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Storie \ Job Interview

  COL | Feet Under The Table -  - English story | 27.08.2002

Kaye Long sat at her desk in the Human Resources department reviewing a new batch of resumes. As the Assistant Director of HR, it was her job to screen incoming job applicants and to assist in job interviews. Right now Kaye was very excited: her very best friend, Janet, had applied for a position within the company. So far no one else had applied for this particular position, and since the deadline for applying was today, she was confident that Janet would be a shoe-in for the position.

Janet really needed this job. She had fallen on hard times recently and had trouble making ends meet. Kaye had done all she could for her friend, and now it looked like everything would work out fine.

The door to Kaye's office opened, and her supervisor Betty walked in. "Kaye, I'm sorry for the short notice but I've had this resume on my desk for a few days. I'd like you to take a look at it. This guy is applying for the L-11 position. I've scheduled an appointment, so he's coming in for an interview in half an hour. I'll need you there to help me, is you schedule clear?"

Kaye felt a moment of panic, this was the same position Janet was seeking. She took the resume from Betty and glanced over it. A lump rose in her throat as she saw that this man was far more qualified for the job than Janet was. This was going to be a real problem.

"Yes, I'll be there Betty. Let me make some calls to clear my schedule."

"Fine, see you then." Betty smiled, then closed the door behind her.

Grabbing her phone, Kaye hit the speed dial for Janet.

"Hey, something's wrong!"

"What?" Janet asked absently.

"Someone else is coming in to interview for your job!"

"Oh god! You said no one else had applied!" Janet replied, her own panic now obvious.

"My boss just brought the resume in. He's coming in thirty minutes for an interview. Janet, he is more qualified than you."

"Kaye, this job is my last hope," Janet sobbed, "I have debts that need to be paid! Please do something, please!"

Feeling her resolve grow, Kaye responded to her friend, "Don't worry Janet, I'll take care of this. I don't know what I'll do but I'll take care of this. You just relax. I'll call you back in a couple of hours."

"Thank you sweetie." Janet sobbed again, but grateful for her friends support.

Kaye deactivated her cell phone and put it away. She cleared her mind to focus on the problem. First, she HAD to help Janet because she literally owed her life to her friend. Years ago in college they had been roommates. One night when Janet had been out late there was a gas leak in their dorm room. Asleep in her bed, Kaye was unaware of the danger, and utterly helpless. Janet had returned in time to activate the fire alarm and pull Kaye from the room before she succumbed to any ill effects.

"Now it's my turn to save you honey." Kaye thought to herself. She knew she had to do something during the job interview to break the man's concentration and composure. Since the job required those qualities, she knew Betty would be watching closely to see if the applicant could handle the stress of the interview.

Granted, Betty was no taskmaster, but some applicants fell apart during the interview. Kaye would have to make sure that happened today. The fact that it would be a man they were interviewing made things considerably easier. Standing up behind her desk, Kaye took stock of herself. She was 28 years old, 5 feet 2 inches tall and weighed 105 pounds. Her dark hair was cut to shoulder length, and curled slightly at the ends. Today she was dressed in a tan suit/skirt with pantyhose and brown loafers with a two inch heel. Checking her appearance in her compact mirror, Kaye smiled at herself. She was still a looker, as testified to the fact that she was still hit on by men despite the wedding ring on her finger. Well, she would put her looks and sex appeal on the line here soon.

There was a tug at her brain. She was a married woman, she shouldn't be doing this. "It's just some teasing. It's not like I'm going to fuck the guy. Besides, he's probably a geek, most of the applicants are. It should be easy." Kaye thought to herself, trying to justify her upcoming actions.

She left her office and took a few minutes to freshen her makeup in the bathroom. Satisfied, she took one last look in the mirror, "I am a babe!" She though to herself, running her tounge seductively over her upper lip. Kaye laughed at herself and then left to grab some papers from her office. "What I am I going to do to this guy?" It was a question she'd have to answer once the interview started.

Kaye entered the interview room, sat down, and prepared her notebook and the papers she'd brought. The door opened and Betty appeared, followed by a man.

"Hello Kaye, I'd like you to meet Jack, our candidate for the L-11 position." Betty said.

"Oh god!" Kaye thought to herself as she took in the man in the dark grey suit. He was much more attractive than she had anticipated. Although not taller than her own husband, he was more powerfully built, with a presence that spoke of calm strength. Plus, he had a little scar on his left cheek. Kaye LIKED scars, for some reason. Probably because of her "bad boy" phase when she was a teenager.

"It's a pleasure to meet you Kaye." He said smoothly.

Kaye stood up and felt a little twinge between her legs. She tried to supress it, telling herself that she was only doing this for Janet.

"Hi!" She gave him a big smile and extended her hand. Jack took it, and Kaye quickly folded her middle finger in to tickle Jack's palm while they shook hands. She took note of the slight surprise on his face. "Good start." She thought to herself.

Betty took a seat at the head of the table, and Kaye and Jack sat across from one another at the small meeting table. The two held each other's gaze as they settled into their chairs. Kaye felt her heart begin to race, not wanting to admit to herself that this man turned her on. Despite herself, she had a mental image of them locked in an embrace, and her running the tip of her tounge along that scar.

"Welcome to the company Jack, before we begin I'd like to go over the job description again. Now.." As Betty droned on, Kaye was thinking fast. She couldn't flash her tits, and smiling and winking weren't enough. Besides, she was actually aroused by the thought of teasing this attractive man. Meeting his gaze, Kaye smiled at him. She tried to make it much more than friendly interest, and she saw him cock an eyebrow at her as if asking "what?"

Kaye answered him by crossing her legs under the meeting table. She lifted her right leg and slowly swung it over her left, feeling the scratchy resistance of her pantyhosed thighs. The pressure caused by her thighs pushing together made her pussy tingle again, and Kaye felt her heart rate go up another notch as she felt her shoe touch Jack's calf.

She watched with satisfaction as he stiffened at her touch. The corners of her mouth curled up again as Jack looked at her nervously. Kaye winked at him, and then stifled a giggle as he moved his leg away. Shaking her head ever so slightly, Kaye's foot followed Jack's fleeing leg, until her mid-heel loafer was firmly pressing against his inner calf muscle. "You can't get away." Kaye's look told him.

"Do you have any input Kaye?" Betty asked as she finished her spiel.

Kaye hadn't heard a word Betty had said, but she had been through enough interviews with her to know exactly what to say now. Her voice sweet but professional, Kaye added her comments about the position and what they expected of a qualified candidate. As she spoke, Kaye began to flex her ankle slightly, causing her loafer to rub gently up and down against Jack's leg.

Grinning wider as she spoke, Kaye noticed that Jack was making no effort to move, or to stop her under the table shenanigans. She could see he was getting excited from the rapid movements of this throat as he swallowed. Kaye finished her comments with a little double entendre, "So Jack, basically what we're looking for here is a person who can think and act under difficult and unusual circumstances." She put the tip of her pen in her mouth, rolling it across her lip, and at the same time moving her shoe up his leg under the table, "Can you keep your cool and be a professional when the heat is on Jack?"

Kaye noted with satisfaction that Jack's voice was a little bit strained when he replied, "I can handle any situation I am faced with, no matter the pressure." His last words seemed challenging, and Kaye smiled, winking again when Betty looked down at her daily planner. Kaye's shoe was near Jack's knee, gently rubbing, and she realized with a start that she was really enjoying this game. Too much in fact, and another mental image flashed up as she imagined kissing his lips. With an effort, she attempted to pull herself together so she could try and finish Jack off as soon as possible.

"Ok, let's talk about you for a while Jack. Tell us about your experience in this field." Betty asked as she prepared to take notes. Jack cleared his throat and began to review his background. Meanwhile, Kaye moved her foot away from his knee and placed it back on the floor, next to her other foot. Pressing down with her toes, Kaye popped her heel free of the loafer, and pulled her pantyhosed foot free of the warm shoe. The cool air felt wonderful on her now shoeless foot, which was ever so slightly damp with sweat. Swallowing hard with excitement herself, Kaye extended her leg out towards Jack, now feeling the warm wetness between her own legs without guilt.

" by 1997 I was managing the system for the entire company. My responsibilities AUGGHEM -" Jack cut off his monolouge with a surprised grunt as Kaye touched his knee with her toes and slid them up his inner thigh.

"Oh, are you OK Jack?" Kaye asked with mock concern as she wiggled her nyloned toes on his thigh.

Jack cleared his throat again, and Kaye could see he was clearly struggling to control himself. "Why yes, I just have a tickle in my throat." He looked at her, and Kaye saw the mixture of fear, desire and confusion on his face. That only made her juices flow faster, and Kaye was once again caught up in her role as the tease.

"Please continue Jack." Betty asked, looking up from her notes.

"Very well." Jack cleared his throat again,and his voice was tight as he began speaking. Kaye fought back a laugh as she heard the definite change in Jack's voice. She then began to run the sole of her foot onto his thigh, back and forth, back and forth, stopping at mid-thigh with each loving caress. Kaye's touch was gentle but provocative. She found her foot moved effortlessly on his leg and she surprised herself with her creativity and daring.

"Can you add to that Kaye?" Betty asked her colleuage. Kaye quickly regained her train of thought, grateful that most interviews were the same. She began asking Jack a few questions, all the while using her small nyloned foot to tease and torment him under the table.

Kaye was genuinely impressed, and more than a little turned-on at the way Jack was maintaining his composure. His voice and tense facial muscles betrayed his arousal, but his mind seemed focused on the task at hand. For her part, Kaye was struggling with her composure as well. Never before had she been so bold and sexually brazen with a man before, not even her husband, and especially not in public like this! She had also never used her feet in such a way either. Sure, she'd seen this done in movies, but it had never occurred to her to try this. In fact her husband igorned her feet, not even giving her the foot rubs she enjoyed. And now, here she sat in one of her companies meeting rooms playing a serious game of footsie with a handsome stranger.

She had forgotten all about Janet now, lost in her own sexual arousal and her determination to break this man for herself, not for someone else. Her mind flashed again, an image of her and Jack, naked and writhing between silken sheets. Breathing deeply to keep her voice calm as she spoke, Kaye began letting her foot slide closer and closer to Jack's crotch. Her toes and soles alternated pushing foward towards their goal, coming nearer but never giving him what she knew he wanted, what she hoped he craved more than anything right now. Kaye sincerely hoped that Jack was hard as a rock by now, that he was responding to her sexy moves.

Betty had begun to talk again, and Kaye and Jack were able to lock eyes for a moment. Kaye maintained her grip on the moment, giving Jack a seductive stare and wet lipped tounge tease that she had previously reserved for her husband only. Simultaneously she gave him the partial relief he sought by sliding her size five foot over the straining hardness of his crotch.

Jack began coughing and Kaye went wide eyed at what she found. Under the sole of her pantyhosed foot, through the thin material of the slacks he wore, Kaye felt a hot, throbbing stiffness that shocked her. His hard cock was pushed down his other trouser leg, and Kaye used her toetips to trace its outline. She felt a thick tubular shape that extended about a third of the way down his thigh. It was his thickness that shocked her, and Kaye felt around with her toes for several seconds to confirm his size, grinning widely at her discovery.

During this time Jack had been coughing, turning red. Betty, obviously concerned, offered to get him some water. Jack waved her back, "No, no just my throat again, I'm sure I'll be fine." He croaked, again causing Kaye to bite her lip to keep from laughing.

Kaye realized that since Jack's cock was pressing down his left trouser leg, and she could better manipulate it with her left foot. Taking her right foot away, the world's newest footjob devotee slipped out of her left loafer and placed the arch of her now bare foot on Jack's erection. Trapped securely under her pantyhosed ped, Jack's cock pulsed with excitement, and Kaye felt weak as it's heat seemed to burn into her sole. Her pussy was now officially soaked as she continued with her footjob.

The interview was nearing its end, and Kaye thought of Janet again. She had to break this man, and quickly. Shifting slightly in her seat, Kaye swept the arch of her foot up and down Jack's hardness, pressing it into his thigh in an attempt to gain the most contact possible. Her goal was to make him cum in his pants. She reasoned he would not be able to control his orgasm, and would thus ruin the interview. As her foot moved faster and faster over her victim's erection, Kaye found herself again swept up in her own arousal. She saw herself with Jack, his lips on her nipples, that thick cock in her pussy and her mouth, and those strong looking hands of his kneading and caressing her aching body. Kaye was fully aware of her soaked panties, and the wedding ring on her finger, but was now beyond caring. She wanted sex, NOW!

Kaye felt her own body quivering as her foot masturbated Jack toward an explosive climax. Betty was now droning on in her concluding comments, looking at her notes. Kaye and Jack looked at each other. Kaye saw that Jack's face was a mask of arousal as he fought desperately to control himself, utterly at the whim of Kayes pumping foot as it pushed him unmercifully towards orgasm . Her own eyes were alight with passion, and she hoped he saw that.

"Well Jack, what do you think?" Betty asked, removing her glasses and looking expectantly at him.

"Oh god its almost over!" Kaye thought, now moving her foot over his erection as fast as she could without shifting in her seat. The sole of her foot was hot with friction and the heat of his cock, and Kaye distinctly felt the wetness of pre-cum leaking from the head.

"Betty," Jack began, positively croaking as Kaye saw he was using every ounce of strength to stay in control. It was literally a footrace now: whether her foot, or the clock would win the day, "in view of what you've told me," he inhaled sharply, "I don't believe that this is a job that I would be interested in at the present time."

Kaye went wide eyed again, and her foot stopped moving. "Huh?" She thought to herself.

"I think right now I'd rather limit my search to options a little more system specific than what you are offering here." He concluded, taking advantage of Kaye's momentary confusion.

"Well we do appreciate your time today Jack. We will keep your resume on file." Betty replied to him.

Kaye sat up straight, replacing her shoes as Betty was speaking again. It was an amicable farewell, and Jack stood up, hiding his still swollen crotch with his valise.

"The pleasure was all mine." He smirked at Kaye as they shook hands again.

He left the room, and Betty turned to go also, "I'll be along in a minute." Kaye told her. She had to stay for a while to calm down. Her pussy was still on fire and her heart was about to leap out of her chest after what she'd just done and experienced. Images of her and Jack locked in passionate sex flowed through her mind. Now gasping, Kaye realized her right hand was absently stroking her inner thighs.

"Ohhh I have to finish this!" Kaye squealed with pleasure. She leapt out of her seat and moved quickly out the door towards the exit. Passing the reception area, she saw Jack's valise on one of the chairs.

"Did he leave yet?" She breathlessly asked the teenaged receptionist.

"No, he asked where the bathroom was and left his thingy here." The girl replied, smacking her gum.

Kaye nearly sprinted back to the men's room. There were no male employees in Human Resources, so she could safely infer that Jack was the only on in there. Checking to make sure no one saw her, Kaye boldly walked into the men's room, locking the door behind her.

Inside there was a sink, a urninal, and a single handicapped accessible stall. Under the gap between the stall and floor, Kaye saw a fabric pool of trousers and boxer shorts lying above a pair of shiny brown Armani dress shoes. For the briefest of moments Kaye heard a fleshy stroking sound which immediately stopped. She smirked and felt another flush of passion as she realized he was masturbating to her.

Kaye strolled purposely over to the stall and stood in front of the door.

"Open the door Jack. It's Kaye, I've come to finish what I started." Her voice quivered with lust.

The metal knob clicked and the door swung outward to reveal Jack standing there, facing her. The sight of him with his pants around his ankles might have been comical, but Kaye was transfixed by his muscular legs, and that angry red cock that pulsed between his legs and pointed straight at her. Jack was still lightly stroking it, which made Kaye give a little moan.

"I was hoping you'd join me in here hon. And yes, you DO need to finish what you started!" He smiled and beckoned her closer. Kaye moved towards him, as if in a trance, her husband, Janet, her job, all forgotten. Her hands moved to pull back her hair, and she bent forward at the waist.

Kaye's moistend red lips lightly grazed the tip of Jack's cock, and she again felt its heat, and tasted the pre-cum that her foot had coaxed out mere minutes before. It was Jack's turn to moan as his new lover gently worked her lips and tounge around the head of his shaft. The feather light caress of her mouth on his erection made him shut his eyes and throw back his head to groan helplessly with desire.

As her mouth encricled his thick shaft, Kaye found her own left hand going under her skirt to touch the crotch of her soaked panties. She moaned around his cock in spite of herself. Even through the pantyhose and panties, her own hand stroked and kneaded her aching pussy, feeling the wetness, the heat and the desire in her own body. Soon she was masturbating with a vengeance, feeling her nails begin to rip through the thin nylon of her hose.

Jack reached down and reluctantly pulled Kaye's head away from his erection. "Let's finish what you started, OK?" He smiled. He pulled up his pants with one hand and led Kaye over to the sink. His hands went under her arms and he lifted her tight and shapely ass onto the edge of the sink. First he pushed her skirt up to her waist, then he pulled off her loafers, tossing them to the tiled floor where they landed with a clop that echoed in the tiny restroom.

"Fuck me with your feet, like you did in the meeting room." Jack's hand slid up her inner thigh to her crotch where he began to expand the hole in her pantyhose. His strong fingers pulled aside her panties and he penetrated the warm, wet pussy beneath, firmly but gently looking for the center of her womanhood.

"Ohhhh my god!!" Kaye nearly yelled, barely conscious that someone might hear them through the walls. Through the lust clouded haze of her vision she looked at Jack and bent her knees so that she could work on him and keep her legs apart at the same time. Her bare pantyhosed feet found his erection. He jumped at her touch and Kaye giggled. She placed her left foot on top of his cock, pressing down with her sole. Her right foot went underneath him, and she twisted her leg and ankle so that she could stroke the sensitive underside with her high arch.

Jack shook as Kaye began to jerk him off with her nyloned feet. Though a rank amateur, she seemed to easily manipulate the thick shaft with her size fives. Kaye was also shaking now, not just at the insistent strumming of her clit by Jack's fingers, but at the thought that her feet were now working on his naked cock. And that soon she would make him cum.

They were both groaning with primitive desire, Kaye's feet swiftly masturbating Jack's cock, while he in turn vigorously massaged her clit with his fingertips.

"I can't believe I'm doing this!!" Kaye wasn't sure if she said it aloud, but she was thinking it as she felt Jack's flowing pre-cum seeping onto her arches and soles. Grabbing her own breasts through her suit jacket, Kaye struggled to keep her eyes open and take in the scene. She wanted to remember this absolutely WILD sexual encounter!

Squealing like a banshee, Kaye felt her body begin to tense up, like a coiling spring deep within her. She looked down and saw that the blur of her hosed feet were practically dripping with pre-cum.

"Oh god, if there's that much now what about when he cums!?" Her mind managed to form the thought as the fingers inside her pussy worked frantically over her clit.

Kaye watched as Jack's body tensed and writhed. Teeth clenched, his eyes shut and his was head thrown back while his hips thrust in time to her pumping pantyhosed feet. "Oh Kaye you're gonna make me cummm, agggghhh!"

The hand between her legs was spasming and Kaye felt herself go over the edge as she saw Jack's cock quite literally erupt all over her feet. Sperm shot out to hit the wall several times and Jack gave a long but supressed groan of ecstascy. Kaye's feet continued to jerk him off as his orgasm played out, and her secret wish came true as his subsequent bursts of sperm soaked her soles, arches and heels.

She didn't have long to relish the sensation though as her body reacted to giving another man an orgasm. Kaye felt Jack's fingers back in control, working her clit hard. But he didn't have to do any more work, Kaye was already there, and she arched her back as the spring in her body exploded open. Her lips moved frantically, spouting gibberish as her own orgasm engulfed her, washing over her like the ocean's wave. Stars, fireworks, lights and colors assaulted her tightly shut eyes as she rode out the relatively unfamiliar sensations of sexual fulfillment. She had only cum a few times in her life, and this bold and forbidden encounter had given her one of the best.

Now she wanted more.

Kaye opened her eyes, panting, sweating. Jack stood next to her doing the same, smiling at her as he wiped his cock with paper towels. She began giggling uncontrollably, feeling the post-orgasm "high". Extending her legs, Kaye looked at her cum covered feet, now realizing all the pleasure that they were capable of bringing bringing to herself and to men.

Jack moved to her feet with a few towels, but Kaye stopped him. "No, leave it there." She grinned at him, feeling nasty. "Just put my shoes back on."

He did this and helped her off the sink. They cleaned off the wall and washed their hands before rearranging and fixing their clothes. Jack peeked out of the cracked door of the men's room to ensure no one saw them leave. Kaye grabbed his jacket and handed him her card.

"My cell and work number. Don't call me at home, but you'd better call me here!" She admonished him, grinning widely.

"You can bet I'll call young lady. I have a lot more to show you."

Kaye watched him leave, wondering how he would look naked. She smirked thinking she'd find out soon enough. Betty's voice brought her back to reality.

"Kaye, be a dear and call the other girl who applied for the L-11 position, Janet, I think was her name. Make her the offer. If she accepts see if she can start on Monday."

"No problem Betty, I'll do that right now!" Kaye grinned and enthusiastically headed back to her office, speed dialing Janet with the good news.

"Hello?" Came the tentative voice of Janet.

"You've got it girl, be here on Monday!" Kaye nearly shouted into the phone.

"WhooHoooo! Oh my god that's good news! What happened to the other guy?"

Kaye slipped her heels out of her loafers under her desk, feeling the wet and sticky seed of her new lover coating her feet and the inside of her shoes.

"Let's just say he blew the interview." Kay then began giggling, unable to stop for the rest of the afternoon.