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Storie \ Amber, Chapter 1 - "First Date"

  Aaron Martin | Feet Under The Table -  - English story | 24.02.2007

One night, Amber called me to to go to a movie and dinner with her. I was pleased to go and told me to come to her hosue at 8:00. I got to her house and she was foxy as usual. She had on a long black, spandexy kind of skirt, thigh high balck stockings and a blue t-shirt that says "Foxy" in glitter. her size 7 feet were in blue slingback heels. After she was finished getting ready, we got in the car and headed to the theatre.
We brought our tickets and got settled in our seats, she rested her feet up on the seat in front of us. During about the whole movie, I kept staring at her beautiful legs. That probably meant it was time for work. in the middle of the movie, she complained that her shoes were hurting her feet, so she took them off and rested them back up on the seat in front of us. My heart was racing, I felt myself getting harder and harder, like she turning up the voltage to some machine just by stretching and wiggling her nyloned encased toes.
I couldn't bare to look much longer but of course I wanted to look and she knew she was teasing the hell out of me. I was having a hrd time watching the movie, that was my favorite and her feet at the same time. As soon as she saw me, she would tease me even more by hiking up her skirt some and sliding her right foot up and down her left leg slowly with a grin. The movie finally ended and she put her shoes back on and we made our way abck to the car. While I was driving to the resturant Amber put her feet on my lap, I massaged her feet and when we stopped I kissed her feet from her toes down to her heel. I was really feeling excited with every moment and I grew on brick.
We finally got to the resturant and got situated at our booth, then she took off her shoes again and laid her feet right beside me opposite fron where I was sitting! I occasionally glare at her feet and bring my back up to see that sweet smile on her face. I didn't say much during the meal, then her feet moved off the seat and I felt kind of bummed out. Then I felt something press against the side of my knee and I just stared at her pretty blue eyes stared at me. I couldn't speak, she just had this really crazy smile on her face and I felt the pressure slide from the side of my knee to my thigh and finally on my cock.
The pressure felt so good, i was afraid to look down, but I did....and I saw those nylon covered toes pointed towards my face and they curled inward, the sole of her foot pressing and rubbing harder against my cock. I don't even had to tell you I was hard. She straightened her toes out and slid her foot up and down my cock under the table. Then her other foot slid under my cock, I could feel her toes behind my balls moving up and down. I ate what was left of my fries very slowly so I could savor the moment of course. Finally, it was time to go and she said, "Put on my shoes, please." and I did and while I put them on I kissed each foot and left the resturant.
When we got in the car, she took them off again and laid her feet on my lap again. I massaged her feet while they laid there. Then she removed her feet from my lap and took off her seat belt. "What are you doing?" I asked. "Just relax, Aaron, this is just something I wanted to do." She went between the front seats to the back seat of the car. I wasn't sure what she had planned until I felt her foot slide up to the back of my neck, head and the slide of my face, both of her legs came around the sides of the seat and pressed against my stomach.
Amber is very good with her feet, and she lifted up my shirt with her toes and slid them down my waistline of my pants,I knew that was an order of unbuttoned my pants. I could barely drive!!! I could feel her feet going deep into my pants and then sliding up my cock just like a violin. That meant for me to take my cock out from my boxers. The soles of her feet were so soft, I loved the footjobs she always gives me. I could feel my cum rising up in my loins and exploded on her feet. Her feet were pretty well soaked. All good things had to come to an end as were only a few miles away from her home. She got back into her seat and put her shoes back on while I zipped up her pants.
I wanted more, but I didn't say anything else to make  her know that I was starving for more. When we got to her house she said, "Thanks for the great evening, Aaron." I said, "Oh no, thank you, Amber, I ahd a good time." with a big smile on my face. Amber then said, "I'll call you tomorrow, bye." And there she went in her house to call it a night. When I got home I discovered the crotch of my boxers was completetly transparent from all the cum I had unloaded. I still wanted more, but I had to wait.