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Storie \ Lori

  Anonimo | Feet Under The Table -  - English story | 07.09.2003

After my first night with Lori, which was after a summer wedding, I did not see Lori until our annual Thanksgiving dinner. Arriving at my Uncles house, I was uncomfortable with what was going to happen our first time after seeing each other. Being a large family, it took a while to make my way to the living room where Lori was with her husband and a few relatives. I wanted to die when I saw her. She was wearing a short black skirt, with a top so tight it was almost sheer. I could see every inch of her body. She was sitting in a chair with her long legs encased in black stockings and had on nice strappy heels. Lori is about 5'4 110 and looks 22 even though she is 37. I immeadiatly became aroused, just thinking of our first encounter. I said hello to her husband who got up to get a drink. I gave her a kiss, on the lips, which was not out of the ordinary, and we both smirked, acknowledging our past good time. Dinner started of without any incident as we began with soup and salad. Lori sat across from me next to my girlfriends mother. Sheila was a beautiful woman in her late 40's. She had brown hair and was in terrific shape. Being a doctor she was always dressed to kill and was extremly classy. I was sitting next to my girlfriend. Being Italian, we always had wine and by the main course almost all of us were feeling a little buzzed. I went to lean back to digest my appetizer when suddenly I felt a something near my pant leg. I realized it was Loris foot which accidently brushed against my leg. After the third time I realized it wasnt an accident. She was reaching so far bt i was leaning back so she could barely rub my leg. I pulled my chair closer to the table hoping she would rub my leg and then my cock. Having a foot fetish, and wanting my cousin, I couldnt ask for a bigger fantasy to come true. I didnt want to lift the table cloth, to see her rubbing my cock which I pulled out. Before I knew it I was on the verge of cumming. At that moment my girlfriend got up to use the bathroom, so I knew I could sneak a peak. Her silky foot was stroking my cock so good, it was only seconds before I blew. As i lfted the table cloth ever so slightly, I was confused to see her stockinged foot in tan stockings stroking me and getting me off. I threw it down and began to cum all over her soles and toes like a fountain. As i rubbed the last of my cum into her foot, she quickly pulled away. Everyone began to get up, being dinner wasnt for a while. Lori got up followed by my girlfriends mother and myself. I was stunned to see that I was right. Lori hadnt changed, she was wearing black stockings, but Sheila had on tan stockings. I couldnt believe it. Lori grabbed me and said she needed to talk to me. We went down the hall where she started laughing. She explained to me that her and Sheila had been talking about me. Sheila said she liked me so much and how i was great for her daughter. Then Lori said she started saying I was so good looking, and that if she was a young girl, she would throw herself at me..bla bla bla. lori jokingly asked Sheila if she couldnt get caught would she come on to me and have sex. Sheila, pretty drunk said she would, but felt guilty because of her daughter. Lori said Laura, my girlfriend, told her once that I have a huge foot fetish, especially for stockinged feet. She told Sheila how I love footjobs. She dared Sheila to jokingly play footsie with me, to see how I would respond. Sheila was so turned on by my response she went all the way. I was shocked. Suddenly I grabbed Lori into a guest room and began kissing her. She was hesitant as i went under her skirt. I was so horny. I wouldnt stop. I rubbed her pussy through her pantyhose, and started kissing her neck. I quickly put my hand inside her hose and began fingering her. She was so wet. Suddenly she stopped me. She said she couldnt and quickly opened the door and walked back to the main dinnig room. I was so horny i wanted to explode. I was ready to cum again. I went to the guest bathroom, as I opened the door Sheila was touching up her makeup. She was wearing a tight blouse with black slacks and was wearing black heels. She gave me a very nervous look, and went back to her makeup. I pretended like nothing happend for a moment then slowly came up behind her. I put my now throbbing cock up against her ass and alowly began to grab her waist. She just looked at me almost hoping she could stop herself or me. I slowly grabbed her big tits which were very firm. she tilted her head back and we began to kiss. I started grinding her as we continued kiss intensly. i moved my hand down to her waist unbuttoning her pants. She started sliding them down. I took my cock out rubbing against her now nylon covered ass. She turned around and sat on the large ledge of the sink. She kicked of her shoes as she took her pants off. I began grinding her, my cock rubbing her nylon covered pussy. She started taking her hose down, but i stopped her. I wanted her to leave them on. I ripped a hole right by her pussy and quickly put my cock deep inside her pussy. We were fucking so intensly, faster, then a slow grind. Harder then very gently. I was so into her, and couldnt stop kissing her as we continued for a few minutes. I slowed up and placed her legs on my shoulders. I grabbed one leg and softly licked her leg from behind her ankle under her soles to her toes. She moaned so deeply. Knowing it turned me on she asked my to suck her toes. Her foot was perfect. Size 7 with nice high arches and pink toenails which were hidden behind the reinforced toe of her stockings. I shoved her whole foot in my mouth sucking my left over cum out of her stockings. Before i could control it I began to cum. I came as much as I could on her foot. which she was more than happy to do. I began to put my clothes on as did she. I opened the door only to find my cousin Lori, looking flushed and aroused. I said we needed to go back, dinner would be served soon and eventually they would look for us. Sheila smirked as she walked out, and paused to turn around. My look acknowledged her and was almost a thank you. I turned to Lori who began motioning for me to go back to the bathroom. I was spent I had cum twice within twenty minutes. I knew Lori and I were going to fuck again I turned and opened the door...well aware I was going to fuck my cousin again...but what happend is even kinkier and another suprise, and a whole other story.