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Storie \ Julie's Gift: The Birthday Dinner

  COL | Feet Under The Table -  - English story | 27.08.2002

She was shocked, more than shocked. At first, when Julie Warner had discovered her younger brother's stash of girlie magazines and pictures, she'd merely smiled and thought that he was a typical male. She knew he had this stuff..but she wasn't quite prepared for what she found.

Julie had come home from her studies at Miskatonic University for a week to help her parents prepare to add onto their house. Now that both their children were gone, the senior Warner's were going to build a new recreation room. Julie had begun packing up her brothers room because it was going to become part of this new room. She had seen and packed many wonderful memorabilia that made her smile thinking of her handsome and strapping younger brother Jack, who was now at the Merchant Marine Academy.

Now, the 23 year old girl was experiencing powerful emotions and thoughts as she looked through her brother's carefully hidden stash of adult material. Instead of the Hustler and Playboy's that she expected to find, she found titles such as Leg Tease, Leg Show, and Under Her Feet. All of the magazines seemed to focus on what Julie had heard called a foot fetish. This didn't really distrub her, it was certainly different though. Julie thumbed through the issues, seeing women doing things with their legs and feet that she never imagined before. What did disturb Julie though, were the drawings. Placed within the pages of what was obviously Jack's favorite magazine, were six perfectly executed sketches. Julie had known about Jack's artistic talent, but she had never seen him draw anything like this!

Each drawing depicted a nude male, lying supine on the floor. Seated above him in a chair or on a sofa, was a female, dressed differently for each picture. "But always wearing stockings." Julie thought. The woman had her bare feet on the males cock, and was apparently rubbing it. Three of the pictures were obviously "tease" scenes, while the others showed the male having an orgasm. Jack had delicately penciled the streams of cum shooting into the air and onto the feet of the woman.

But it was still not the subject matter that bothered Julie. It was the faces on the drawings. Each of the male's was drawn to look like her younger brother...and all of the females looked just like her.

Julie's mouth hung open slightly as she tried to take in the idea of her younger brother's incestuous thoughts.

"Oh my god, he wants me to do this to him?" Julie thought, her heart beating faster and her face flushing. And THAT'S what bothered Julie the most. Not her brother's porn stash, and not his foot fetish. It was the fact that she was pleasantly excited by the idea of Jack lusting after her.

Julie put the drawings aside and stood up quickly, trying to clear her mind. But the train of thought was unstoppable, and there was no way she could derail it. She thought of her younger brother, growing up, getting bigger every year and entering athletics. She remembered the times she'd accidently seen him naked in the bathroom, shocked by the size of his cock, or the times she'd heard him masturbating in his room. Now she realized that on at least some of those occasions, he'd been thinking about her.

Sitting down again, Julie felt a hot pulse between her legs that she was unable to supress. She breathed deeply a few times before picking up one of the drawings again. The face on the woman was her, smiling, laughing as the man on the floor, her brother, came all over her feet. Swallowing hard, Julie once again felt the sexual arousal in her stir.

She had never wanted to admit an attraction to her brother. It was a little thing, but it was always there, and there were nights when she'd purposely crept to his door to listen to him jerk-off. Julie had once or twice imagined going into Jack's room, and finishing him off with her own hand, and what it would be like to see her brother twist and writhe under her own body during sex.

Putting the picture down again, Julie extended her legs out and looked at her bare feet. They were a pair of nice size sevens. She had not had a pedicure in a while and had no polish on her nails. Julie twisted her ankles and examined her smooth soles and heels. "I've gotta take better care of them." She thought.

It had never occurred to Julie before that her feet might be sexy, and that some men might want her to rub them on their bodies. Juile was not a virgin, and she tried to imagine using her feet like in the drawings. She shook her head and took the magazines and the drawings to her room, where she hid them carefully.

Julie had a lot of thinking to do.

Two days later there was no longer a problem. As she worked, Julie thought about her younger brother, and the hidden mutual attraction they shared. She had at last rationalized it in her mind, and was prepared to take action. Julie wasn't sure what Jack would do when she came on to him. She feared he might back off, or that he might have lost his attraction. Therefore she had to do something when he couldn't get away, and that would appeal to his foot fetish.

"But what?" She thought. Jack would be coming home for only one day this Friday for dad's birthday dinner. He would have to leave again right after that was over. What could she do discreetly in public without alerting their parents?

Julie was taking a break from moving as she thought about this. She sat on the sofa sipping a Snapple and flipping channels. Her fingers stopped on the Nick at Night channel. They usually had something funny on, and Julie thought that if she could get a good laugh, her brain might give her the answer she sought.

She smiled as she saw that it was old episode of Three's Company. John Ritter's character had moved out of the apartment after getting into a fight with Janet and Chrissy. Julie had not seen this one before and watched, giggling.

Then came a dinner table scene at the new employer's house. Julie's heart jumped up in her throat as the camera cut under the table to show the character called Mrs. Layton remove her slingback pump. She then moved her foot over to the leg of John Ritter's character.

A light bulb went on in Julie's head. "That's it!!" she said, a little too loudly.

"What is it sweetheart?" Her mom asked from the kitchen.

"Oh, I was just yelling at the TV mom!" Julie quickly hit the remotes buttons to find a ball game. You yell at ball games, not sitcoms.

But Julie didn't care at this point. She knew EXACTLY how to get to her brother's weakness, and in public! Jack was a pretty cool character under stress, so she hoped he could stay that way while she did her business. They certainly didn't want to get busted for doing this!

"Well, I'll see how he reacts and go from there." Julie thought excitedly. Her mind was still racing and she knew she had to hit the mall Thursday morning for a pedicure, new shoes and new nylons.

"Little brother doesn't know what 's about to hit him!" Juile thought wickedly.

Jack Warner pulled his pick-up truck into an empty spot outside of the dinner theater. He was dressed in an Armani suit that one of his classmates had loaned him. It fit beautifully, and he felt ready to see his family again after being away for several months. "Too bad it's just for one night," He thought, wistfully, "We'll have to make it one to remember."

He locked the vehicle and went inside, seeing his family as soon as he entered the lobby.

Julie's appearance jumped out at him. Jack tried not to get bug-eyed as he took in his sister. She was wearing a light, sleeveless dress that perfectly complimented her short red hair. The material was wrapped tight around her shapely body, and Jack felt the beginnings of a reaction from deep inside him. Being a fetishist, Jack could not help but look down at Julie's feet. They were encased in sheer nylons, and he could see the reinforcements on the toes and heels that were plainly visible from the slingback high heels she wore.

Hugging his mom and dad, Jack then turned to Julie, who kissed him enthusiasically before hugging him with equal power. "Hey stud, it's so good to see you!" She smiled up at him. At 20 years old he was four inches taller than her, even in her high heels. Julie hugged him again, feeling the strong, tight muscles of his chest and arms, built up from long days at the academy.

Yes, Julie thought, this man, my brother, really turns me on!

"Hey yourself sweetie, it's good to see you too!" Jack held Juile's hand, happy and somewhat taken off guard by her affection. She had never been a "touchy-feely" person, much to his dismay. Now she seemed anxious to get close to him. Jack wasn't complaining, and enjoyed the view of his sister's cleaveage, and her nyloned legs. He again felt his loins stir as the sweet scent of her perfume filled his nostrils.

Looking down into the smiling face of his gorgeous sister, Jack felt all the memories and emotions come back. He had always had a crush on his big sister, and it had only gotten worse as time went on. Her perfect little feet had haunted him, and he yearned to taste the forbidden fruit of her toes and soles. But most of all he wanted to feel those feet on his body, stroking and teasing.

Jack looked away from his sister quickly, laughing to cover himself as he knew he was letting his imagination get away from him. He started when he felt Julie pinch his ass. He looked back at her, shocked, only to see her still smiling face, with a hint of mischief in her eyes. Jack could only smile back, wondering what the hell she was up to. The fact that he was getting an erection didn't help either.

The party of four was led to their table, and Julie was glad to see the dim, intimate lighting and long tablecloths that would help her in her mission. She also noted the orchestra and the dance floor. "That could be useful later on." She thought, very pleased with herself and her plan. When they took their seats, Julie was hoping that ingrained habit would take over. The Warners had always been a table family when it came to meals, and the seating arrangements had always been the same, with the parents and children seated across from one another.

This was again the case, and the last possible obstacle for Julie was removed when she slid into the chair across the table from her brother. She gave her brother another big smile as she pulled her chair up as close to the table as possible, moving the tablecloth so that her legs were underneath.

Julie felt her heart beating faster at the thought of what she was about to do. She was nervous and excited about how her brother would react to her sexual advance. And she was scared too of discovery. This was not the sort of thing one wanted the parents, or anyone else to find out about! She was also a little unsure of what to do. This was the first time she'd ever done anything like this before.

"Not yet." Julie silently told herself. She kept both her high heeled feet planted firmly on the floor in front of her chair. Noting the table width, Julie guessed she could reach her brother's leg. "I'll go as far as I can." She thought, unable supress a smile of secret delight.

The family ordered drinks and chatted pleasantly about the birthday gifts that dad had received. There were smiles all around, but Jack kept getting a deeper vibe from his sister. Her smiles were more flirtatious, her eyes more playful, and her whole manner made Jack think of her more as a beautful woman than as his older sister. His slight erection had not gone away as he stole glances at his sister's cleavage. He now met his sister's gaze and returned her smiles, feeling the old attraction coming back even stronger. Julie could feel this too and her nervousness increased. She crossed her legs and began kicking one foot.

Appetizers arrived, and the family began to partake, still all smiles, jokes and good feelings. "It's now or never girl!" Julie thought to herself as she watched her brother begin to eat.

Under the table, Julie uncrossed her legs, feeling the smooth sensation of the brand new pair of DNKY nylon stockings caressing her knees and thighs. Julie placed her left foot right behind her right one, and put the toetip of the high heel on the small bone at the very back of her foot right below the ankle.

Applying downward pressure with her left foot, Julie felt the toetip come in contact with the right slingback strap. She contined to gently push down with her left toetip until she had pushed the slingback strap below her stockinged right heel. Holding the strap down with her left foot, Julie discreetly withdrew her right foot from the slingback. As she did so she felt the empty high heel shoe fall on its side. That was OK, as long as she could get to it again when she needed to.

Julie wiggled the stockinged toes of her now shoeless foot, and fixing her brother with a sultry smirk, extended her leg towards him beneath the tablecloth.

Jack looked at Julie, wondering what she was up to now. It was then that he felt a touch on his leg under the table. A touch that was deliberate and affectionate. Seeing his sister's face light up with a bigger smile, and feeling a foot stroking on his calf, Jack Warner nearly choked on his appetizer.

As it was he coughed loudly a few times and shifted in his seat.

"What's wrong son?" His father asked, patting him on the arm.

"I'm ok, I'm ok, no problem." He answered, feeling his throat tighten and looking at his worried mother.

"Too spicy?" Julie pointed to his food, her question innocent yet provocative.

Jack looked squarely at her as her foot continued to gently caress his calf, "Not at all, I can handle a lot more than this."

"We'll see.." Julie answered innocently again, pushing her foot a little harder against his calf. She continued to firmly but gently work up and down his calf, her stockinged foot was slipperly against the fine material of the suit.

Jack was swallowing hard, feeling his own heart racing now. What was Julie doing? How did she know this was his weakness? Why now? Oh my this was a fantasy come to life!

Well, regardless of all this, Jack knew that he had to maintain his composure. This was their father's night and he could not ruin it by freaking out at Julie's advances. He wondered how far Juile would go, and if he could handle the pressure. Already his cock was moving angrily in his pants and he felt a little hot.

Looking across the table at his sexy older sister, Jack realized that she was capable of anything, and that there wasn't a thing he could do about it. He had to sit there and take it. Somehow, that made the scene all that much more forbidden and erotically charged.

Pleasantly resigning himself to the situation, Jack smiled and gave his sister a subtle nod.

Julie didn't care whether her brother was going along with this or not. She had already decided to tease the shit out him at dinner! Julie was so proud of herself! She had taken the initiative and actually done it. Now she sat here in the restaurant rubbing her brother's leg with her stockinged foot.

"You're mine and you can't get away!" Her smirk told him. Julie kept rubbing Jack's calf for a few minutes before changing tactics. She remembered the tv show, and so moved her reinforced nylon toes underneath the cuff of her brother's trouser leg.

Jack gripped his untensils a little tighter as he felt his sister's foot slide up his pants leg. He took a slow, deep breath and tried to concentrate as the toes inched up above his sock to feel his bare skin. Oh how long had he wanted to feel her foot on him? And now, she somehow knew and was indulging him! Jack coughed again and gave his sister a grateful look.

She replied by beginning a slow wiggle of her toes on his shin. She could see he was a little flushed in the face, but was taking this quite well. "Just play the game honey and I'll give you a dinner to remember!" Julie thought, throwing him another sly grin. Her stockinged foot continued to move against his leg.

Finishing their appetizer, several waiters arrived to clear away plates and present the main course. With the arrival of dinner, Julie decided to turn up the heat. She slowly withdrew her foot from her brother's pants leg, careful to push the material back down so that it appeared normal. She then slid the arch of her foot up his calf to his knee, where she began to make little circles with her toes.

Jack coughed again and could feel himself beginning to sweat. This was sooo good! His sister was proving to be a talented mistress and he only wished he'd found out about this sooner. Opening his legs slightly, to giver her better access, Jack tried to eat his dinner.

Julie grinned to herself as she teased the back of her brother's knee with her nyloned toes. She realized that her leg was not quite extneded out all the way. That made her feel even more wicked. Remembering the drawings Jack had made, Julie wondered if her brother had a hard-on yet. She licked her lips lasciviously, wanting to feel his cock and know that she was the one turning him on.

His stomach, along with his cock was getting tighter. Jack tried not to squirm as his sister's stockinged foot traced a path up and down his inner thigh. He tried to focus on his breathing, eating and the conversation taking place. Julie was driving him nuts with her teasing little foot! Jack wanted to tell her how good she was, but there was no way to it. Swallowing hard again and trying not to pant, Jack inched forward in his chair, hoping to give his sister more reach.

Picking up on the subtle movement, Julie fixed her brother with a seductive look, running the tip of her tounge over her upper lip. With that, she extended her leg fully and brought her toes and the ball of her foot into contact with her brother's crotch. Jack's eyes bulged and Julie found herself having to supress a fit of giggles as she saw the helpless sexual desperation in her brother's eyes.

He simply could not believe this was happening. But it was, Jack slowly moved his hand down to his lap and pulled aside his napkin for a quick glance. There, he saw his sister's nylon covered toes working provocatively over the raging tent in his trousers. Jack could see her ruby red polished toes under the reinforcements as they wiggled frimly against his erection. The dull glint of a toe ring through the nylon only made his cock pulse with more excitement.

Jack moaned with lust, unable to control himself as his sister teased his cock with her foot. All eyes at the table turned to Jack, questioning. Pulling himself together, he motioned to his plate, smiled and said, "This dinner is just too good!" His father and mother agreed, and Julie chimed in, "You can't get enough huh?"

"No, I want more!" He grinned back at his sister. They both broke up with laughter at the double meanings, and their parents laughed too, thinking it was just another secret joke between their children. Mom and dad had no idea though, of the sexy moves their daughter was putting on their son under the table.

Julie watched Jack as he began to sweat now. As difficult as it was for him to keep a straight face, Julie knew she had to do the same. The feeling of her brother's cock expanding and throbbing beneath the sole of her foot was doing incredible things to Julie. Her heart racing, she felt warm all over, especially between her legs, and she felt the accumulated moisture begin to soak her skimpy silk panties. Julie wished she could feel Jack's hands on her panties, between her legs, stroking her like she was stroking him.

The naughty thoughts just made Julie work harder. She began to rub her brother's erection faster now, pushing in with her foot so that her sole was making firm contact with the underside of his cock. Taking slow bites of her food, Julie watched her brother's reactions as she brought him closer and closer to orgasm.

White knuckling his fork and knife, Jack was almost at the limit of his strength. Julie's masturbating foot was doing things to him that he had only dreamt about. His cock was straining against the thin barrier of fabric that separated his burning shaft from his sister's soft stockinged foot. She was pumping him vigorously now, and Jack knew that he was going to cum in his pants very soon. He was not sure he could hide it from his parents.

"Maybe I can fake a coughing spell?" He thought desperately. Looking across the candlelit table into his sister's eyes, Jack knew he had to come up with a solution fast. Julie was twirling a bit of her food around her tounge. She winked at him and began moving her foot even faster over his trapped and teased cock.

Julie knew that her brother was close to cumming. Now came the other part of her plan, and she hoped it would work. Dabbing her lips with her napkin, she looked at her parents, "Mom, dad, why don't you two go dance for a couple of songs. You're almost done eating, besides, I think mom owes you a birthday dance!"

Their parents looked at each other expectantly. "You two wouldn't mind if we left you for a while?" Dad asked.

"Oh no, not at all." Jack replied, his throat tight and pre-cum leaking into his boxers. "Shall we?" Dad smiled and stood, taking his wife's arm and together they moved off towards the dance floor. The orchestra had just started playing another slow Glenn Miller tune.

Alone at last, Jack began squriming in his seat and emitting little moans and whimpers of pleasure. Julie just giggled, tilting her head slightly and giving her brother a loving smile.

"Oh, Julie, how did you know?" Jack groaned, trying to keep his voice down.

"That's not important right now little brother. What is important is that you keep your cool. Can you do that? She giggled again.

"Yes." Jack croaked in reply.

"Good, because now comes the big finish." Julie purred at her brother. Beneath the table Julie's foot was moving rapidly against her brother's hot erection. She pushed in with more force and picked up the pace of her pumping foot as fast as she dared without attracting attention. Jack put his utensils down, knowing that his sister was intent on making him cum in his pants. He gripped the sides of his chair and pushed his hips foward into her devlishly talented little foot, rocking slightly in time with her motions.

Julie felt a wetness under her foot, she knew he was close if he was dripping this much pre-cum. "Come on sweetie, cum for Julie, cum for Julie's foot, you know you want it, come on!" She whispered encouragement as she felt her brother's cock throbbing under her nyloned foot.

Jack bit his lip hard, shut his eyes and surrendered to his sexy sister's pumping foot. Over a decade of frustration and desire welled up inside him, and at it's center was the chrurning inside his balls. Jack felt them draw up close to his body and then the violence of the explosion which nearly caused him to scream.

Semen shot down his shaft as though it were a cannon. Spurt after powerful spurt exploded out of his cock to fill his shorts. Julie felt the spasms as her brother came, and she rapidly worked her stockinged toes over and under his cockhead to milk him of his precious liquid. Jack closed his throat, desperate to stave off the cries of ecstasy he so wanted to vent. After all these years, his beautiful sister had surprised him with a footjob that was absolutely draining him dry!

Feeling his body coming back to earth, Jack noticed his erection wilting, firing off a last few bursts of semen as his orgasm subsided. His sister's stockinged toes were gently massaging him as he deflated. Jack relaxed somewhat, trying not to pant. He met his sister's eyes and gave her an utterly spent but grateful look.

Julie burst out laughing at the look on her brother's face. He had really cum hard, and she was surprised but proud that her brother had not lost his composure. Even through the crotch of his pants Julie could feel the wetness, and it warmed her to know her toes were now soaked with her brother's essence. She gave him a wicked smile of satisfaction.

"Well?" She asked.

"That was...incredible, too" Julie cut him off, laughing again at her brother as he tried to pull himself together. He didn't care he was sitting there with shorts full of cum, the experience had been well worth it!

"We'll have to do this again little brother. When can you come home again?"

"Oh I'll make time! Believe me!" Jack responded, his enthusiasm for another encounter with his sister clearly evident in his voice.

Julie laughed again. The two stared at each other lovingly over the candlelight until Julie indicated their parents were returning to the table. They sat up straight again, but Julie left her stockinged foot in Jack's crotch.

The four of them sat for a while and ordered dessert. Just before they left, Julie could feel Jack's cock begin to stir again under her motionless foot. Now it was Julie's turn to get wide-eyed. She had just made her brother cum a few minutes ago, and now he was getting a hard-on again!?

Jack caught Julie's surprised look, and cocked an eyebrow at her. His sister puckered her lips, and began gently stroking his returning erection with her stockinged foot.

"Well, I guess we'd better be off. Jack has a long drive ahead of him." Mom said, clearly disappointed the evening was over.

Jack and Julie were even more disappointed, but did not say so. Julie reluctantly removed her foot from her brother's crotch and felt around gingerly with her nyloned toes to locate her empty slingback. She smiled, feeling her toes were still a bit damp.

The farewells were poignant, as Jack would not be back for a couple of months. After saying goodbye to his parents, Jack turned to Julie, and the siblings held each other for a moment.

"Thank you sis, that was a fantasy come true."

"I've got a lot more in store for you." She said, looking into his eyes.

"Then here's to our next meeting." Jack brushed his hand against his sister's crotch as he turned to leave. Julie gave a little gasp and then smiled. Yes, they would meet again soon, and things would be even hotter than they were tonight.

Julie would make sure of it.