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Storie \ Erica and Ale (2)

  rubyrose_it | <title>Feet Under The Table - The N.1 Resource for female feet seduction scenes</title> - English story | 27.08.2002

Erica slipped her robe off, directly in front of him, to reveal the tight red basque underneath. The tautness hugged her perfect figure, accentuating the soft curves of her hips and the smooth contours of her shapely legs. Alessandro took a deep breath, and then gazed at the legs, covered from top to toe in black nylon. Her dainty little feet were encased in red high heeled shoes, making those legs seem even longer than he dared imagine.

Alessandro could not believe this was happening. He has just asked Erica into his room to listen to some music, and she had come in dressed in a warm night robe. He could not have guessed what was on her mind, although of course it was something he had always dreamed of.

Alessandro started to tremble, unsure of what he should do next. His beautiful sister was standing before him, clad only in black pantyhose, red high heels and a tight, black basque that left little to the imagination. He had always wanted to see her like this. In his dreams he had often imagined that they would be together in this way. He was amazed that she knew the type of clothing he loved; he could only think she had somehow heard him speak of it, or perhaps, inadvertently, read a mis-placed email.

Erica was so sure of the effect that she was having on her brother. She knew he wanted her. And she wanted him. But she knew that first he wanted to feel those nylon covered feet, against his hands, his fingers, his arms, his chest, his cock, his face ?so she reclined on the bed sofa, not yet properly folded out, and bent forward to slowly unfasten the strap on her left shoe. She looked up into Alessandro?s eyes, and she saw a frightened young boy, only 25 years old and still pure in so many ways. But he was beautiful, dark, unique in his looks. The very sight of that face, that nervous smile, sent shock waves of desire right through her. She loosened the shoe and let it dangle provocatively at the end of her foot, the long red heel swaying as she moved her foot from lef t to right. She held it there for what seemed forever, as she slowly inserted her forefinger into her mouth and began to suck it like an innocent child. Alessandro felt the throbbing between his legs and his hands automatically moved to ease the sensation. Erica smiled, and swept her long legs up on to the bed, letting the shoe fall to the ground.

He fell to his knees, and Erica smiled. ?Pull up your T-shirt?, she told him. ?I want to see your chest?. He did as he was told, all the time trembling, unable to control his hands. His smooth white skin, with the soft dark hairs running all over it, made his sister catch her breath. His bellybutton was rising up and down in anticipation, and his breath was short and sharp. Sweat tricked slowly down his bare chest down the front of his trousers, down to the swelling between his legs, and it made her clit scream with pleasure. Oh yes, she wanted him .. she wanted him so badly now. In her, alongside her, up her, all over her ?

As he knelt before her, she suddenly thrust her left foot in his face, full force. It took him totally by surprise, and he had to catch his breath in order to regain control of his lungs again .. but then he started to smell the nylon all around his mouth, his nose, his face .. he could feel the silky pantyhosed feet touching him all over his face, pushing into his mouth, toes wiggling against his tongue and his teeth ..

He raised his hands to her legs, and ran his right hand all along her smooth nyloned thigh, right up to the wet crevice between her legs. He stopped there, flicking his fingers so briefly across her pussy, feeling the wetness inside the pantyhose, and he let his fingers return down the legs, down .. down to the feet, rubbing and massaging her legs and feet as they went.

He rubbed his hands frantically over her foot, wresting her right foot up into his face, and sucking and licking both feet together as if his life depended on it. Erica pushed her feet into his face harshly, watching him squirm with the pain of it, and then pointed her toes into a missile shape so that she could send them directly into his mouth, no questions asked. He gagged on them, coughing and spluttering, his eyes turning red, but still she continued to push her toes into his mouth. Her feet were soaked with his saliva, and the feel of his tongue as it caressed her feet, in between her toes, all over her ankles and heels, was driving her to distraction with pure ecstasy.

She started to scream, and then she started to move her feet in and out of his mouth more violently than ever. ?Suck them you bastard!? she screamed at him. ?Don?t you ever stop! Just suck them you fucking bastard!!? Alessandro had no option but to do as his sister told him. She was driving her feet into his mouth with all her strength, and he was powerless to stop her. He was still kneeling at her feet, feeling like he should beg for mercy, but he was in such pain and ecstasy he could not be sure what he felt. It was a feeling like no other. On the one hand, his sister?s feet were pummelling his mouth relentlessly, making his gums and his teeth sore, and on the other hand the sight of her pantyhosed legs rubbing against his face, the feet deep inside his mouth, was about to make him come, hard and fast, into his trousers.

?Ohhh myyy GODDDD!? he cried as he felt the force of his cock shedding it?s load into his pants. ?Ohhhhh MYYYYYYY!? But still she kept on pushing, pushing, into his mouth, never giving up .. ?COME you bastard!? she cried at him, ?LICK LICK LICK my feet! LICK MY FEET WHILE YOU FUCKING COME!?

And he did as he was told .. of course.