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Storie \ High-Heeled Tease (1)

  Philip | Feet Under The Table -  - English story | 27.08.2002

[ Note: This story is protected by copyright, 1998, by the author, and cannot be used for any commercial purpose without his prior consent. It may however be freely used for non-commercial distribution or archiving, but please email the author at to notify him of any such repost]

A few months ago, I had a very special experience at a night club in Paris. As I was standing there looking around, I immediately noticed a gorgeously sexy girl sitting at a nearby table. I guess the first thing that caught my attention were her red 6 inches-high spiked heels, worn over the sexiest legs I think I'd ever seen. Her naked thighs were barely covered by a skimpy black leather micro-skirt, and atop that she wore a black leather camisole tightly fastened at the front by laces that exposed her full cleavage. She looked like she came right out from one of these fetish fashion magazines, and I felt completely spellbound as I kept looking her all over. I couldn't help to start fantasizing about her shoes, and felt my cock hardening under my tight cotton pants. She seemed to notice that, for she smiled and licked her lips while looking at my crotch. And when she shifted her legs pointing her heels towards me, I started feeling embarrassed about the way my growing hard-on was showing down my left thigh through the thin white fabric of my pants. My complete lack of underwear only made the situation more critical. The sexy bitch seemed to enjoy watching my arousal, and as she kept looking at me, she seized her metal heel between her fingers and started moving them back and forth along it. It really looked as if she was performing a hand-job on her heel, and as her gaze was locked on my crotch, I felt as if her fingers were actually moving over my shaft. My cock sprung fully erect in a matter of seconds as I watched her subtle performance. I just couldn't keep standing there in that condition, and approached her table to offer her a drink. To my surprise, she readily accepted and motioned me to sit on the couch at her left.

As we were drinking having some light talk about the place, she complained about her sore left ankle, asking me if I would mind giving it a massage. Needless to say, I was too glad to oblige and see my fantasy come true. But what was coming was far beyond all I had expected. Turning towards me, she positioned her left leg at the top of my lap just below the waist, and as if to make herself more comfortable she rested her right heel on my inner left thigh, less than an inch from the head of my tightly outlined erection. Her position had caused her skirt to ride so high over her thighs that her pussy was completely exposed, and I gasped as I realized that the vicious sexpot wore nothing underneath. My cock got even harder at the sight and I felt it bump against the tip of her heel resting on my inner thigh. But it soon became even harder for me to concentrate on the massage, because she proceeded to move her heel back and forth over my thigh to the rhythm of the music, every so often lightly rubbing it over the head of my erection. I felt my cock pulsating at the sensation, as if it would break through the fabric of my pants. I could feel my precum dripping from the intense arousal her subtle tease was creating in me, and I was really embarrassed as I saw the growing wet spot that was showing through my pants over the head of my cock. As soon as she saw my situation, she told me something like :

"You know, Philip, are you sure it's safe not to wear anything underneath those tight pants? Take care not to have an accident !"

As she said that, her spiked metal heel proceeded to rub the head of my cock in a circular motion, concentrating on the inner part. She seemed to know the exact spots that were most sensitive and arousing to me, and it only took a few seconds of her deft manipulations to have me feel as if I would cream my pants right there. But she stopped her maddening strokes just before it was too late, leaving my cock throbbing wildly underneath her heel. After a few moments, she resumed her manipulations. But this time, she seemed to be testing my reactions as she pressed the tip of her heel into different parts of the head of my cock. As she did that to a particular spot, I felt a strange sensation that caused my erection to slightly subside. I didn't pay much attention to that at the moment, but I was soon to discover that everything she did was cleverly calculated. Anyway, the slight softening of my cock seemed to cause even more precum to drip through the fabric of my pants, making my situation more and more critical. It was then that she moved her left leg down from its position on my waist to enclose my shaft between the sole and heel of her shoe, and started moving her pump back and forth in a slow rythmical motion as the tip of her right heel kept deftly playing with the head of my cock. The sexy bitch was giving me a heel job right there, and I couldn't believe how expert she was at it. She had me on the brink of ejaculation in only a few strokes, and I started begging her to stop before it was too late. But just as I was about to remove her feet as I felt I couldn't hold any longer from creaming my pants, the tip of her heel applied a slight pressure to the same spot she had been feeling a while ago, causing my arousal to diminish just enough to keep me from coming. She immediately resumed her manipulations, getting me even closer to a surging climax before applying a slightly firmer pressure to that spot. The torture went on for several minutes, and each time, she managed to bring me closer to the limit before stopping. My pants were now wet with precum to the point that I didn't care anymore about messing them, and I was just hoping she would let her strokes last just a little too long and give relief to my aching hard-on. As she resumed her expert fondling, she asked me :

"You like the feel of my high-heels masturbating you through your tight jeans, don't you?"

Her words were too much for me, and I felt my come ready to surge up my rod. She was lightly rubbing the tip of her heel against the most arousing part of the head of my cock, and after a few seconds I couldn't hold any longer and started ejaculating under her heel. But at that precise moment, her heel applied a very firm pressure to the same special spot she had been experimenting with. I couldn't believe it, but it had the effect of immediately stopping my orgasm, leaving me with my ever so intense arousal. My pants were getting seriously soaked from what had just happened, but that expert little cock teaser wasn't to give me any rest. Once again, she proceeded to jerk me off with her heels, and I gasped with even greater arousal as I saw her fingering herself under her leather skirt as the tip of her heel deftly played with the head of my cock through the soaked fabric of my pants. Her position was completely exposing her dripping pussy to me as she kept viciously rubbing her clitoris. And as she went on deftly masturbating me with her heels, I kept looking at her her sun-tanned legs, moving my gaze from the rim of her leather skirt over her hips down to the tip of her red metal spiked heels that were busy working on my rod. But that sight only increased the intensity of my arousal. I was again ready to explode as I watched the way her sexily clad feet were working on my shaft. Her left sole was resting on my thigh just above my erection as she was gyrating the tip of her left heel back and forth along the underside of my rod, brushing against my balls then back to the head of my cock. She seemed to know exactly what she was doing. Everytime I was on the edge of coming, she would release her pressure and just keep on lightly grazing her left heel against my shaft as the spiked metal tip of her right heel drew little circles on the head of my throbbing cock in such a way as to have me feel my tension slowly build up in anticipation of some devastating climax. I soon realized that her subtle grazing was even more arousing than the firmer rubbing because of that incredible tension it was creating inside my cock. And she knew exactly where to apply her heel pressure, concentrating on the precise area of the underside of the head of my cock that drove me completely crazy with intense arousal. I was beginning to feel dizzy as her teasing manipulations managed to constantly keep me on the brink of ejaculation for what seemed endless moments. Her torture must have lasted for the duration of a couple of songs, but to me, it seemed an eternity. I was constantly hoping she would let her heel rub the head of my cock just long enough to have me explode, but each time my cock started to throb in anticipation, she would immediately stop her maddening strokes and press the tip of her heel on that special spot in such a way as to always keep me from coming.

As I watched her finger herself, I could see she was also in a state of intense arousal. I was secretly hoping she would let down her seemingly perfect control of the situation, and her heeljob would finally come to its long expected conclusion. And I thought my hopes were coming true as I felt the tip of her heel keep on rythmically stroking the head of my cock past the point of no return. I could feel the tension of my come build up inside my balls getting ready for final eruption as her spiked metal heel went on grazing along the head of my cock in a circular motion, every so often applying a firmer pressure in a way that had me completely breathless with the sensation. It felt like electric shocks running all through my quivering body, and I was in a trance as her expert manipulations were completely driving me over the edge. All of a sudden, I felt the violent surge of my come up my rod and started ejaculating through my pants. But right at that crucial moment, the vicious little cock-teaser once again applied a very firm pressure to the exact spot that had already enabled her to interrupt my first climax, and I felt my come receding back to my balls as my cock kept desperately pulsating for relief under her squeezing heel. As she kept the firm pressure for several seconds, waiting for the wild throbbing of my cock to subside, I watched in disbelief as I saw her tightly squeeze her thighs over her hand and experience what looked like a tremendous orgasm. The vicious little teaser actually seemed to get her kick out of putting me in such a state of intense frustration. Even as her eyes were closed at the sensation of her climax, the tip of her heel hadn't moved from its squeezing pressure on my cock. I was completely astounded at how much control she had over the situation. As she came back to her senses, her heel started gently grazing the wet stain that extended from the head of my cock down my thigh, asking me:

"Hey, Philip, your pants are all soaked now! Didn't I tell you to be careful with them?"

The little cock-teaser didn't mention the fact that she had done everything to make me completely lose control and have this happen. Her wicked smile made me feel as if she actually enjoyed humiliating me like that. She started squeezing the head of my cock between her sole and the base of her heel, as the tip of her heel rubbed against my balls. The length of my shaft was encased between her sole and spiked heel, and the way she was massaging it in a gyrating motion while she kept squeezing the head of my cock had me right away on the edge of ejaculation. She smiled at me as she released her pressure and left me panting with expectation. She then started expertly manipulating the head of my cock with the tip of her other heel, as she resumed her maddening massage around my shaft. The sensation was really too much, and I couldn't believe how viciously expert she was at performing her heeljob. She had me on the constant brink of orgasm, each time applying her squeezing trick to the head of my cock right at the most crucial moment. I was litterally moaning from the intensity of the arousal. The torture lasted for at least half an hour, and all the time the sexy bitch kept fingering herself and experiencing several orgasms as her heels went on deftly masturbating me through my pants. When I thought I would pass out from the arousal, she asked me:

"You enjoy my little heeljob, don't you Philip ? You're just about to ejaculate, aren't you ? Would you mind if I make you cream your pants with my spiked heels?"

All I could answer was :

"Oh ye-ee-ss pl-ea-ea-se, don't stop ! I can't wait any longer!"

With that she started deftly stroking the head of my cock under the tip of her heel in such a way as to completely bring me over the edge.

She added:

"Oh yes, Philip, go on, I want you to ejaculate all over my heels".

I really thought the final moment had arrived at last, and started violently erupting into my pants at the combined effect of her expert manipulations and enticing words. But just at that crucial moment, the teasing bitch once again firmly squeezed the tip of her spiked heel against that spot of the head of my cock that she had been so successful with, stopping me right in the middle of my orgasm. And at the same time, she was enjoying yet another climax. I just couldn't believe it. She had led me to the brink of insanity with her wanton manipulations, and just when I was persuaded she would finally relief my unbearable arousal, she was once again leaving me hard and horny with aching balls and totally soaked pants. With that she thanked me for the drinks and got up after giving one last final squeeze to my cock that almost had me explode again. I tried to follow her, but my legs were completely shaky from the state she had put me in, and I just collapsed back on the couch.

I must say I later compensated for my frustration by wildly jerking off as I recalled the way she had been playing with my cock. I think I never had such intense sensations as that expert cockteaser gave me with her heels, and maybe it was even more arousing that she denied me any relief at the time.