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Storie \ Amber, Chapter 2 - "The First Week"

  Aaron Martin | Feet Under The Table -  - English story | 26.05.2007

The week I had been participating has finally arrived. I was goin' to experienced my first day as Amber's footboy. I couldn't wait to worship my Mistress' beautiful, sexy feet this week. My appointment with my white mistress started on Monday. I finally arrived at Amber's house. As I had some things with me for the day to the door. I was nervous about this when I rung the doorbell, as I heard footsteps comin' to the door, my heart began to race. Then the door open as I saw my beautiful mistress, she looked liek a true goddess her hair done, her nice blue eyes wearing her glasses.
Then my eyes quickly looked down to her feet in 3 inch high heels. With the heels on she went to a 5'5" to 5'8" she was about 2 inches shorter than me.The heels were prpobably a the right size, I can see her arches and had a low vamp which showed good toe cleavage. I was speechless, she giggled cause I was froze by her beauty and pulled me in, she then took me to her bedroom. My eyes were takin' to eroticism to a whole 'nother level. Amber ask me to sit down on the bed and we began to talk about our day.
Maybe that's the reason I like her so much, she has a special quality about her. I can't really describe it, but I felt completely at ease with her, she explained she had to go somewhere, but I was welcomed to come back tomorrow. But she reminded me to pamper her feet and givin' her a footbath to start things off and then the real stuff begins also on that day. I was getting a hard-on just thinkin' about it; we got up and hugged each other and she gave me a kiss and said, "I'll  see you tomorrow, Aaron." I then said, "I wish I could kiss your feet before you leave."
She smiled and said, "Well you did come for nothing today. I guess its the least I could do for you." I knelt by my Mistress and slowly took off her heel and brought her foot to my lips. I savored each moment, savored each of her exquisite toes and my cock wanted to explode throught my pants. After 10-15 minutes, Amber had to leave and I put her heels on. She stood up beside me and ran her hand on my head. Then she grabbed my cock through my pants and the had to leave to wait for tommorow.
Tuesday was the next day, my head was spinnin' and was already through the head just thinkin' about what's to expect what Mistress Amber wanted to do today. It was already planned and I got the call, beforw that I wanted her feet so bad. I had difficulty tryin' to sleep last night but I had enough sleep though. I was dressed in shirt with a Chicago Bears jersey on top and some shorts as I cam to my mistress home. I rung the doorbell and I heard her come and opened the door. "Wow, you came by fast, guess you are extremely ready to pamper my feet."
I got on one knee and said, "Its all for you, Mistress Amber." I rose adn thanked her as I came in. I ask her to ahve a seat in the bedroom at the end of the bed. With a smile, Amber said, "Yes, I would love that, I been busy on my feet all day at work. But I will only have a footbath if my footboy is naked while doing it." With that I undressed myself before her, but I was cared doin' it, as I  knell before her her feet she said, "I have a feeling were gonna have fun today."
She asked with a soft commanding voice, soft and all with a smile across my face. I offered her a magazine to read as I began to pamper her feet, Amber was pleased by this and loks through the magazine as she extended her sexy legs so I may take off her high heel sandals. I removed each heel very slowly, cherishing that lovely sweet smell on her peds seein' my mistress fet up close. i bring each foot as I massage her tender soles, I kissed each toe and asked, "Amber would you be pleased with this color today?" as I showed her the polish I picked out. Amber looks down from the magazine and says, "Yes that will do."
I then placed toe seperators on her feet and began to polish her toes a sexy neon pink color. My right hand held her sole while my left hand carefully painted each of her toes. When I finished both feet I blew gently to dry the polish and then removed the seperators from between her toes. Now I prepared her footbath and I as i did my cock pointing stright up wantin' attention. Amber laughed asking if I was up to this and I said, "Yes ma'am." I started out soakin' and rubbing her fee in the water, but soon I realized she had an idea of her own.
She put the magazine down and picked up an digital camera as she began to caress my haard cock with her warm, wet, sexy feet! Moans escaped my mouth as she ran her toes up and down my shaft. while doin' this several times as precum start oozin' out of  the head of my cock and she said, "Now, now, Aaron. I'm not ready for you to cum just yet." And with that, Amber griped my cock just under the head with her toes to stop my orgasm.
I could feel my cum bulidin' in my balls. Amber knew just how to tease me, bringing in to the point of no return and then stoppin' After I massaged and soakin' her feet for 20 minutes, Amber instructed me to dry her feet so we continued what she had planned today. When I did this she told me to stand up and go over under the doorway. when i was under the leather handcuffs Amber said, "Now put your hands above your head so my footboy can be nice and secure."
She went behind and blindfolded me and her fingernails caressed my chest she said, "Let me get organize so we can get a good view." She connected her digital camera to her TV so she know that camera has a good shot and view. My body tingled as I anticipated what was to come next. "Are you ready to begin?" she said. "Yes Mistress Amber please do." I said. I felt her hands caress my chest again and she began teasin' my nipples with her fingernails. with that, the camera was alrady rollin' and she continue her wonderful tease.
My cock was so hard now and was wanting so much to be touched by her. Amber could sense my excitement and came around front and began to trace the thick veins of my cock lightly with her fingernails. The feeling was so incredible ad my precum began to wet my head of my cock. Once again I was on the verge of orgasm but Amber stopped me again and I wasn't to cum right now. Another 10 minutes of teasin' she released me to the foot of the bed.
She had me knell down and brought one of her luscious foot to my mouth and I began to kiss and suck her toes with passion. My cock was achin' and Amber could see how bad I wanted to cum. she instructed me to lie down on my back and told was time for footjob clips. ic ouldn't wait and I felt some warm baby oil cover my hard-on cock and then her feet started slidin' along the sides of it. i was in heaven and my cum began to build from the get-go. As I was thrustin' my cock hard between my cock hard her pretty soles I heard her say, "Come on, baby I want to my your hot cum on my toes!"
That sent me to the edge and I knew I was gonna blow soon! As I moaned loudly I started to cum with such force that cock felt like Ol' faithful shootin' loads and loads of hot cum in the air for what seemed like minutes. Amber made sure to milk me to the last drop and I almost passed out from the pleasure. It was amazin', I lay exhuasted on the floor, Amber turned off the camera and returns to my side. She removes the blindfold and I began to come back to Earth. tuesday was over by her sayin', "You did a wonderful job! Take a day off, we goin' shoe shopping Thursday." I couldn't wait for that.
It was Thursday now, we were goin' shopping but first we went to lunch. the mall was 30 minutes away and while Amber drove I began to take pics of her angelic feet on the pedal. iw as again gettin' so turned-on I started rubbin' my cock through my jeans. After a minute Amber pulled my cock out and started strokin' it hard. My head was spinnin' with traffic going by us this just got my mistress more excited. once I was completely hard, Amber put my cock back in my jeans as we walked to the resturant.
After goin' through the buffet we took a table surronded by families out for an afternoon get-together day. I looked at Amber and she smiles as she slowly slides one of her soft, warm feet up to my zipper of my jeans as she begins teasin' me in public. My cock soon responds and I place my hand on her foot, massaging it and smiled back. i know others could see if they were payin' attention but that just made it even more sexier. On to shoe shopping.
As we walked to the shoe store I had a big bulge in my pants, I couldn't wait to to be her "shoe salesman" and soon we found a nice store to go in. We looked at their selection of heels and picked a few out to try on. I asked the sales clerk to bring a size 7 of the three styles selected. upon returnin', I proceeded to remove on of Amber's shoes and placed the new ones on her gorgeous, exquisite feet. With Amber not being shy,she took the camera out and photographed me changin' her sexy shoes in the store. I know my face blushed when she did that, but I loved being her footboy shoe salesman.
We continued shopping for hours and each time I served as her personal shoe salesman. After walkin' for awhile, we decided to rest on a bench in the middle of the mall. Amber was so beautiful and sexy as she stretched her long legs over my lap so i could massage her her sore, achin' feet. I can't tell you how many people stopped and looked at me massaging my mistress' feet in public, but they were quite a few. At this moment I felt so proud to be with the white beauty running my fingers up and down her soft, pretty toes for all of them to see, but I was still a whole lot shy about the adventures inpublic. That will soon change the next day.
On Friday we went to a carnival and check out the rides. It was a wonderful summer day. We walked around the carnival and paused every now and then to take pics of her incredible, lovely feet. with each photo I shot, my cock was gettin' harder and Amber could sense that. we soon found a bench where nobaody was around at the end of the carnival and once again she alid her lovely shaped legs over my lap. Amber to me to unzip my fly so she could rub my cock. After lokin' around and seeing no one there I did and let that became my first footjob in the public area, she didn't let me cum, but the feelin' was incredible like Wednesday night.
Amber then did a little exposin' of herself, telling me she's not wearing panties under her dress. I then began to take pics of her on the carnival grounds while she showed me her wet pussy.I wanted to taste her and to make her cum right there like last week, but the police were drivin' by every 5 minutes.I should've done it anyway. I end my first week by returning to her home. we took a few more pics and she asks was one of my dreams comin' true! She begins somethin' that no other woman could ever match. Her pussy was so incredible thrustin' my cock into her hard and slow. i wanted to cum again, but she says to stop, with my cock throbbing, she tells me she wants me to cum on her beautiful feet and we both stand up.
We're both naked at the end of the bed just like that. I grabbed the digital camera to record more clips as she strokes my hard cock with her sexy-ass feet. Then when i couldn't hold back much longer I help her stroke my cock fast with my hands helping her feet.With one of her massagin' my balls I squirted hot cum almost 4 feet by her face and remaining cum drippin' on hers exy feet. Amber loved my warm cum on her feet and she began to rub the cum in between her toes. i wonder what my mistress has in store for me next week. Chapter 3 is next.