put an emphasis on the part right underneath my head. I tried to keep a straight face so that I wouldn't give away what Meri was doing to me, but she was making it nearly impossible. She brought her other foot up to the bottom of my shorts and slowly wiggled her foot into the opening. I felt the nylon sliding up the skin on my inner thigh and underneath the cover of my boxers. I began to bite my lip so I wouldn't let out a noise when she finally touched my cock with her nylon covered foot. But she didn't right away.

She slid her foot up and down my thigh first, at one point bringing her foot all the way back down to my knee and then back up to about two inches from my hard-on. I was getting shaky now because during this whole teasing routine, she was still tracing the outline of my entire cock with one toe. She would slide it slowly up to my head and then gently bring it bback down my entire shaft. This alone was driving me crazy, but now she began to inch closer to my cock with her other foot.

Finally she managed to slide the entire length of her sole up against my bare cock. As she did this, I bit my lip harder and grabbed onto my beer can with the hand not holding my cards. I looked up at Meri hoping that she saw my dilemma and would give me some relief, but she then began to hook her foot around my cock and started to pull at it with her silky ankle. She was able to slide it down the leg of my shorts and out in the open under the table.

After she did this, she removed both of her feet from me and left me hanging there. I took this opportunity to catch my breath and tried to regain my composure, but before I could blink Meri slid one foot up the underside of my shaft causing me to squirm in my chair and moan.

"Problem Sean?" Asked Meri, making sure that everyone heard. Until now no one had paid attention to me at all, but now they all began staring at me. Meri saw this and took full advantage, bringing her other foot up and trapping me between her warm nyloned arches. She slid my cock back and forth between them, pausing every few seconds to slide her toes down to my head to tickle me or to squeeze it slightly between them. I managed to utter something along the lines of "no problem" and everyone went back to playing.

Now I began sweating as I realized I would not be able to hold out through Meri's unrelenting torture. She expertly worked my cock in every direction, sliding her toes up the entire length of my shaft and then pressing on my sensitive underside with the ball of her silky little foot. She would then slide her foot up and down in that position for a little while until she felt that I had had enough. Then she would go to work with two feet again, wrapping them around my head and slowly dragging them up and down my length.

Every time that she brought her arches up my shaft, I would exhale sharply and shudder. I began to feel the orgasm rising up and my cock began to twitch. Meri obviously felt this and focused her rubbing on my head. I looked up at her, my eyes begging for the last time, but she just stared back at me with a devilish smile on her face and winked at me.

I couldn't take it anymore as her feet became a blur of nylon on my cock. I gripped the beer can and closed my eyes tightly as the orgasm took over me, causing me to shoot a stream of cum onto her ankles. She smiled more now and continued her stroking until the last drop of cum was rubbed into her nylons.