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Storie \ A Trade Off

  Anonymous | Feet Under The Table -  - English story | 24.02.2007

Val had been dating her boyfriend for one year. She loved him more than she could express with words....But decided they needed something a little out of the ordinary to keep things spicy! They had discussed bringing another guy into the scene, but it had really only been fantasy and talk in the bedroom.

Although Mike had talked about having sex with her and another guy, when it came right down to it, he never really went through with it. Val felt that he liked to talk about it, and it turned him on, but he didn't really want to do it. However, Val had a plan. She knew Mike always got turned on by her nylon covered feet. If she could get her friend Nikki to help her tease Mike with their nylon covered feet, they would force him to agree to her sexual tryst with two men!

She informed Nikki about the plan, indicating that Nikki should come over on Friday. Mike was on the couch and Val was cleaning up in the Kitchen. Nikki was wearing her sheer very light tan nylons and white high heels. Mike immediately noticed her nyloned feet and wished he could get a better look at them. Nikki sat on the couch and began dangling her heels from her foot. Mike could see her heel and her high arches, and he began to get a hard on. If only he could see those toes!

To Mike's surprise, Nikki began talking about her feet! "You know, I've never really liked my feet. I think they're too small." As she was speaking she turned her feet sideways and asked Mike, "What do you think?" Mike said, "I think they look just fine." "Another thing," Nikki continued, "I've been running around all day. I could use a nice foot massage. Val, do you mind if Mike massages my feet?" "Go ahead," yelled Val from the other room, "Do whatever you like."

Mike couldn't believe it, he was actually going to see those sexy feet! Plus he was going to touch them! Nikki slipped off her heels, and turned on the couch so her feet were in Mike's lap. The nylon material was so thin, it looked like she was barely even wearing nylons! Mike was so turned on by her nylon clad feet, he could hardly stand it. He gingerly felt for those nyloned beauties and began to rub the bottoms of her toes and arches. His cock was about to explode! He was rubbing and touching Nikki's nylon covered feet! They were so hot looking!

Val came in from the kitchen and laid down on her stomach facing the TV. She was wearing sheer black nylons with reinforced toes. Now Mike could see her feet bottoms as he massaged Nikki's feet. Nikki asked Mike to do her other foot. As he switched feet, she rested the first foot right on his hard cock! She began to move it ever so slightly. "I think Mike is beginning to like this," said Nikki. "Really," replied Val, "Let's see how much he likes it." With that she took Mike's hand and laid him on his back. Nikki and Val sat on each side of him. Next they placed their feet on his chest, so he could see the bottoms of their feet. They were just inches from his face! As Mike stared at both those feet he got so turned on he thought he was going to cum in his pants. Val reached down and rubbed his enclosed cock. "He really seems to like this," said Val. "Let's see," said Nikki, as they unzipped his pants, pulled down his underwear, and let his throbbing cock spring out! Oh my God, thought Mike, Nikki is looking at my cock. God I want those feet, he kept thinking. If only they would rub them on his face. Val and Nikki began to lightly stroke his penis. "Wouldn't you love to have those feet in your face, Mike?" asked Val. "Your cock's about ready to erupt." "Oh please," said Mike, "rub your nyloned feet on my face, please!"

"I'll make you a deal," said Val, "we'll rub our feet all over your body, wherever you like, but you have to agree to find another guy for me. I want to do two at once." Oh my god, Mike thought, I want those feet so bad. But did he really want someone else to have sex with his girlfriend? "Take a long look at those feet," said Nikki, as she slowly wiggled her toes and moved them closer to his face. Mike could hardly stand it, he had to have those feet... two pair of feet!!.. oh man they were turning him on! Just look at those dark reinforced toes... and Nikki wiggling her feet with those thin little nylons on. Oh my God, "All right, I'll do it! I'll do it!" yelled Mike. Val couldn't believe it, she was going to get two cocks. "Next Friday," demanded Val as she slowly and lightly began to rub her foot on his eyes, his nose and his mouth. "OK, OK," said Mike. Next it was Nikki's turn. She was rubbing her feet just short of his face. "You really want my feet, don't you Mike? I've seen you stare at my feet, wondering what it would be like to lick and kiss them. I bet you've been jacking off, fantasizing about my little nyloned feet. Look at them, I bet you want them in your face, don't you?" Mike stared at those hot little feet slowly coming towards him. They were so perfectly shaped, he just wanted to suck on those toes. Her feet had that moist, almost sweaty look to them. Nikki placed the balls of her feet on his forehead and ever so slowly began to pull them down over his eyes and past his nose. When her toes got past his nose she kind of pushed them back up tight against his face, and he inhaled deeply. Val joined her and they both began to rub their feet all over his face. They'd rub and rub and then push their feet against his face as he inhaled. He could stand it no longer. Two sets of nylon covered feet rubbing all over him, again and again..... Val grabbed his throbbing cock just as it began to spray cum high into the air. She kept stroking his cock as he licked and kissed their feet. They were both stroking his cock as he came over and over again.

Nikki said, "Do you think we can get him hard again?" "I bet if we rub our feet on his cock he'll get hard again," Val responded. They put both their feet on his cock and immediately it shot up as hard as a rock. "Boy, he really likes this," said Nikki. They would rub their feet right up to the head of his cock, then stretch their toes and the nylon material would rub on the underside of his penis. Finally Nikki said, "I'm so horny I can't stand it." She pulled up her skirt. Her nylons were thigh high and she had no underwear on. She stepped over Mike and slowly lowered her wet pussy until it just touched the tip of his cock. She grabbed the base of his cock and slowly rubbed the tip of his cock through the slit between her legs. "You really want this, don't you Mike?" said Nikki softly. "I bet you'd like nothing more than to fuck me. Just to have me slide my wet pussy all the way down on your cock. I'll bet you've jacked off thinking about this too, haven't you?" "But first, you have to agree to let Val fuck me and my boyfriend. He has a fantasy about licking her pussy."

Oh no, thought Mike. Val is already going to have sex with one other guy, and now a second guy is going to lick her pussy? "I don't know," said Mike. Actually, in some strange way, the thought of some guy with his tongue between Val's legs was beginning to turn him on. "I'll wear my pantyhose," said Val, "with no panties. Then I'll let him see my pussy through the thin nylon material... until he gets good and hard! Little will he know that later he'll be licking it for all he's worth." "Maybe Mike needs a little incentive before he agrees," said Nikki. With that she sat down and placed her nylon clad feet squarely in his face. She left them firmly in place, right up against his face. "It wasn't that long ago that these feet were in a pair of heels," said Nikki, "How do they feel? How do they smell?" Nikki began to flex her toes. Her feet were smothering him, and her toes were moving ever so slightly. He could feel Val's feet wrap around his cock. She didn't move her feet either, but began to flex and arch her toes. "I'll leave my feet on your face for an hour if I have to," said Nikki. "Remember, you'll get to slide your cock into my wet pussy once you agree to the offer. I know you can't resist." Mike knew he couldn't resist, either. When it came to nylon clad feet, many other men... could be made to do anything. "Okay, okay," Mike said. "I agree."

Nikki got up and straddled Mike. She held his cock, lowered herself, and began to rub the tip of his cock in her wetness once again. "Oh, this is going to feel good," she said. "You want me to slide right down on your cock, don't you? Won't it feel good to slide your cock all the way in to my wet pussy? Just to know that you're inside me.. that you're fucking me? Is that what you want, is that what you want?" Nikki began to slowly slide down on his cock. Slowly, ever so slowly.... it felt so good going in. Finally she was all the way down. She reached up and pulled off her shirt, revealing her nice pointed nipples. Wow, the dark part of her tits was huge!

Nikki was on her knees with her toes bent underneath, facing Mike. He reached down and placed his hands on the smooth nylon of her foot bottoms. She leaned forward until her nipples barely touched his chest. Nikki began to move back and forth in smooth motions. His cock was sliding in and out of her pussy, his hands were caressing her foot bottoms, and her nipples would lightly brush across his chest and all the way up to his lips as she moved back and forth. Her nipples would just barely brush across his lips, before continuing out of his reach again. Nikki began moving faster and faster, and Mike knew he was about to cum. Mike thought about all the feet in his face, the smooth feet, the smothering, and the inhaling....and he began to cum! ... He could feel it shooting through his cock! Then he thought about his girlfriend being naughty.. and slutty... there was no turning back now... and he came even harder.