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Storie \ Darla's Game

  COL | Feet Under The Table -  - English story | 27.08.2002

One night a couple of weeks ago my wife and I went over to another couple's house to play a board game. My wife, Cindy, was wearing a tight flower print dress and sandals, with no hose. Since this wasn't a formal outing, she opted to go barelegged. Cindy knows about my fetish, and she does indulge me from time to time with shoeplay and footjobs, but she's not a hose fan.

Not like Darla. Darla, the better half of the couple we were going to visit, was a little shorter than Cindy. Darla was a brunette, and kept her legs tanned and toned by rollerblading and running. She would frequently wear nylons, even at home relaxing. I was somewhat envious of her husband, but consoled myself with some mild flirting with Darla when Cindy wasn't looking.

Anyway, we arrived find them ready for us. They had a cozy circular table all set up, and drinks and munchies nearby. Darla looked great! She had her hair down, and it hung about halfway down her back. Her dress was white, not too tight, but ended just above her knees. I could clearly see her pantyhose shimmering in the light of the room. The white pumps she wore looked a little big for her feet, which I guessed were a size six.

We moved to the table, but before we could take our seats the ladies decided to do the feminist thing: they challenged us. I looked at Darla's husband and he smiled and nodded. The ladies then sat together across the table from us, and play began.

For the first few minutes everything was pretty cool. We sipped our drinks and played the game, Pictionary by the way. I was kind of curious what was going on under the table, wondering if Darla had removed her pumps, or if my wife was playing with her sandals. However, I couldn't make an excuse, and it was a small table, so I didn't think much could be happening under there. Boy was I wrong.

I felt something touch my ankle, soft and warm. I smiled, knowing exactly what that was. Cindy had obviously removed at least one of her sandals and had decided to do a little teasing. I smiled and winked at her, and she gave me a little smile in return. I took another sip and reveled in the sensation as the foot on my leg began to draw circles around my anklebone.

It was a little surprising that Cindy would do this here. She had only done something similar to me in dark, intimate restaurants with long tablecloths. And always when we were alone. Well, it looked like my gentle but constant suggestions about my fetish were paying off, especially since this was my favorite public activity!

Beneath the table, I felt her foot slide up the outside of my pants leg, her arch caressing my calf muscle. Up and down the foot worked on my calf. I was starting to get really hard now, and I was wondering how far Cindy would decide to carry this. I really didn't care that we were with friends, that just made it more exciting. Shifting in my chair, I slid forward and opened my knees. I glanced again at Cindy and gave her a knowing smile. She just smiled back, seemingly unconcerned.

Meanwhile, she hooked her foot behind my knee and began wiggling her toes. I smiled and started to sweat a little. Damn she was good! This little game was going to start affecting my real game play here shortly if she kept this up. And "up" was exactly what happened when I felt her arch slide up over my knee joint and inch up my inner thigh. I coughed several times to conceal what would have been a moan of pleasure.

"You ok?" Darla asked me. I looked over at her quickly as Cindy drew her foot further up my thigh. "Yeah just fine. I'm not drinking enough." Darla laughed and winked at me. I smiled back, but then looked over at Cindy who gave me a pleasant smile. Boy she is really playing this cool, I thought. And I was starting to get more excited than I cared to admit as she slid her little foot up and down my inner thigh. She was careful not to come too close to my crotch and her movements were slow and breathtakingly sexy.

My cock was throbbing as it tried to burrow down my trouser leg towards Cindy's probing foot. As she moved closer and closer to my crotch my breathing became irregular, and I fought for control. It was no use, this was my favorite tease and despite the danger, I was determined to enjoy it.

I looked at Cindy again, giving her a look mixed with lust and desperation. I wanted her to stop, but I didn't. Cindy, ever the cool customer, just smiled at me and looked at me questioningly, "What?" Her hazel eyes seemed to say. I coughed again to suppress a moan as her foot finally moved up over my crotch. Cindy's unconcerned attitude just made the tease that much better.

Mmmmm, this was good! Being caressed through my slacks with the sole of her foot! I could feel myself turning red and my hard-on quivered and throbbed at her touch. I gave Cindy a sly grin and surreptitiously moved one of my hands under the table. I wanted to feel her little size seven as it worked on my crotch, and especially if I came in pants!

My fingers moved over the instep of the foot that was softly pumping my hard-on....and I felt the smooth, silky sensation of nylon.

I froze, my mind stopped working for a few seconds, but the little nylon covered foot in my lap didn't stop working. This couldn't be happening, I thought. Cindy wasn't wearing nylons tonight, I know because I put her sandals on her feet for her before we left for the evening.

But Darla was wearing nylons. Suntan pantyhose to be exact.

My eyes got big as the realization of what was happening came thundering down on to my mind and my crotch. I looked over at Darla, and the smirk on her beautiful face was a priceless look that seemed to say, "NOW you know who's been jacking you off."

Oh my god, it had been Darla teasing me the whole time! She'd slipped off one of her pumps and decided to play with me with her foot!

I started coughing again as all the blood rushed to my crotch, and Darla began to pick up the pace of her little nyloned treasure as it stroked my hard cock through my pants. Oh my god, my wife's friend was about to make me cum right here at the table! What the hell was I going to do? I didn't want her to stop, but I didn't want Cindy to find out, there would be hell to pay!! I coughed a few more times to hide my moans, and I was now sweating openly. "What's wrong sweetie?" Darla asked me. She often called me sweetie, so it was no big deal, "That sexy wife of yours isn't doing something to you under the table is she?" Darla winked, knowing exactly what was going on. Cindy blushed and retorted, "I am not doing anything to him, he's just a lightweight drinker." Cindy looked at me hard, "Besides, he's just pissed because we're winning the game." Laughter all around, and I was glad that Cindy was oblivious to what was happening. I looked at Darla again, and she gave me another naughty look, cocking an eyebrow at me as her pantyhose covered toes traced the straining outline of cock through my trousers. If I'd been naked, Darla's frisky toes would have been soaked with the pre-cum which was leaking profusely into my underwear.

We continued playing the game, and it was clear that we were losing to the ladies, mainly because I was completely distracted by Darla's footjob. She was now firmly pumping the length of my hard cock through my pants with the sole of her foot, seemingly intent on making me cum in my pants. I squirmed in my seat, fidgeting as the tension between my legs built to an unbearable level.

I looked into Darla's eyes, and they told me that I was going to cum whether I liked it or not. This was my absolute fantasy, Darla was a nylon goddess from my dreams, and so I put three years of marriage aside and surrendered to the pumping pantyhosed foot between my legs.

"AAACCCHHH!, AAACCHHH" I began coughing loudly into my napkin as the orgasm swept up over me. My cock expanded almost painfully against Darla's foot until it exploded violently. I pressed myself firmly against the sole of her still busy foot, feeling multiple bursts of semen spew out of my cock to soak my underwear and slacks. God what a feeling! My vision blurred and the room spun as I continued to cough to cover my orgasm. Darla was still working her toes against my almost spent cock, determined to milk every last drop out of me.

As I came back down to earth my vision returned and I realized that Cindy was standing next to me, pounding on my back, and saying, 'Breathe honey, breathe, you sucked that drink down too fast, breathe!" Her face was a mask of concern. Darla's husband looked close to panic, I guess he'd never been involved in a medical emergency before, even a fake one! Only Darla remained calm, a smirk of triumph on her pretty face.

Coming back down to earth, I put my arm around my concerned wife's waist. "I'm OK sugar, could you get me some water, I've got some bile in my throat." As Cindy ran to the kitchen, Darla finally took her foot out of my crotch. I rubbed my head and moaned. God what a cum! It had been terrific! And no one but Darla and I knew a thing!

Cindy returned with a full glass of water, and she sat back down, moving closer to me. I moved back a little in my chair, careful to cover the stained crotch with my hand. Reassuring my wife I was OK, I sipped the water and accidentally on purpose fumbled as I put the glass back on the table. It tipped over to spill on my crotch. Now my cover story was complete.

"Oh honey, you're a mess! Let's get you home so I can take care of you!" Cindy seemed really worried. I stood on shaky knees and we bid a quick goodbye to our guests. Darla hugged me and her red lips brushed my ear lobe suggestively. Somehow I knew this wasn't going to be my last encounter with her.