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Storie \ High-Heeled Tease (3)

  Philip | Feet Under The Table -  - English story | 27.08.2002

[ Note: This story is protected by copyright, 1998, by the author, and cannot be used for any commercial purpose without his prior consent. It may however be freely used for non-commercial distribution or archiving, but please email the author at to notify him of any such repost]

So there I was in that club, sitting between Jessica and Ghita. The two vicious sexpots were doing everything to keep me helplessly aroused. Jessica's white see-through top and skimpy satin shorts revealed her wet-dream body to its fullest. And her black thigh-high spiked-heel boots had me completely drool from arousal. Meanwhile, Ghita kept crossing and uncrossing her legs, causing her black leather micro-dress to unravel glimpses of her clean-shaven pussy. The sexy bitch wasn't wearing any panties, and she made every effort that it wouldn't go unnoticed. And the way her 6 inches high black stiletto heels drew little circles in the air while pointing at my crotch... She had my cock feel ready to burst right through the tight fabric of my pants.

Jessica rested her hand up my thigh, commenting how good my pants felt. Ghita started telling me:

"You know, I've been walking all day long. My legs are really tired. Do you mind if I rest them for a moment on your lap?".

As she put her high-heeled shoes on the middle of my left thigh, my cock jerked completely erect. Her heels were just a few inches away from the tip of my extending member. I started squirming in my seat. I couldn't believe those two gals were so hot. Just to look at them and the way they dressed would have been more than enough to give me a hard-on. And now the two sexy bitches were there feeling my thighs and displaying their hidden attractions. I was more than aware of Ghita's pointed heel resting only some fraction of an inch from the straining head of my cock. And Jessica's fingers were on my upper thigh, just inches from my rod. I felt my cock about to break through the material of my pants, as it strained to meet those torturing magnets.

Once again Jessica was commenting:

"You know, Philip, your pants feel real sexy!"

Her hand started rubbing my upper thigh, slowly pulling the material so its pressure would be felt on my cock. They had me really hooked, ripe for the next step of their tease. Ghita said

"Oh! I really like this song!"

She started moving her feet to the slow rhythm of the music. Her high heel was about to touch the head of my rock-hard member. I stopped breathing. Suddenly, I felt the cold contact of the pointed metal strike me right through my pants at the tip of my cock. I was aware of Ghita's gaze looking right at my crotch. The vicious little bitch knew exactly what she was doing.

As the music went on, Ghita's knowing heel started gently drawing little circles over the bulging head of my hard-on through the thin fabric of my pants. At the same time, the rubbing of Jessica's hand over my thigh was getting firmer. I felt I was about to explode. Ghita asked me

"You really think it's safe not to wear anything under your sexy pants?"

I stuttered:


And Jessica answered:

"Well, they're really thin, be careful nothing happens before you have time to take them off ".

As she said that, her fingers grabbed the base of my cock and started rubbing my balls. Her deft massage caused the fabric of my tight pants to move up and down my cock. As Jessica played with my balls, I could feel the precum oothing out of my confined cock-head.

Ghita commented:

"White pants, no underwear... And they're so tight and thin. Don't you think the poor thing is asking for trouble?"

Her heel started rubbing harder over the underside of the head of my cock. It was really too much for me. They had me on the very brink of spurting my hot load right into my pants. As my cock started twitching, Jessica tightly squeezed the base of my cock between her expert fingers, efficiently preventing my surging cum from erupting. Then she squeezed my balls out of some more precum.

As Ghita resumed her little heel game. she said:

"Wow! That was close, wasn't it? I bet the poor thing was right about to sperm his slutty pants! You don't think he's got a spare pair, has he? Shall we try that again?".

The vicious little teasers already had me with a two-inches wide stain showing through my pants at the tip of my rock-hard member. I was desperately hoping they would give me the final release. In the state I was now in, it wouldn't make much difference if I actually came inside my pants. The two vicious bitches knew it perfectly, and they had no intention to give me any rest!

As Ghita traced the wet outline of my cock with the tip of her heel, she commented:

"See, Philip, your pants are aleady all soaked! You should really be more careful and try to control yourself!".

The deft manipulations of her spiked heel on the underside of the head of my cock had me right about to shoot off my wad. She told Jessica:

"See how clearly his cock-head shows through that thin white fabric? I can see everything! You see that little softer spot there on the underside, right under my heel? I'm sure he loves it when I start raking here! "

Her raking was actually sending electric shocks of pleasure up my spine. I felt utterly unable to control the rising surge of my now seemingly unavoidable orgasm.

The little teaser went on:

"See how tense his cock's getting? How it twitches under my heel? He's right about to cum, isn't he? You're about to ejaculate right into your tight pants, aren't you, Philip?".

The vicious sexpot knew exactly the state I was in, just past the point of no return. And I knew how vulnerable I was in my thin white pants and no underwear, giving the expert little teasers complete control over my helpless arousal. As her fingernails lightly grazed over my balls and the base of my cock, Jessica said:

"You know Ghita, perhaps you should be careful. I told you about his little foot fetish, didn't I? I don't know if he'll stand your little heel-job much longer!".

As she went on with her slow maddening raking, Ghita answered:

"Oh, don't you think he can control himself? Refrain from cumming as I masturbate him with my high-heel right through his tight pants? Can't you control yourself, Philip? I'm sure you wouldn't like your pants soaked down to the knee, would you? "

The raking of her heel on my cockhead had turned to a very light grazing, right over that sensible spot she'd mentionned to Jessica earlier. The vicious bitch knew exactly what she was doing. As I felt the tickling of her heel propagate through my cock, I knew it was too late. I was cumming, helplessly starting to ejaculate into my pants right under her expert foot. At that precise moment, the expert little tease suddenly pushed her sole hard over my cock-head, squeezing it with all her strength as Jessica tightly gripped the base of my cock between her knowing fingers. They kept the pressure for maybe 30 seconds, until my orgasm had subsided. Oh God, their combined squeezing had managed to cut me off right as my orgasm was starting!

Jessica started squeezing the head of my cock, milking me out of some more precum. She said:

"See, I'd bet he started to cum! Uh, Philip, you couldn't hold from creaming your slutty pants, could you?".

My thigh was litterally soaked from the consequence of their expert manipulations. And the rubbing of Jessica's fingers over my cock-head already had me once again on the brink of eruption!

People were starting to dance and they had me go with them out on the dance-floor. They knew very well that this would have me expose my predicament all over the place. As they stood up, moving to the dance-floor, I found them even more attractive and arousing than I had realized. As we started dancing, I could'nt keep the tight fabric of my pants from rubbing over my still fully-hard cock, and the feeling had me incredibly aroused. Just looking at them and thinking about what they had just been doing, was enough to make my hard-on strain through the fabric to the point of tearing it. This made the rubbing sensation even more effective. The sexy cock-teasers were exactly aware of the situation. They continuously stared at my crotch, watching the wet stain get even worse as more precum kept dripping out of my aching cock.

Jessica started dancing in front of me with her half-displayed bum just inches from my crotch. It wasn't long before her buttocks were rubbing over it, enclosing my erection between them. I felt completely wild. I could feel the heat of her skin and the sensation of the skimpy satin touch me even through my pants. The little bitch had me on the brink of spurting with her vicious bum-rubbing. And once again, the expert teaser stopped right on time, at the precise moment my cum was about to escape from my balls. She turned over to face me, licking her lips as she looked at my crotch. The wild throbbing of my cock underneath the revealing fabric must have been more than obvious...

Ghita stood behind me as we danced, holding me by the hips. Her fingers started grazing over my upper thighs, getting dangerously close to my bulging cock-head. She told Jessica:

"I'm sure Philip loves your high-heeled boots. Don't you think he'd enjoy a better feel of them?".

Jessica, still standing in front of me, raised her black leather clad knee and proceeded to rub it against my aching balls. The fabric of my pants was massaging my rock-hard cock as she did this. And Ghita had moved her fingers to my bulging cock-head, lightly stroking it through my pants as Jessica kept fondling my balls with her knee. Within seconds, they once again had me on the the edge. I could feel my cock start twitching. Ghita commented:

"Wow! We'd better be careful now! I think Philip is right about to let go everything! ".

With that, she gave a tight squeeze to the head of my cock just as my orgasm was starting to build. And Jessica pushed her knee hard into my balls, giving me a rub that had me drip even more precum. As she kept massaging my cock and balls, Jessica commented:

"I'm sure Philip loves the feeling of my boot over his rock-hard cock. Don't you, Philip? I'm sure you can even feel the touch of that soft leather right through your slutty pants! "

Jessica's massage was getting ever more maddening, now concentrating on my bulging cock-head. Ghita said:

"Wow, Jessica! The way you masturbate him with your knee! I see you've got him by his sensitive spot, right there on the underside of his cock-head! I don't think he can resist that much longer! Can you, Philip? How long do you think you can stand Jessica's manipulations? Masturbating you right through your tight pants with the knee of her black leather boots? You like it, huh? I'm sure she's got you right about to cum big time now! "

The vicious little cock-teasers knew exactly the state I was in, feeling the rising surge of a shatterring orgasm as Jessica kept expertly rubbing her leather-clad knee against my throbbing cock-head. Jessica said:

"Oh, yes. I can feel he's ripe now! Maybe we could let him cum just this time, don't you think so Ghita? I'm sure the poor thing is dying for it!".

Ghita grabbed the head of my cock between her finger-nails, grazing over it as she said:

"Oh, I'm not sure he wants that. It would be so embarassing for him if he spermed his pants, wouldn't it? You don't want to have your slutty pants all sticky with your cum, do you Philip? "

Meanwhile, the combined action of Jessica's knee and Ghita's fingers on my cock-head had driven me totally out of control. There was nothing I could do but let my cum helplessly escape from the tip of my cock as I felt my orgasm starting. And sure enough, the two vicious teasers chose that precise moment to experiment their seemingly fool-proof orgasm denial techniques on my aching cock. Ghita's fingers tightly squeezed my cock-head as Jessica's knee pushed hard into my balls. My orgasm stopped as soon as it had started. My cock kept throbbing wildly under Ghita's grip as the rest of my cum strained for hopeless release. She let go as the throbbing subsided, and Jessica licked her lips as she saw the effect of their little cock-teasing session. The sperm that had started to escape before they'd stop my orgasm was now dripping through the fabric of my pants. The soaking wet stain that covered the bulging head of my rock-hard member left little doubt as to what had occurred. I felt the painful aching in my blue-balls as Jessica's knee gave them a last rub. I could hardly stand on my feet. But the vicious little cock-teasers had only begun their torture...

The next song was a slow, and Ghita asked me to dance it with her. She started dancing very close to me, holding my hips as her naked thigh moved between my legs and rubbed over my crotch. Then her left hand grabbed my buttocks and she started grinding me against her. The rubbing of her thigh over my rock-hard cock was getting me crazy with arousal. She drove my hands down to hold her exposed bum-cheeks under her skimpy micro-skirt. I already knew she didn't have any panties, but feeling her sweet naked bum was driving me wild. After a few moments, she slipped her right hand between our bodies and started moving it up my inner left thigh, just inches from the tip of my erection. Although I was now ready for about anything, I felt a shock of pleasure run through my spine as her knowing fingers closed around the length of my rod. She proceeded to slowly masturbate me through the skin-tight fabric of my pants. I was beginning to breathe heavily, under the deft manipulations her teasing hand performed on my bursting hard member. She started expertly playing with the head of my cock, rythmically squeezing it between her fingers to the sound of the music. I could hardly control myself as I realized that her maddening strokes were clearly designed to have me cream my pants. I would never have believed a girl could be so expert in her masturbating techniques. The way that bitchy sexpot was working on my aching hard-on had me completely in a trance. The only thing I wanted now was her giving me the final release to my uncontrollable arousal.

Ghita guided my right hand between us down to her exposed wet pussy. My arousal only got more out of control as I started feeling her clit under her sexy micro-skirt. I could feel she enjoyed it too. As she kept on tossing the head of my rod through the fabric of my pants, she asked me:

"You like it, Uh? You like being played with through your sexy pants, don't you?".

Then the vicious little cock-teaser tightened her grip over my burning arousal while massaging the underside of its head at a fastening pace. She knew I was about to explode. She squeezed the head of my cock in such a way as to cut my surging orgasm at the very moment it was about to happen. At the same time, I felt her tense under my fingers. I knew she'd just had a powerful orgasm just as she was denying mine. But her fingers were already back working on my prick, making sure my load full of precum would get the material of my pants even more soaked than it already was. Her deft manipulations soon had me on the brink once again. She said:

"You know, Philip, I guess Jessica told you how we like to tease, did she? But I like you. I find you quite sexy in your skin-tight slutty white pants. You're dying to cum, aren't you? Maybe I could let you cum and not tell Jessica about it? I don't think she'd notice. You're already so soaked! Would you like that, Philip?"

All I could answer was:

"Oh yes, Ghita, please, I won't tell Jessica anything about it! "

Ghita proceeded with her expert manipulations on my throbbing cock-head as I kept fingering her dripping clit. I felt the surge of my orgasm building up. I was foolishly hoping she would give me that final relief. Her fingers-nails started knowingly raking right over my sensitive spot. That vicious little cock-teaser was deliberately bringing me over the edge. The expert action of her finger-nails over my sensitive cock-head was having me cream my pants right there on the dance-floor. My accumulated sperm had helplessly started to escape under the spell of her teasing fingers. And right at that crucial moment, she squeezed my cock-head in a tight merciless grip. Deprived of any escape, I felt my cum receding as my denied orgasm once again drifted away. Her squeezing trick had cut me right as I was starting to cum. As she kept squeezing my cock until the wild throbbing subsided, she tightened the grip of her thighs around my hand. The vicious little teaser was just having another seemingly tremendous orgasm! Meanwhile my need for relief had only grown more desperate...

As Ghita regained her senses, she told me:

"You know, Philip, I've just had second thoughts about it. If I'd let you cum, your cock would have turned all limp and small. I'm sure Jessica would have noticed that, wouldn't she? Well, maybe she'll have pity on you after all... "

We went back to the table, where Jessica had been watching all the scene. As we walked towards her, Ghita made sure I kept in front, holding me by the hips. My rock-hard member was seething through the tight soaked fabric of my pants. And the little teaser certainly wanted everyone to notice that. We sat down, and without giving me any rest, Jessica started commenting:

"Wow, Philip! What happened with your pants? I thought I told you to take care about them. You should cool down a bit or you might have them soaked all over, you know! Oh, I should have warned you about Ghita! You know, she can't help making the guys cum in just about any place. Well, I guess now in the state she got you in, you might like me to help you finish the job she started?".

As she said that, her teasing fingers closed over the length of my rod and proceeded to deftly masturbate me through my pants. I started breathing harder. I could'nt believe it! The sexy bitch was at least as expert as Ghita in the way she played with my cock, and she had clearly made me understand her purpose was to make me cum. I couldn't wait for that final release to happen, and the vicious cock-teaser knew it perfectly! As she kept expertly massaging my hard-on, she started insisting:

"Tell me, Philip, how do you like the feel of my hand masturbating you through your slutty pants? I'm sure you're right about to cream them, aren't you? Your lack of underwear is getting me all aroused, you know! Just to think it's your naked cock I'm holding there right through that thin fabric... You don't mind if I have it spurt its hot load between by fingers, do you, Philip? You know it'll get your tight pants all soaked with your cum, don't you? You woulnd't mind about it, uh, Philip?".

I coudn't answer anything. I felt completely under a spell as Jessica's fingers started rythmically squeezing and rubbing the head of my cock. She kept me on the brink of cumming for what seemed endless moments. But she removed her hand at the precise moment she knew it would be too late. She started massaging my aching balls, and went on telling me:

"You know, Philip, I don't wear any panties either, want to feel how hot you get me? "

She guided my eager hand to her crotch, and had me feel her clitoris through the soft satin of her shorts. I could heel her already damp from arousal. It was only a matter of seconds for my probing fingers to have her explode in a firing orgasm.

As Jessica went on massaging my balls, Ghita started saying

"Oh! I feel so tired! You don't mind if I rest my head on your lap, do you, Philip?"

She didn't even wait for an answer, lowering her cheek right over my rock-hard member! Her mouth was almost touching the tip of my cock, and she started to blow softly on it. The sensation of her hot breath on my cock was once again driving me completely nuts. My cock was throbbing wildly under her cheek. She went on teasing me like that for a few moments, when suddenly I felt the contact of her vicious lips as they reached the head of my prick. I nearly creamed my pants as the sexy slut engulfed it in her eager mouth. She proceeded to fellate me right through the thin material of my pants. In a rush, I started realizing that the vicious little bitch had just been refreshing her make-up and painting her lips bright red. But the way her mouth moved back and forth over the head of my hard-on left me totally breathless.

Meanwhile, Jessica kept rubbing my balls, maintaining full control over the situation. When she felt my cock twitching, she would tightly squeeze its base between her fingers, every time cutting off my orgasm at the precise moment I was starting to shoot off my wad. The way the expert bitches had me feel was driving me completely insane. I completely forgot about Ghita's bright lipstick and the stains I knew it would leave on the white material as she kept on sucking me through my pants. The vicious cock-teaser knew exactly what she was doing, and actually made sure her lipstick would really stay like printed on the thin fabric! She was also making sure to drop as much saliva as she could all over the length of my cock. I could'nt believe how expertly the little slut was performing her blow-job. She kept me on the brink of erupting for countless times. As she went on fellating me through the paper-thin material of my skin-tight pants, I could only hope she would finally decide to give me some relief.

Jessica said:

"Wow, Ghita, I bet Philip's really enjoying your little blow-job! Aren't you, Philip? Don't you like the way Ghita's fellating you right through your slutty tight pants? Licking you right on the underside of your cock-head? She's got you on the brink, hasn't she? Wouldn't you like it if she had you cum right into her mouth?"

Ghita's mouth kept expertly sucking the head of my cock, letting her tongue viciously rub over its underside. The wild sensations she gave me were sending shivers running up my spine. I felt the surge of cum rising from my balls with such strength that I thought nothing could now keep me from having my long-awaited orgasm. At that precise moment, Ghita removed her mouth. Jessica's knowing fingers performed their squeezing trick to the base of my already erupting member. Meanwhile, Ghita's fingers were tightly gripping my throbbing cock-head. Once again, the teasing bitches had managed to cut my pleasure right at the most crucial moment, leaving my twitching member laden with unbearable frustration. As I stared at my crotch, I couldn't believe the state it was in. The huge outline of my cock was throbbing uncontrollably underneath the completely soaked skin-tight material of my pants, Ghita's saliva, along with my already abundant precum, had made a perfect job of having my pants look as if I had totally creamed them. Not to mention the red stains of lipstick Ghita's mouth had left there.

I started begging them

"Hey, you gals are really too hot, come on, let's go to my place!"

They asked me to first go and bring some drinks from the bar. What they really wanted was to have me cross the dance-floor and show off my tell-tale crotch all over the place. I started arguing. But they insisted that I really looked great like that, and they would be eagerly waiting for me.

As soon as I came back with the drinks, they immediately resumed their torture. Ghita started french-kissing me as Jessica's expert hand massaged my aching hard-on. The way her teasing fingers rythmically squeezed the head of my cock was once again driving me completely wild. I soon felt the surge of cum rising from my balls as the sexy bitch went on viciously masturbating me through my already soaked pants. And sure enough, Jessica's expert fingers immediately performed their usual squeeze to the head of my cock, once again cutting me off right in the middle of my eruption. I was going completely crazy from the need for relief. I still couldn't believe how expertly the sexy bitches were manipulating my raging hard-on through the tightness of my pants. They were literally cock-teasing me to the point of unbearable frustration and arousal.

I felt completely at their mercy as Ghita's torturing hand proceeded with the job Jessica had started, performing her expert manipulations on my nearly erupting member. The way she played with the head of my cock was really driving me insane. Her vicious fingers were working on it with an alternating slow and tight squeezing motion, followed by a fast and light rythmical massage between her sexy nails. Everytime her finger-nails grazed over the underside of the mushroom head of my cock, I felt my juice slowly building up inside my balls. She had me ready to come bursting right through the tightness of my pants. But of course, Ghita's expert fingers knew exactly what they were doing, each time managing to stop their maddening strokes at the most crucial moment. She would give a tight squeeze to my throbbing cock-head. And then, after leaving me just enough time to let the pressure come down, she resumed the torture. She rubbed the head of my rod in a circular motion against the fabric of my pants. Once again, she had me on the brink of shooting off my load-full of cum into my pants right between her vicious fingers.

Ghita went on torturing my cock for almost half an hour, making me nearly ejaculate about once every minute! I almost felt like passing away from the state of intense arousal she was having me in. I was helplessly hoping she would squeeze my burning hard-on once too often and finally release my long built-in pressure. I felt my juice accumulating inside my balls. It was desperately seeking to come bursting up my rod and escape through the tip of my cock right into Ghita's maddening fingers. But the expert little cock-teaser was keeping full control over the situation. She went on viciously masturbating my almost erupting member through the tight material of my pants, without ever giving me any release. She whispered in my ear

"You like that, uh, Philip? You like being masturbated through your skin-tight pants, don't you?"

Her fingers were expertly squeezing the head of my cock in a nearly decisive motion. The way the vicious little slut explicitly commented about what she was doing to me as her torturing fingers kept manipulating my pulsating hard-on through the paper-thin fabric of my pants! She was driving me completely nuts. She had me literally moan from arousal as she kept rythmically massaging my burning member. Her deft ministrations constantly had me on the brink of ejaculating inside my pants. And I was feeling my abundant precum helplessly dripping through the fabric with each throb of my cock.

As her tantalizing fingers went on slowly masturbating the head of my bursting erection, Ghita was once again commenting about the wetness of my pants:

"Wow, Philip! Your pants feel so wet! Are we having such effect on you? God, they're so really soaked, you know, it really looks like you creamed them all over!".

As she said that, Ghita tightly squeezed the head of my swollen member between her expert fingers. She was rubbing it in a circular motion against the material of my pants. I started gasping. The sexy little bitch literally had me on the brink of juicing my pants. She insisted:

"You like it, huh? You'd like me to jerk you off until you ejaculate into your skin-tight pants, wouldn't you? To have you sperm your slutty pants as I masturbate your cock-head right through that thin material? You know, they're already so soaked, nobody would notice any difference anyway! I'm sure you'd really love it! Don't you think so, Philip?".

I stuttered:

"Oh, y-yes! pl-please - You're driving me crazy! I really love the way you're feeling my cock! Don't ever stop it, just go ahead with it!".

Ghita said:

"Jessica, you don't mind if I let him cum, do you? You know, the way his cock's twitching between my fingers! I can tell he's right about to ejaculate into his pants!"

And Jessica answered:

"Oh yes, that might be fun! I'm sure his tight balls are really aching for relief! Aren't they, Philip? Would it help if I give them a little massage?"

She'd grabbed my balls in her knowing hand, starting to recklessly squeeze them. I could really feel them aching, all tense from the need for relief. I was really insane. I couldn't believe how crudely the vicious sluts were commenting about the finality of their expert manipulations. My helpless cock was throbbing out of control. I felt the surge of my cum as it escaped from my balls. I'd started erupting right through my pants into Ghita's expert fingers as they kept rythmically masturbating the head of my cock. But the little cock-teaser suddenly stopped her torturing massage. At the same moment, Jessica gripped the base of my cock tight between her fingers. It was just as if she'd put a cock-ring around it. My cum was helplessly trying to make its way past the tight pressure of her expert fingers. But there was no escape. Meanwhile, Ghita kept raking the underside of my cock-head with her finger-nails. The expert cock-teaser concentrated right over the senstive spot that was everytime driving me over the edge. She had my cock keep throbbing frantically as it desperately seeked its denied orgasm. She said:

"Wow, can you see how jerky the poor thing has gotten? It's really begging for release, isn't it? You're begging to cum and soak your tight slutty pants, uh, Philip? Or do you enjoy being kept on the brink? What do you think, Jessica? Shall we send him over the edge this time?"

As the throbbing subsided, Jessica let go her grip and resumed massaging my balls. She said:

"Oh, yes! I'm sure he's just about ripe now! You know, the way you're working your finger-nails over his senstive cock-head, masturbating him right through his tight pants! I'm sure he won't hold on much longer!"

And sure enough, Ghita's expert manipulations on my cock-head were once again causing my cum to escape. And Jessica's massage on my balls only contributed to the strength of my building orgasm. Once again, I thought my release had finally arrived. As I felt my cum dripping from the tip of my cock, I started to believe the two sexy teasers finally had mercy upon me. But at that precise moment, Ghita tightly squeezed the head of my cock between her fingers, leaving no more escape to my frantic eruption. Once again, the vicious little bitch was cutting me off right in the middle of my orgasm. I was breathless with intense arousal and frustration.

The vicious cock-teasing bitches knew they had led me to the ultimate point of sanity. It was now time for them to leave me in my helpless state. Looking down at my throbbing hard-on, still pulsating inside my cum-soaked pants, Jessica said:

"Well, Philip, I hope you had a nice time with us. You know you really got both of us all horny, do you? You're a real little cunt-teaser, aren't you, walking along in your slutty pants with no underwear? Well, I think now Ghita will have to take care of me at her place. Won't you Ghita? "

Ghita rested her hand on Jessica's damp crotch, masturbating her through her satin shorts to a devastating orgasm. After regaining her senses, Jessica lowered her head down onto Ghita's exposed pussy and proceeded to lick her under her skimpy micro-skirt. Ghita grabbed my cock as her breathing told me she was having yet another orgasm. She said:

"Wow, Philip, that was nice! I bet you'd love to eat my sweet pussy like that, wouldn't you? Well, maybe next time we meet? "

The rubbing of her fingers on my cock-head had almost sent me over the edge again. The two teasing sexpots stood up, leaving me in such a shatterred state that I could only stay glued to my seat. I couldn't help imagine them together at Ghita's place enjoying devastating orgasms as they played with each other. And this made my arousal all the more unbearable. It was a long time before I finally managed to get up and leave the club, trying to hide my embarassing situation as best as I could. And I think I never had such a painful case of blue-balls as in the expert ministrations of Ghita and Jessica that night!