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Storie \ Erica and Ale (1)

  rubyrose_it | Feet Under The Table -  - English story | 27.08.2002

Erica looked out of the window. The train moved slowly on, running endless hazy images of the lush green Tuscan countryside through her mind. Leaning against the window of the carriage, she could see the fine Roman buildings of Lucca drawing near, and her beautiful dark eyes widened.

She arranged her long, nylon-clad legs before her, and stretched her tired, aching toes, encased in their shiny leather prison. She let out a soft moan of relief as her legs relaxed before her, and nonchalantly kicked off her shoes; the heels were high, and they had been making the arches of her dainty little feet remonstrate with her all day; did they /really/ have to do all that walking? At least, if they did, couldn’t she wear some shoes infinitely more suited to walking around a car showroom? In her mind’s eye, she gently chided her feet, herself. ‘This is your job, and you need to look presentable, to look smart.’

She was glad that the carriage was empty. The journey home was always a time for reflection for her, a time for meaningless reveries to empty her mind, a cheap and cheerful therapy against the strains and stresses of her day. She lunged forward as the train came to an abrupt halt. There was an obvious delay up ahead. So she settled back into her dreams, into the velveteen seat, again stretching out those long legs, hearing the slight rustle of the smooth black nylon as the inside of her thighs rubbed against each other. And suddenly a well of sensual thoughts was opened up inside her; she felt a ripple of feeling along the inside of her legs, and rubbed the bare soles of her nyloned feet together, making her knees fall apart and her legs open wide.

She found herself thinking of her brother again. She had thought about him quite a bit lately, and she couldn’t understand why. His room was always a bolt-hole for her, an escape from the world at large, where she could go almost any time she wanted. He would always welcome her.

Alessandro was a tall boy, 25 years old, with awry brown hair that had the habit, much to his annoyance, of creating wild curls as it grew longer. So he kept his hair short. Very short. His eyes were of a deep and vivid blue, and they were quite the most ‘alive’ and beautiful eyes she had seen. They lit up his face when he smiles, when he laughed. They were unique crescent-shaped eyes that, for most of the time, seemed to be half closed. His arms and legs, and even his fingers, were long and slender, and she had always admired him for his figure, which she thought of as ‘perfect’. She had tended to ‘judge’ her boyfriends against her brother’s amazing figure – he had never been muscled, but she liked him that way. He exuded a sex appeal that was apparent to everyone, even his own sister. And her boyfriends never came close. He had long, shapely legs that went on forever, and a slim waist and narrow hips, with broad shoulders and a thin, long neck. His ass was the cutest she had ever seen, and yes, she had managed to take a look at it once, when Alessandro was taking a shower. She remembered gasping with excitement as she had peered around the shower room door, to see her brother standing fully naked under the gushing hot water. He was face on towards her, but his glasses were off and he could not see her, not least because the room was steamed up and perspiring globules of tepid, sweet scented water.

She remembered that beautiful body, the soft and sensuous hairs trickling down his chest and stomach, drawing a downy line right down to his groin. She remembered feeling a twinge between her legs as she caught sight of his cock for the first time, semi-swollen between his legs and nestling provocatively in his curly, dark hair. And those feelings came back to her again, as she sat on that train, waiting for the engines to roar back to life …

Alessandro was feeling tired. He had been at the office all day, arguing with various members of the team about what their plan of action should be. It had been impossible to come to any conclusions on the matter. The contract was ending in June, and that was that. Something else would come up, it always did. Alessandro was not the type of person to wait for that ‘something else’. He would rather get out there and find it, before it was swept away into oblivion.

As he entered the house, his mamma kissed him on the cheek and hugged him. ‘Buonasera uomo bellissimo’, she laughed as her eyes followed him up the terracotta tiled stairs of the living room. He winked back at her. And then those beautiful blue eyes creased into a full smile. ‘Buonasera mamma. And do you know something? Ti voglio bene!!’ Mamma’s eyes laughed back at him. How had she managed to bring into the world such a wonderful son, so caring and so full of love? She was so proud of him, and her eyes welled with tears, happy tears, at the thought of him.

In his room Alessandro threw down his bag and opened out his bed. He flopped on the mattress and lay there for what seemed like hours, before hearing the front door open and close with a hearty bang. Erica was home. And that thought alone was enough to take him back into his dream world for a moment longer. Would she be wearing pantyhose today, he wondered? Would he be able to see those lovely, shapely legs encased in dark, shiny nylon? Erica usually wore her skirts very short, because she was well aware of the effect her legs had on men. And Alessandro was a man. Her legs, the sight of them in pantyhose, always had the effect of making him hard, very hard.

And then he would imagine what it would be like to have those nyloned feet in between his legs. Oh myyy .. the very thought! He had always considered a woman’s feet to be perhaps THE most erotic part of her, and the thought of a woman seducing a man by placing her feet on his cock, through his trousers, under the table, while eating a meal, had always appealed to him .. and he started, as he lay on the bed, to think of what would happen if Erica was to perform this ‘act’ on him, at dinner, perhaps tonight …

He could see, in his mind, her long, silky legs, the shoeless feet, rubbing their way up his trouser legs, first /through/ the trousers, ever closer to his groin, gently rubbing in a circular motion .. and he could /feel/ the gentle tingling sensation through his trousers as those tiny but perfect feet made their way towards the centre of his legs .. oh yes .. he could imagine that, and it made him hard. Erica had the most perfect legs, and she would stretch them wide apart as they reached for him, her feet drawing ever closer to their goal .. and then he imagined her nylon-clad pussy as she let her knees slip to either side of her, relentlessly pushing her feet, her toes, towards the soft centre of his legs, which by now was throbbing with passion, with emotion, with a pulsating feeling .. and then, when her toes finally reached their rock hard goal, to feel them, to feel her feet, clad in black nylon, rub and grind against the hardness of his cock .. it was almost too much to bear, and he imagined reaching down to release the zip on his trousers, sensing that she was trying to push it down with her toes, and as he did so, he felt her toes pull down the top of his pants, and fall easily and sensually into the mass of dark, downy hair surrounding his cock, before finding its goal ..oh myyyyy .. he was going to come, hard and fast, and the precum started to trickle down his shaft and mingle with her feet, her toes, the nylon of her pantyhose, as he felt the coarseness of the nylon rub against the soft, sensitive skin of his cock, and pull it, and slip against the foreskin, pulling it down, rubbing, rubbing, rubbing with those toes …

‘ALEEEEEEEEEE!!!’ The words jolted him from his reverie and he sighed. There was now a wet patch on his trousers, and he would have to change before going downstairs to see what mamma wanted.

Erica was already waiting at the table when Alessandro finally made it into the dining room. She glanced at him and there was a hint of red on her cheeks. He smiled at her, a full-blown ‘Alessandro’ grin, and she instantly relaxed. But ‘those’ feelings were never far way, and they had been re-awakened at the sight of her brother, standing there in his tracksuit, tall (190 cms), slim and perfectly formed. As he turned to greet mamma, she could see the outline of his ass against the nylon of the tracksuit, and she felt a surge between her legs. She wondered how she would ever cope with these feelings for her brother, especially at a simple family ritual like dinner. These were sexual feelings .. she actually WANTED her brother, and there was no denying it. She wanted to see him, to feel him, to touch him .. to see him and feel him and touch him /there/ .. where you are not ever supposed to want to touch your sibling ..

Dinner was a rushed affair, because mamma and daddy decided that they had to visit grandad in his house across the town, and perhaps even take him a meal. Usually the family sat late into the evening, talking, talking, talking, as Italian families are prone to do, about much and about nothing .. putting the world to rights, and arguing over the soccer scores and who would win the local basketball league. But tonight there were things to be done, so after the last napkin was folded away, and the last plate carefully placed in the dishwasher, Erica and Alessandro looked idly at one another as if each was looking to the other to decide what to do next. Should they go to their respective rooms and while away the rest of the night either reading Stephen King or surfing on the Internet? Or should they remain there, at the table?

Alessandro let out a long sigh. ‘You know Erica, we could stay here tonight, and have some fruit, and .. well .. just talk.’ Erica was taken aback. This was unlike her brother. Usually, if mamma and daddy were not at the table, Alessandro would run to the sanctity of his room and stay there, transfixed in front of the computer. She had always thought that he never quite understood her, or indeed the finer intricacies of the female mind, and his way of dealing with the situation was to avoid it and go to his room. Sometimes it angered her, and she could not conceal her jealousy. Sometimes she wanted her brother to remain downstairs and talk to her. She knew she could be difficult and abrasive, but her brother was so placid and calm, so ‘opposite’ to her, that she knew she could do what she wanted, say what she wanted, and he would still be there with a smile and a kind word. And she loved that. She took advantage of it, and she took him for granted, but she loved him.

‘OK Alessandro,’ Erica smiled at him and rose to fetch herself a drink. ‘We will stay here for a while, and spend some time eating healthy food and talking!’ Alessandro watched her as she moved towards the kitchen, her shapely legs brushing against each other so gently, so provocatively. The sheen of the pantyhose, the dark, almost black pantyhose, glistened on those beautiful legs as she turned towards the window. Alessandro felt a throbbing sensation deep inside him, and shuffled in his chair, almost too embarrassed to move. Erica returned to the table and placed herself opposite him, handing him a large juicy orange as she lowered that cute little ass into her chair. She looked at him, at those hypnotic blue eyes that could light up a room. She began to peel her orange, and then a sensation of longing, of wanting him, swept over her so suddenly that she shuddered with the feeling of it, and cast her eyes downwards to the table.

‘So what’s been happening with you big sis?’ Alessandro’s eyes were wide open, enquiring, laughing, almost like a naughty little boy.

‘Nothing new’, she countered, as she took her first bite out of the orange, and let some of the juice dribble slowly down her chin. She looked at Alessandro, half expecting a rebuke for being so messy, but instead she saw him transfixed on her mouth, on her face, on everything about her, and she just knew, or she hoped she knew, what he was thinking. And it was the same as what she was thinking, and had been thinking all day.

‘I ..errr… I had an awful day at the office’. Alessandro tried to start the conversation, but he couldn’t help noticing Erica slipping further down the chair, her head touching the back, as she positioned her legs near to his. He sensed that those pantyhosed legs were so near to his, and it made his cock swell even to think of that. Erica looked enquiringly at him, and laughed.

‘Do you want me to wipe my face?’ she smiled at him and pushed another slice of orange into her mouth. The juice trickled from the corner of her lips to the side of her neck, and right down her neck on to her shoulder blades. Alessandro followed the trail of the juice as it slowly made its way down the front of her blouse and into the valley between her pert little breasts. Her breasts were heaving up and down quite fast, as though she was excited by something. He looked up at her. She looked deep into his eyes.

‘I should get a tissue’ she exclaimed, not knowing what to do next. He grabbed her wrist from across the table.

‘Stay there!’

It was a command. Alessandro never issued commands. He was always so polite and self-effacing. But this time he meant what he said and she obeyed. She fell further down the chair and her right leg hit his knee. She looked at him through her tousled fringe, half apologising, half flirting with him. She felt his knee relax against her leg, so that most of his lower leg came into contact with her nyloned calf.

‘He doesn’t want me to move’. She thought to herself. ‘He doesn’t want me to take my leg away!’

Alessandro let his long legs slip wide apart, and he slid down his chair, a small groan issuing forth from his lips. He pushed his groin outwards and upwards towards Erica’s legs, now captive inside his own legs which fell to either side of hers. Mamma and Daddy would be back very soon, and he did not want to waste time, but he knew his sister was feeling the same things he was feeling right now, and he could not let this moment pass. But for all his self-assured manner, he was frightened to touch his sister, to make the first move.

Erica, for her part, sensed this and obligingly let her foot ‘fall’ on to the top of his foot. Alessandro noticed she had taken off her shoes. He held her eyes with his gaze, as he slipped off his own shoes and started, very gently at first, to rub her foot between the soles of his feet. She returned his stare, and her eyes rolled in anticipation. She proceeded to rub his feet with her own, and he gasped as he felt the gauzy nylon against his skin. Erica lifted her right foot higher into his trouser leg, and moved her big toe in a circular fashion around her brother’s soft, hairy calf. She felt the silky hairs caress her toes, and she swore that she had never before felt anything so sensual. Her brother had such soft, smooth skin, almost translucent, and she wanted to explore it with her feet, with her toes ..

Alessandro was unable to control himself. His cock was hard, a pulsating shaft of pure muscle. He grasped it through his trousers, and felt the throbbing so intensely that he gave an involuntary yelp of pleasure. Erica looked at his face, and she knew he was hard. She had not felt his cock, but she knew from the sweat on his forehead and the colour in his cheeks that he was hard. And this made her perfect little clit start to throb between her legs. The thought of making her brother so hard made her pussy wet against the nylon of her pantyhose, as her clit rubbed against the seam of the hose. She opened her legs as wide as she could, and she put her finger on her clit and rubbed. She rubbed furiously, her fingers becoming wet as the nylon caressed her clit.

She was desperate for relief because of the effect that her brother was having. The thought of his hard cock within his trousers was making her almost shake with pleasure. Her feet slid up Alessandro’s trousers, on the inside of his legs, slowly working their way upwards and inwards. She could feel the soft flesh of his inner thighs through his trousers, as her toes reached above his knees. He grabbed her feet with his hands, one either side of him, and caressed her toes with his fingers, his finger tips exploring every crevice of the black nylon that covered them. He explored every part of her feet with his hands, and she felt like crying with pure pleasure at the touch of his fingers against her nyloned feet. She was almost dizzy with wanting him now.

Alessandro groaned and squirmed as his hands worked their way up her legs, between her thighs. Her feet had nearly reached the centre of his legs, and she could hardly wait any longer to feel his cock, hard and long, thick and pulsating. She had made him like this; she alone had turned him on.

And then it happened.

She felt her toes brush against the stiffness of his cock.

The effect of the nylon of her pantyhose against the nylon of his trousers accentuated the tingling sensation in the soles of her feet. Pure ecstasy.

Alessandro ran his hands and fingers along the length of her inner thighs, delighting in the feel of those beautiful legs encased in nylon. He would not be able to hold out much longer. He felt his cock rise to explode. Erica was relentless in her pursuit of him; she continued to rub his shaft with her feet, up and down, up and down, from side to side, back and forth, pushing him and rubbing him, stroking him and gently probing him. He felt a sudden surge of adrenalin, and he knew it would not be long before he shot his load into his trousers. He writhed and groaned, his eyes rolling up into his head. He had never known such pleasure, and he could not believe his sister was making him come with her nylon-clad feet. His sister’s long panty-hosed legs were between his legs, her nyloned feet rubbing his cock relentlessly. He let out a scream.

‘Ohhhhh …ohhh ohh myy Gooddddness … Erica .. I am going to …’

Erica looked him in the eyes, transfixed. ‘I always wanted to see you come.’ She was penetrating his very soul with those eyes. ‘I wanted to see you, to feel you, to touch you, to hear you come ..’

Alessandro could not hold on any longer. His body jerked upwards and outwards and he clasped her feet on his cock as he thrust forward. His body shook in a myriad series of tiny tremors and after-shocks, one after the other, as the warm juice ejected from his cock into his pants. He called out and gripped her feet so tightly, and she felt him coming so hard and so fast against the soles. He came like a river.

‘I .. ohh myyy .. I .. I .. I .. ohhhhhhh Erica .. I am sorry … I came .. I just came’.

Erica smiled. ‘Good!’ She massaged his still pulsating cock gently but firmly with her hands, through his trousers. ‘I wanted to see you do that. I needed to see it, to hear it, to feel it. And Alessandro .. I want YOU’.

She turned her back on him as she smiled to herself. ‘Next time, I will FEEL you with my hands, with my feet, with my pussy .. with EVERYTHING! I will feel you against me, Alessandro, and your cock will be against me, every part of me, my legs, my feet, my mouth, my face, my pussy, every part of me…’