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Storie \ A Casual Encounter

  Anonymous | Feet Under The Table -  - English story | 24.02.2007

It was just a normal weekday afternoon when I got on the bus downtown to go home. Just when I was boarding, my eyes caught sight of the most beautiful pair of legs I had ever seen, wrapped in beige nylons and feet nicely encased by black flats. I was immediately captivated; I paid my fare automatically and sat down beside the owner of the legs, and never took my eyes off them.

Her feet were around size 7 or so; once in a while she would curl them up a little bit, revealing her well-formed arch. If only I could put my cock there. I scanned up. Her shins were smooth, her calves softly curved. She had well-formed knees, which linked up to her delicious thighs. Her plaid skirt was very short, allowing ample visual feasting of her entire appendage. As she sit crosslegged, near the hemline a slight hint of the panty section of her pantyhose can be seen.

I bent down slightly, acting as if to tie my shoelaces. On my way up I gently ran my hand over her calf. It was very smooth and silky to the touch. The nylon fibres were tightly knit and hugged her well-contoured legs very well. I looked up at her to see what is her reaction to my innocent intrusion.

She was a curly blond, in her 30's I guess. She had red plastic glasses, and wore a blue jacket. All the while, however, she did not divert her eyes from the road; she either did not feel my touch, or she was ignoring it.

At this time I had to adjust my underwear because I was having the biggest hard-on ever. My cock was now very sensitive and even this slight stimulus created a wet spot at my pants. Gently squeezing my cock through my pants in one hand, I lovingly stroked her legs with the other. I caressed her feet, her shins, her calves, her thighs, then working my way down again. All the while she did not seem to notice, but I was having the time of my life.

My cock beckoned me to do something more. I slid my hand in my pants, and stroked my erect, throbbing and red hot member. Suddenly I had an idea. I took back my leg-touching hand, and exchanged places with my cock-stroking hand. My prick literally jumped as it came to contact with the essence of her nylons. Soon my fingers were soaked. I pulled out my hand, and smeared the sticky cum on her thighs and calves. As the sunlight gleamed on her gams, my cum glimmered and contrasted to the relatively dull shine of her nylons.

Finally she reached her stop and got up. I followed her without thought. I did not even know where I was, just knowing I need to focus on the gracefully wiggling legs ahead. Finally she reached a house and looked back. I stopped and was slightly stunned. However, she smiled at me with inviting eyes; she went in the house and allowed me in too. Could this be a dream?

We went into the living room. She pointed to the couch, and I sat down there. She stood in front of me, and slowly unbuttoned her jacket. As she was taking it off, I realized she was only wearing a white, strapless lace bra underneath. No blouse. She smiled again, knowing I noticed her unique fashion taste. Next she unzipped her skirt, and forced it down past her tight ass; it dropped at her ankles, and she playfully kicked it away. She is now wearing nothing but her bra, pantyhose, and shoes. I scanned her from top to bottom, from her glowing blond hair, down her seductive face, her milky white breasts, which were screaming out of her bra; blending into the slightly darker hue of her pantyhose top, down her delicate thighs, her flawless legs, her cute feet. My eyes were popping out in sight of this beauty, and did my cock.

She looked between my legs, and was pleased. She then bent down and unbuttoned my pants, exposing my red hot prick which was now throbbing with joy at her. She gave the rock-hard head a kiss, licking away the pre-cum at the tip. The she stood up, and placed one leg on my lap. I held her shoe as she released her foot from it. She straightened her foot and pointed her fine toes against my nose. The sweet smell of reinforced nylon mixed with foot sweat penetrated thru my smelling sense up my erogenous zone in the brain. I stuck out my tongue and tasted her nylon- covered sole; it was delicious. She put her leg on the ground and repeated the same with the other one. I found it hard to judge which foot tasted and smelled better; they were both fine for me.

She next took the shoes from my lap, and covered my face with one. The other she hung on my stiff-standing prick. The smell of leather with her foot sweat was a nice variation of sensation. I breathed deep breaths, hoping to take in as much of the sweet aroma as possible, while my cock was busy wetting up her other shoe with sex fluid.

Satisfied with my eagerness towards foot sex, she put down her shoes and slowly peeled down her pantyhose. Gradually her tight pussy came to full sight. Then her creamy white thighs, followed by her smooth legs, and finally her seductive feet and toes.

Keeping the nylons bundled up, she wrapped my cock with the fabric, my cockhead pressed against the seam of the reinforced toe. Feeling the dampness of her foot sweat, my prick responded by secreting more sticky fluid. Tucking my balls inside the panty section, what encased her gams just some time ago was now encasing my sex!

Finding her shopping bag (which I did not notice until now, as I was busy with her legs and feet), she took out a pair of sheer black stockings. They were so sheer they looked like they could shatter if roughly handled. Moving over a chair and sitting in front of me, she handed me the stockings, then pointed one leg towards me. I carefully rolled up one stocking and sheathed it around her foot. Then I wrapped her leg and thigh with the stocking, as if I was doing presents. An air of elegance emerged from her dressed leg, a new form of beauty. She had me repeat with the other leg, and smiled with satisfaction as she was pleased with the work.

She then held the root of my cock between her toes of one foot, with the other doing the same on top. She then tugged my prick with her top foot, while the bottom one held firm. I was instantly delivered into fantasyland. She started slow, then moved faster; at the same time one of her hands was massaging her breasts underneath her bra, while the other was stroking her clit, occasionally a finger disappeared inside her pussy. She started moaning, which got louder with the increasing rhythm of her limbs.

I felt like dead, with all my energy concentrated at my sex. Finally the peak of ecstasy was reached; thick white cum burst from my cocktip, and every subsequent tug by her toes fired up another wad. Within seconds the beige pantyhose and her feet were flooded with cum. She reached her orgasm upon seeing my ejaculation, and slowed down, panting. As I laid exhausted on the couch, she looked at me, breathing heavily. There was also a smile on her face.