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Storie \ Lunchtime

  Anonimo | <title>Feet Under The Table - The N.1 Resource for female feet seduction scenes</title> - English story | 18.09.2002

It was late lunch in a nice cafe on Main Street. Boston ferns, ceiling fans and waitresses in hunter green. I hardly noticed. And I was utterly, undeniably, achingly going to come. There was nothing I could do about it. Marie's perfectly sculpted feet had been playful at first, insinuating themselves up my calves, tickling past my knees, and purposefully between my thighs. Her perfect, stocking toes had found a playground under my zipper. But now that she had me at the crumbling brink of an orgasm, she was steadily pushing me over the edge with those delightfully well shaped soles.

I risked a look at the knowing smile on her full, sensuous lips. Not just generous lips, but huge, thick, pouting, erotic, to-die-for lips; all shell pink and primrose. Luscious, made to suck-a-man-to-death with lips. A darting tongue slithered wetly across her rosy pink bottom lip, and she pressed her dainty, large toe into my shaft to emphasize the point that she knew how badly I'd like to feel her suctioning around my knob right with that glorious mouth right then. She leaned confidentially toward her mother, still watching me with those Nordic blue, evil eyes. Their mischief seemed almost demonic, nearly hidden behind the narrow fold of her sharply slanted Asian lids. Above the table he was oh, so, very proper as if nothing untoward was happening in my lap.

"Jack's going to come Mommy," she said, in the same tone she'd use to comment on the pattern of my conservative tie. "You don't care if I make him squirt, do you?" Sleek ebony hair of deepest black, with just the slightest wave, fell across her prominent cheekbones, highlighting her ginger root complexion, hiding a spray of freckles.

Her mother, my steady girlfriend, former secretary, and confidante, moved the tablecloth aside with a graceful gesture. Shadowed lids and longest lashes flicked over clear, arctic blue eyes with the same far-east accent as her daughter's. She glanced down into my lap as if noticing bread crumbs on my trousers. Marie had made quite a tent over my pride and joy.

"Yes, I suppose he is about to come. There aren't many men who can last too long under your toes, are there, Dear? But, he'll stain his suit if he does shoot, and you know he has to go back to work." Constance was right. Every Friday meant working longer and later, as if Monday couldn't wait. I needed to be in the office several more hours, and I certainly didn't want to be seen with a big dark circle of come drying inside my pants. But Marie's toes were warm and insistent, slithering gently up and down my length. Pressing and kneading me between soft, relentless soles.

I trusted myself to take one quick look downward, to watch Marie's golden toes with their sharp pink nails raking my aching shaft through my worsted wool trousers. The shade of her nails complimented the deep red of her mother's classic manicure, as she held the tablecloth aside. Pink toes and scarlet fingernails, hovering about my penis, a millimeter of thin cloth from the real me. The sight of their fingers and toes so near my cock caused me to feel suddenly warm in the air conditioned room.

Constance squeezed the tent of my pants between a refined forefinger and thumb, testing the proportions of my knob. It was all I could do to maintain my composure, feeling little shocks of electricity shoot through my shaft where she squeezed and rotated me next to Marie's tormenting pink toes.

My steady girlfriend smiled at me, the corners of her mouth curving up mysteriously, knowingly. There was no doubt where Marie had inherited her big lips, those perfectly exquisite copies of her mother's. Except that Constance's lips were even fuller, and impossibly more copious. And scarlet. Not red, but wine-red. Rose petal scarlet. More crimson than sinful blood. Huge, and big and soft, painted and luscious with lipstick that made her generous mouth a deliciously unholy place to lose your soul.

"Perhaps he doesn't want to come and ruin his suit during lunch," her mother said. I watched her lips. She was rubbing her finger about to emphasize her point, "He does have to go back to work." "That's OK, he needs to come really bad. Feel how hot he is? I've been teasing him with my feet all during lunch. And just look at his face, he's dying to mess up his pants." She smiled so innocently, wiping her lips neatly and taking a sip from a water glass. I could almost imagine those full lips between my legs. "Please Mommy. Can't I just make him come on his suit just this once?."

"Well, have you asked him?" Constance said, perhaps in my defense, or perhaps not. The fingers and toes in slow motion between my legs were making the room seem slightly out of focus. "Sure, I'll ask him, but I know he want's to squirt. He wants to come, don't you Jack. You'd like me to keep petting your cock with my toes, rubbing you up and down, and tickling your hard knob with my little piggies until you make it all wet and slippery inside your pants." She gave a little demonstration, wriggling her toes, tickling me all around the sides of my captive cock. She was teasing me. Tormenting me with my needs.

The truth was I didn't know if I wanted to come or not. I was already embarrassed that Constance had found her daughter's foot in my lap, and didn't want the additional humiliation of returning to work having a huge wet spot on my trousers.

"Come on, Jack," Marie teased, "Come on and shoot under my feet. Don't you like my soft feet rubbing up and down your hard cock. Isn't it warm? Come on my toes. Do it. Oh, please do it now!" Her words were hypnotic and as insistent as her toes were arousing. I could almost imagine people turning their heads my way, seeing me grip the table edge.

"Don't let me influence you Jack, Dear," Constance said. "Here, I'll open your zipper. And then you can come in my napkin if you want to." She opened my pants and swung my shaft out under the tablecloth. Constance's strong elegant fingers circled the base of my shaft tightly, and held it out for Marie's probing toes to touch. Marie quickly engulfed my full length into the soft n yloned womb between her soles. It was like heaven, feeling the sheer nylon rasping my bare cock for the first time.

"But, Jack, do you know what I'd really like to do?" She leaned toward me and put her elbows on the table as if letting me in on the most juicy gossip. Her voice was low and throaty for a twenty-two year old. "I'd like to be mean to you. I'd like to get you all hot and bothered, and just not do anything about it. Wouldn't you think that was fun? If I kept teaseing you just like this and then left you horny all afternoon?

"How about if I made you come to our house tonight and I tied your hands behind your back and made you suck my toes. Maybe you could even get down on your hands and knees like a doggy and lick my feet, and lick Mommy's feet, too." My cock was squirming under her feet, I was going to erupt right there in the restaurant. Then suddenly, without warning, the foot was gone. "See? I can do anything to you I want to, and I won't make you shoot on your pants after all. You don't get to come until tonight unless Mommy beats you off right here in the restaurant." She wore a devilish little cock-teaser kind of smile on her heavenly, pink lips. It was more of a teasing bitch smirk.

"I'm sorry, Jack. I can't do that in a restaurant," Constance said. "And I think Marie has had a delightful idea, Jack, you really could stand to wait until tonight. Or do you absolutely have to come right away?" The shocking contrast of far-eastern slant and Scandinavian blue in her eyes made the subtle smile on those perfect lips hotter than hell. I glanced at her devilish eyes, then the tormenting hands and feet which were rubbing my shaft and tickling my excited knob. It was all I could do to keep from exploding under their touch.

Marie stifled a little giggle, and leaned toward me, folding her slender fingers together on the table. The lapels of her jacket fell open, revealing she needed no support for her magnificent breasts. I was treated me to a tantalizing view of a cavernous cleavage between breasts as large, and firm and erect as her mother's.

"Mommy, Jack is looking at my breasts, and I think he likes them. You do like my breasts don't you, Jack?" Constance squeezed the base of my shaft sharply, sending a lightning flash of lust through my body. She began to pump me with short, quick jerky movements. Each quick stroke was an electric shock, made even more tantalizing by Marie's gentle rubbing soles.

"Yes, I see he does like your breasts. That's very naughty you know, Jack. I'll have to think of some way to punishment you tonight. You're obviously staring right at Marie's breasts, and you're probably wishing you could touch them, too, aren't you?" Marie moved slightly, and one plump nipple appeared momentarily.

"Have one," she taunted, arching one hard nipple straight toward my lips. My eyes followed the sway of her heavy breasts inside her jacket. Not pendulous or sagging breasts, but erotically full and rounded with plump, ripe nipples. That generous type of breast that was considered extra large before silicon, with plump, chubby aureoles capping their ginger root hued expanse. Her nipples jutted upward so sharply that I began to doubt the laws of nature and gravity.

"I think he's getting even harder looking at my breasts, too, Mommy," Marie said in a stage whisper. "And I'll bet he thinks he'll get to come tonight after we make him get naked, too." "Jack, if you're man enough to keep from coming right now," she said, "I'll let you suck my nipples tonight. Wouldn't that be nice? Just think of it, We'll make you so much harder and hornier than you are now. We'll tie your hands behind your back, and then we'll really, really tease you and do terribly mean things to you. You'll be sucking my hard nipples, but you can't touch them with your hands. I'll smother you between my big breasts while Mommy teases your big stiff penis with her feathers, but she won't make you shoot, and you won't be able to do anything about it." She smiled sweetly and straightened, ending the show.

The red nails and pink toes tormenting my cock were irresistibly bringing me over the edge. I couldn't hold back any longer. Constance whispered something to Marie, and suddenly I was bobbing untouched under the table cloth. They watched me as if I were a zoo animal until my orgasm subsided. I was so tense, I couldn't speak.

"Oh wow, Mommy! Lets do that again. He was almost going to shoot, wasn't he? I'll bet he would have hit the ceiling." She planted one stocking foot firmly on my cock and began pressing and kneading earnestly. In seconds I was on the verge again.

"You'd better stop now." Constance whispered. Marie quickly removed her foot until the pressure subsided somewhat. Then her Mommy gave her permission to try it again. And again. And again. By the time they were through, I was so dizzy, the room seemed to be spinning around.

"Very good, Jack," said Constance. "You do have some self control after all. Now I need to make sure you don't come until tonight. I watched entranced as she twisted a red finger of lipstick from a golden tube and applied another layer of scarlet to her luscious mouth. When it was perfect, she bent elegantly toward me, as if retrieving her napkin from the floor, and circled her lips around my shaft.

Slowly, deliberately, patiently, she sank to the base of my cock and delivered the single most heavenly kiss I have ever had. It became instantly obvious what huge, thick lips could do to a man, sucking and twining her tongue about my shaft as she slowly sunk down, squeezing the knob in the back of her throat. Her perfect lips were as tight as surgical rubber around the base, strangling my cock so firmly, she held back even the smallest droplet of my juices.

Marie winked one icy blue oriental eye, and blew me a kiss from her pink, moist lips, reminding me she could do the same with her own soft, magnificent mouth. "Just imagine what's going to happen tonight if you decide not to come now--if you can help it. Think of all the things we can do to you, being tease-tortured by Mommy and I, all tied up and naked and helpless.

"I'll make you beg me to make you come, but I won't let you. I'll even open my pussy right around the tip of your penis and hold it there, but I won't let you go inside." My loins clenched and my cock spasmed in her Mommy's hot sucking mouth, but I couldn't shoot my come past the constricting circle of her lips.

Then, just as deliberately and slowly as she had begun, Constance circled my base with her finger and thumb and suctioned her mouth from off my shaft. As she pulled back, her lips were so tight I felt as if a steel ring was being painfully dragged from my erection. Then only the cool air was left to dry my aching, wet erection.

"Well now, that's enough." She patted her lips daintily with her napkin, getting little prints of red on the white linen. "My god, I really do love teasing you," her mother said, "I think Marie was right after all, you are really going to suffer badly before we let you shoot tonight--if we let you at all. "And I just thought of a wonderful punishment for letting Marie play footsie with you today. After you're perfectly naked and ready to shoot, you'll have to stand perfectly still while we feather you. If you move or come, you'll have to leave."

"I have several particularly sharp quill feathers, nearly a foot long. I think I'll just tickle them up and down your cock while Marie uses my ostrich plumes all over your nipples and around your body. It'll be so delicious making you stand there without moving as a mother and daughter tag-team tease-torture your penis and balls. The feathers will irritate and arouse, but never give quite enough pressure to bring you over the edge."

"Wow, that makes me horny, Mommy," Marie said, "I'm going to drill the tip of my feather into the little slit at the tip of his knob."

"Fine, now here are your instructions," Constance continued. She was getting herself ready to depart. "If you masturbate yourself, or make yourself come before you get to our house tonight, I'll know." I looked down at myself and saw the full length of my cock was coated in scarlet lipstick. She had literally signed her name on me.

"And you really do deserve to be teased, you know. After all, you were a very naughty boy to sit there and let her put her feet in your lap. Just be at our house at seven thirty tonight and we'll see how your lips and tongue perform on her feet. If you're really good, I'll let you suck my toes. And if you're really, really good, I'll have Marie masturbate you before we send you home." Constance removed her hand and wiped it delicately on her cloth napkin. "Now put your thing away before someone sees." I was mortified, but there was nothing I could do.

"By the way, your wrists are not allergic to stainless steel are they?" That comment lay heavy on my mind, knowing exactly what she meant. I thought I had died and gone to fetish heaven as I watched their thighs and bottoms wobble and jiggle across the room as they left. They were gone before I picked up the tab.