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Storie \ A Footsie Game

  Anonimo | Feet Under The Table -  - English story | 27.08.2002

"There are times when you have to turn off your mind and think with your balls," Michael thought idly.

Eight years of blissful, loyal marriage had not stymied his vivid fantasies of making love to other women. Even the joys and rigors of parenthood had not dampened his intense imagination. He had gone through phases where he actually thought about other
women while making love to his wife. In spite of his fantasies, he still had deep feelings of personal contentment as well as pride in the fact that he had never even touched another woman in the ten years since he met his wife.

"Enjoy your meal sir."

Michael's introspective reverie was interrupted by the turbaned waiter who slipped a menu on his dish. Sitting in the Indian restaurant browsing the tandori dishes on the twelve page menu, he could not help stealing glances at his soon-to-be sister-in-
law. She was without question one of the best looking women he had ever seen. She noticed his peeking over his menu and smiled playfully at him.

A fashion model-turned stewardess, Corina had received a lot of attention from many different men in her 22 years. She had exquisite, long legs, a near perfect figure, large, wide-set, dark eyes, and short well-kept black hair. It was her grace, posture
and grooming, however, that set her apart from most other girls. Tonight she was wearing a stunning black evening dress, a bit too much makeup and a some gaudy sparkling jewelry.

Michael's in-laws were celebrating Corina's engagement to Marshal. Marshal was Michael's body-builder brother-in-law, the obnoxious younger brother of Michael's wife. Somehow the seating arrangement had placed Corina opposite Michael at the foot of the
table against the wall. It's interesting how such random circumstances can sometimes lead to high adventure.

Michael shifted positions in his chair to concentrate on the menu. His foot accidentally touched Corina's under the table and he looked at her with a startled, embarrassed expression. Her eyes twinkled, and a tiny smirking smile crossed her mouth but she
did not meet his apologetic gaze. Her legs were extended and her feet remained in harm's way under his chair. When the appetizers arrived, Michael turned to feed his two-year-old son. Again his foot brushed Corina's. Again she ignored his startled glance.

In a fit of blind, drunken betrayal to his ten years of fidelity, Michael carefully took off his shoes and put one stockinged foot on Corina's instep. Without hesitation, she took another fork full of salad and continued her cheerful conversation with her
fiance. Her feet remained squarely parked under Michael's chair.

Michael timidly put his other foot on Corina's, hesitated a few seconds, then slowly and carefully, with both his feet, removed her shoe. He manipulated her foot up onto his own chair then slowly and gingerly slipped his right foot along her left leg, up
under her dress to her thigh. It was only then that he noticed she was wearing stockings and garters instead of panty hose.

His foot hesitated several seconds on her bare thigh. Her demeanor, conversation, and outward appearance betrayed nothing of their little "footsies" game under the table. Michael, on the other hand became quite pale. His heart was pounding and he had a
very hard erection.

"Oh my god!" he gasped to himself. "This can't be happening to me!!"

Then Corina took the initiative. She put her left foot squarely on his erect penis and simultaneously slipped forward in her chair, maneuvering her vagina under Michael's foot. Michael quickly moved the table cloth to cover his lap. Corina began stroking
his penis, sliding her foot up and down his lap. Michael burrowed his foot between Corina's legs and began manipulating his toe in an area he hoped contained her clitoris. She helped him find her hot-spot with slight movements of her thighs and pelvis.

They sat stroking each others' genitals, while outwardly ignoring each other for several minutes.

As the dinner progressed, Corina became more aroused. Michael noticed her cheeks flush and saw her occasionally inhale sharply. Her foot on his penis became sloppy. Soon she stopped stroking his penis entirely and pushed her clitoris harder against each
stroke of his foot. His foot manipulations and her pelvic movements merged into an almost coital rhythm. Michael was afraid her increasingly strenuous movements were going to give them away, but his hypnotic fascination by her intense beauty and blind,
hot sexual arousal made him continue manipulating his foot in her lap.

Corina started shivering and lost the rhythm of their mutual masturbation. She held her breath for a few seconds, then sighed softly once, twice, and again. During her final heavy sigh, she shuddered deliriously and relaxed her legs completely. Then she
started chewing her food again, gave an appreciative, loving glance at Michael, and began manipulating his penis in earnest with her foot.

Now his pleasure had her full attention, and she seemed to know a lot about how to please a man. She alternated between massaging the head of his cock with her toes and stroking the entire length of his penis down to the root with the ball of her foot.
She applied just the right amount of pressure. Michael started smiling, caught himself, and made small talk with his two-year-old son.

Corina slowly increased the pressure and tempo of her movements and Michael knew he was going to come in his pants. He slipped his paper napkin under the table cloth, through the top of his pants, and around the head of his penis. He wrapped the napkin
around the top of his cock as best as he could and then took a drink of water. At the same time his left hand stroked Corina's calf gently and lovingly, trying to put love and gratitude into the smile he flashed at her.

Corina settled into a steady rhythm, stroking the length of Michael's shaft with the entire sole of her foot. She glanced at his face every few minutes to gauge how she was doing.

Finally, Michael could not hold back any longer. Turning his head away from the others, so they wouldn't see the contortions of the consuming pleasure playing across his face, he shot his load into the napkin in five unbearably intense strokes. Corina
felt the semen flowing through Michael's hard, hot penis and broke into a faster, harder pumping action with her foot.

In spite of all the bizarre circumstances, it was one of the most intense orgasms Michael ever had. As the last after-shocks washed through him, Corina reduced the pressure, speed, and intensity of her foot manipulations, softly milking the last drops of
semen from Michael's still-erect cock.

Michael again put his hand under the table and stroked her calf appreciatively, then manipulated her foot back into her shoe.


Two months later, Michael learned that Marshal had broken off his engagement. Michael never learned the exact details or reasons and never saw Corina again.