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Storie \ Cara

  Notorious | Feet Under The Table -  - English story | 27.08.2002

He was at his cousin's wedding, and he couldn't help but notice that the other woman sitting at the table across from him, Cara, was wearing the sheerest black pantyhose he had ever seen. And at the moment, he couldn't take his eyes off the strappy, black high heels she was wearing. Everyone was on the dance floor except for him and her so he turned around and started eating the rest of his dinner. He saw her turn around as well and because of the closeness of the table he felt her leg brush his as she crossed them underneath the table. He then felt her foot brushing against his upper shin and he started getting a little aroused. She pressed on his knee with the ball of her high heeled foot and left it there. She then leaned back and crossed her arms (which pushed up her breasts more.) She then removed her foot from his knee and he went on eating. While in the middle of chewing on something he felt something softer hit his knee. He swallowed hard and his cock hardened as he realized what it was. When she looked away he looked under the table and confirmed it. He saw her deep red polished toes curled around his knee cap with the black nylon hardly even noticeable on them. He also saw a thin gold chain on her ankle underneath the soft nylon. Then as if she had no idea where her foot was, she slid her foot along his thigh and stopped at his chair, inches away from his zipper which was being pushed forward by his now fully erect cock. Now he didn't have to lift the table cloth as he looked down and saw her flexing her toes, curling and uncurling them over his chair. He kept eating as the foot crept upward. It stopped with the arch brushing against the material on his pants that was being thrust forward by his dick. She stopped moving her foot now, but her other foot began sliding down her nyloned shin and crossed at the ankles with her toes pointing at his upper thigh and teasing at his zipper. He kept looking down at the cute little feet teasing him and his dick moved, touching her arch. In response, she leaned down and pressed her foot right on the head of his cock. She continued to look at the dance floor and, then obviously liking the beat of the song, began to tap her foot right against his throbbing cock. His dick began to push at the gaps in the zipper of his pants and the pain began to become unbearable. He loosened his zipper a little and with one thrust of her foot she was able to open his pants up fully. His boxers were silk and left him no support as his dick went straight upwards. Now he felt the nylon on his bare skin rubbing quickly. Her toes looked like they had just been pedicured and her feet were so small compared to his cock. She stopped tapping and placed the ball of her foot on the head of his dick, she then began slowly moving it up and down which felt incredible. He didnt know how much longer he could hold the cum, the toes on her other foot were just slowly curling and uncurling which didn't make it any easier. After a good minute of one foot rubbing him, she began to use both. She brought her toes around the head of his dick and tightly gripped his shaft with both feet. Then she began slowly bringing her feet up and down the length of his cock. He felt the cum rising after about a minute of this unbelievable footjob and she felt it too. She pressed one foot down on his balls and used the second one to slid up and down his entire shaft making it impossible to hold back his orgasm any longer. He closed his eyes as he felt Cara pump the warm semen onto her feet and ankles and let out a small moan when he was completely finished ejaculating.