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Storie \ Dinner With The Family

  Anonimo | Feet Under The Table -  - English story | 27.08.2002

It all started fairly innocently I suppose. Well, as innocent as this sort of thing can be. I have a great wife and a fabulous daughter. My wife Kate is beautiful and our daughter Angela inherited more than her fair share of good looks. Neither Kate nor I were hit with the proverbial ugly stick, but somehow Angela managed to become greater than the sum of her parts. Angie wasn't an early or a late bloomer; she was one of those lucky ones that just glided through that awkward stage and slid into her niche as a stunning young lady. Perhaps it was her natural sensuality that allowed her to exude a poise and confidence that it so rarely seen among people her age. In any case, she was intimately aware of how easily she could get what she wanted; it followed that she always wanted more. She loved the challenge of swimming upstream and pushing the bar. You could almost see the fire flare in her eyes when someone said that she couldn't do something, for whatever reason. She got that from me. I suppose at some point, when it was I have no idea, but at some point, she set her sights on me. Her father.

I came home on Friday afternoon and was promptly told to hit the showers because I was treating the girls to a night out. This was music to my ears because I had been back and forth between Japan and southern California for the better part of three weeks now. I hadn't spent more than 48 hours with just my family in the last month and it had started to take its toll. My stress levels were only surpassed by my sexual appetite. I needed a night out.

Kate and Angie said they would finish getting ready and meet me down stairs. I had pushed myself hard at the gym (swimming, lifting and running) earlier that day and the shower, brief though it was, felt wonderful. It was a warm summer evening so I wore a light pair of pants and a linen shirt. I've always looked young for my age, but now that I had just eclipsed forty it was much more of a blessing than the bane it was in my twenties. I knew the white linen looked good against my late summer tan. Satisfied with my efforts, I threw a trade mark smile to the mirror, then chuckled and quickly chided myself for the narcissistic gesture. Even at forty I had no trouble drawing sidelong looks and blatant stares. I laughed out loud and finally felt myself start to loosen up. I put a hand through my hair, stylishly messy and in complete opposition to my nine-to-five Armani rigidity. With a light splash of cologne I was set for my night on the town.

I hopped down the last three stairs and walked to the living room. Kate and Angie were facing me when I walked in and both of them broke into applause. "So this is the man inside the suit! Not bad for an old guy, daddy." It may have been the ladies applauding, but it was I who was stunned. I don't know where I had been or what I had been doing but some time between corporate mergers and investment strategies, Angela had become a full- blown woman. She was a symphony of beauty; a perfectly orchestrated combination of soft curves and firm lines. She managed to maintain the delicate balance between class, style and sex appeal with her simple summer sun dress. The thin material had just enough gossamer sheen to let you think that if you looked hard enough, you could see through it. I kept my amazement contained as Angie gave me a hug and a playful punch in the ribs as she sauntered past me to the garage. Kate smiled her perfect smile and took my hand as we walked to the car.

I took the long way to the restaurant, enjoying the latent warmth of the Indian summer evening. The sun had just set and the sky was still a hazy purple-pink. The big Mercedes engine purred as we cruised the coastline highway. Capped with foam, massive waves crested and crashed some three hundred feet below. There was a storm raging somewhere out on ocean. You could smell it in the air. But tonight was clear and fresh, just begging to be enjoyed. Yet I had no idea to what extent.

When we arrived at Marcello's Bistro we were ready to eat. As we got out of the car I noticed Kate running her hand through her long black hair. Her window was down on the ride over and wind gave her hair that sexy, tussled look. Angela walked around the car and I noticed her hair in much the same state. Without conscious effort I found myself wondering if that was how she looked after a long afternoon of sweaty sex. I immediately saw her in an old tee shirt, face flushed and hair all over the place, sitting on the edge of bed looking innocent and sexy all at once. I shook my head and blinked my eyes to clear the image from my mind. I focused on the door and made my way towards it, deliberately thinking of what wine to order. I definitely needed a drink!

The maitre d' seated us with a wonderful view overlooking the ocean. About four miles out the krypton beam of a light house zigged and zagged between the emerging stars. The moon was almost full and hung low and lazy in the sky. Kate and Angie were involved in some conversation regarding men's reactions to mini skirts and push-up bras. I was staring aimlessly at the looming moon, but seeing nothing but that unsolicited vision that I couldn't shake from my head. I suppose it was like telling someone not to picture a pink elephant ? you just can't help it. I brushed it off.

Our waiter approached and thankfully broke my train of lurid thoughts. I discarded the wine I was considering and ordered a Jack with a splash on the rocks before he had even finished speaking. Kate raised an eyebrow and I smiled sheepishly in return as she ordered a nice Burgundy from southern France. Angela ordered the same. This wasn't the type of restaurant that asks for ID, and even then I doubt if they would have.

When Angie asked what was new at work I was glad to ramble on about all the fools I have to work with, all the big money on the line, and the rumors that were kicking around the office ? anything than having to return to my previous thoughts. She and Kate smiled, nodded and laughed in all the right places and I began to feel things return to a normal keel. By the time our entrées arrived the girls were already ordering their third glass of wine and I was feeling pretty good myself. Kate had that soft glow in her cheeks that she gets when the wine begins to warm her up. She caught me looking at her and ran her tongue along her lips, just slow enough to let me know what she was thinking. It wasn't long after that I felt the soft touch on the inside of my ankle. My eyes jumped up and I smiled at Kate. Never missing a beat she maintained her conversation with Angela. She always loved being risqué right in front of everyone. Not an exhibitionist in that she wanted to be seen; she just liked knowing that we were doing something taboo and everyone else just sat around the restaurant blissfully unaware of little secret. Just a tickle, a toe tracing a meandering path up my leg. My heart beat quickened and I pulled myself closer under the table in acceptance to her touch. I felt my dick jump and begin to stiffen at just the thought of what was to come. Up and down, still soft, barely touching as her foot snaked higher and higher. Kate played her part perfectly, twirling her hair in her finger as she talked about how she wanted to try this new yoga class. Angela was chatting back and forth with her asking about this position and that as I nodded along. Her foot moved up and caressed my thigh, just inside my knee. She was pushing forward then pulling back, moving closer and closer to my crotch with every stroke. My cock stood at rigid attention now, completely jealous of all the attention it was not receiving. I moved closer to the table trying to get even a passing touch to satiate this bulge in my pants.

But she was having none of that. Every time as her foot moved close, from my knee to my thigh winding her way up just below my crotch, I would press my hips, begging for her touch. She kept this up for a good ten minutes as the conversation shifted from yoga to tennis to work and on to whatever. I lost track. I ordered another round for all of us. I loved seeing Kate like this. It turned me on so much to know that she could look so pristine and formal, but still be such a sexual diva. She finally gave me some brief relief; a touch here, a touch there. When she finally let her foot linger from the head of my cock all the way down to the base, pressing in and almost kneading with her toes I moaned audibly. I couldn't help it. Both the girls stopped talking and glanced at me questioningly. I gestured with my fork to the lobster tail, mentioning how absolutely fabulous it is. Angie laughed and said, "You sure have an appreciation for all the best things, Dad". I just smiled as they both laugh and resume their conversation. I half expected a chiding look from Kate regarding my little outburst, but it never came.

As opposed to holding back, knowing how worked up I was, she instead picked up the pace. Exploiting the ultra thin material between my dick and her foot she rubbed small circles just under the head of my cock. Light then hard, slow then fast ? always anticipating the next sensation I was wanting; needing at this point. It was all I could do to retain what was left of my composure.

"? isn't that right Dad?" Angie's voice brought me back to the dinner table. She was looking at me eyes wide in expectation. It was long since dark out and all that lit the table were the candles on the table. I noticed how, without the harsh incandescent glow, Angela did look much older than the 18 years she could lay claim to. Perched forward leaning against the table her breasts swelled from her low-cut sun dress. I felt a toe work its way around the head of my cock and it throbbed in response. Without warning I was flooded again with the vision of Angela, only this time all the pictures were pounding my brain in a shotgun fashion. One after another I imagined what she looked like now, then after sex, then in a myriad of positions: on her back, legs straight up in the air, hanging off the bed, riding on top. I saw what she looked like as she opened her sweet lips and took the head of a cock, my cock all the way into her mouth. My eyes opened wide and I felt the sweat on my forehead. My dick shuddered and nearly came then and there.

They were both staring at me now, waiting for an anwser, and I hadn't a clue what they had been talking about. I mumbled out a hasty affirmation and averted my eyes. I didn't know what the hell was going on here. Maybe it was the alcohol, maybe it was some pressure/altitude/jet lag thing, or maybe it was just the lack of sex. Whatever it was, I was freaked out. I had no problem thinking about Angela being a sexual individual, it was how I responded to them that was disturbing.

Before I had time to excuse myself and clear my head it started all over. I don't think Kate knew how close I was but she kept right on going. Stroking my cock in the most provocative way possible. My knuckles were white, wrapped tight around my fork. I tried to avert my thoughts: work, tomorrow, the gym, or anywhere else but each time they returned to Angela. Looking me right in the eyes as she slowly licked and sucked my rod. Her tongue flicking teasingly up and down my shaft. Cupping my balls in one hand, stroking the shaft with the other. Her firm breasts pressed right up against my thighs.

I didn't know what to do. Kate's foot was moving faster and faster. I was so close. Finally I thought I was going to get some relief as Kate excused herself to use the ladies room. Her foot pulled away as she pushed away from the table and left. She wasn't ten feet away when it started again. My eyes wide in complete shock I stared at Angie. She just lowered her head bit her lip. Looking me dead in the eyes she lowered her self in her chair and pressed her whole little foot against me; stroking me with only one goal in mind. I couldn't believe it! The same pace, the same feel, the same touch; it was her all along! Each and every vision I blocked out flooded back to me a hundred fold. I saw her on top of me, hands on my chest hair falling over her face as she rocked her hips to the pace of mine. I saw her bent over, looking at me over her shoulder. My hands on her hips, I saw her head press back as she arched back and pressed her ass into me. I saw her on her back, hair all over the pillow with her legs wrapped tight around me. I saw her in every position imaginable, then all of the sudden her voice filled my brain. Like a thousand loud speakers it burst in my ears:

"You like it like that, Daddy?"

I don't know if she actually said this or if I imagined that too, but it pushed me over the top. I had one hand on wrapped tight on either side of the chair and my eyes pressed shut as every muscle in my body tensed. I swear it felt like an eternity as I filled my shorts with buckets of cum that every fiber of me wanted to be pumping into my daughter. Her foot stayed pressed up against me, her toes just milking me until my hips stopped twitching.

In the dim light of the space restaurant I doubt anyone had any clue of what had just happened, but I was nervous anyway. I looked over my left shoulder and then my right. All I saw was Kate making her way back to the table. Angela sat up a little more and just licked her lips. I couldn't do anything other than sit there with my pants full of cum and stare blankly back at her.

"We need to talk" is all I got out before Kate sat down and joined us.

"Anyone for desert?" Kate asked.

Angela smacked her lips and replied "Oh yeah! I just can't get enough today."