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Storie \ The Silvia's Shoes

  (translation by Nyllady) | Feet Under The Table -  - English story | 14.07.2007

I’m a professor at one State University in the North Italy. Before I begin to narrate my story I’d like to tell that I’m a person of absolutely normal sexual tastes and practices. Women’s legs have always been the most inspiring part of a woman’s body for me, but – I repeat – in an absolutely normal way.

Several months ago I had to choose a person to give a study grant to, which by the way was paid off really well as compared with the Italian average salary, and I had seen different candidates for it. Silvia showed up Thursday morning, at the beginning of October. She was accompanied to my office; when I saw her for the first time I thought she was really pretty, but I’ve never drawn any decision at my work being influenced by the physical appearance. Dark hair, slim body, green sparkling eyes. She wore a dark rose costume, with a tight low-necked black sweater, and a short skirt that was upper her knee, with black stockings, and black lacquer shoes. She had a very classic stile for a young girl. I was disarmed straightaway by her impudence. She sat down without me having invited her to, she crossed her legs (fabulous legs) examining her shoes. “It’s just today that it had to rain!”, - she said. As a matter of fact, it hadn’t rained rain for several days, and as it had been raining for a couple of hours, it caused the fastidious slush that makes dirty everything. I noticed only a few dirty stains on the shoes, not that much. “Do you have anything to clean my shoes: they’re the best that I have, you know, I put them for this interview, and I don’t want to ruin them”. Just a perfect way to start an interview! I went out of the office, found some blotting paper at the laboratory, and I took it to her. She took off one shoe and put it into my hand. “Would you mind? I’m pretty dressed up, I don’t wanna stain myself”. I surprised myself that I’d ever started to clean that shoe, and then the other one. I gave them back to her, and I sat down. “Will you offer me a cup of coffee, won’t you’?” What the hell! – I thought, - she’s rather arrogant. … “Ok’ –I said when getting up from my place – the coffee machine is downstairs”. “Ok, I’ll wait for it here”. When going back up the stairs I was thinking that Silvia with her i’m-a- princess attitude wouldn’t ever work for me. First the shoes, then a cup of coffee.. are you kiddin’ me? I turned back to the office, and I gave her the cup. Meanwhile she was trying to get herself more comfortable on that chair, she crossed her legs, then put them down, she was pulling her skirt down (without any success), she was gazing at me with her cat eyes. I was a great deal embarrassed, that excited me a lot. In spite of my embarrassment I put myself together to start the interview with my usual talk. My eyes though were gliding her thigh, and as she had an ironic smile on her face I understood she noticed it. She began to caress her legs as if she wanted to massage them, without taking her look off me. When having finished the project presantation, I asked her: “Any questions?” “When should i start?” she answered. “Well, you see, you’re not the only one to have applied for this position, it’s not yours yet. I’ve interviewed you to get some idea of you previous work experience, and draw a decision if you fit to this job or not. Would you please tell me some words about your thesis work?” She gave that smile to get me warm inside. “Well, I prefer to tell you that I’ve noticed how you’ve been looking at me, and if it could be of your interest, I almost always dress myself like this, or even more sexy. You tell this job is not mine yet, but I think it is, and I don’t have to tell you anything to persuade you.” Her voice was calm, she was slowly swinging when baring her legs almost to the groin. I didn’t know what to do, I couldn’t say anything.”You think you can spend the next 2 years with or without me. The choice is yours. But I want to clear it up: don’t deceive yourself to think you can go to bed with me. You know how they say.. look but don’t touch.” She stood up, put her skirt in order and she gazed at me again the way she did it before. “I already know that you’ll fall in love with me, - she drew the conclusion, - but don’t get that far, because the men like you don’t impress me much”. “What do you mean by saying ‘men like me’?” “The weak men” she concluded her icy speech. “You’ve got my phone number, call me when you have made your mind to give me this job”. She went out leaving me alone as I was seething with rage. What the hell she was thinking she was? A goddess? To make a diva for this god-damned studio grant? I was tempted to tear her CV into pieces, but then I put it to the cast off pile. I had 2 other interviews that day, but I could’t get Silvia out of my mind. Her voice, her legs, her eyes were always with me, and they didn’t leave me not even for a second. I didn’t have any other candidates left to interview, so the next day I had to take a decision. I’d been postponing it till the evening, then I called her. I absolutely had to see her again. But I tried not to lose my dignity: “Look, - I said – I like your personality very much, but we shouldn’t forget that we’ll be working together here. I’d ask you to come again tomorrow to discuss the scientific part of the project, so I can totally make an idea of your professional value.” She freezed me again: “Why wouldn’t you tell me the truth? Why don’t you tell me that you’re dieing to see me again?” I paused in silence. “I’ll come and accept this job only if you confirm it’s true” “Yes, it’s true. I beg you to come” “dressed like the other day, you liked it?” “You know I did”. “Ok, tomorrow at 11am.” It was Saturday, and there was much less people at the institute (unfortunately, there was some). I was really nervous. When she came, my heart was jumping out. What was going on with me? – I thought. I stood up, she closed the door behind her, and she smiled to me. “If it might please you, I can concede you to kiss my shoes. Not my feet, the shoes only. Don’t slobber me on my stockings that I bought for 15 euros”. I did it. I threw myself down to kiss and lick her shoes. It seemed to me I’d never been that happy and excited before. “You’re a good puppy. You almost deserve that I please you, too.” “Oh Silvia, yes, I beg you”. She sit. “Take your trousers off, common”. I did what she told me to do. Meanwhile she lit herself a cigarette. She smiled as she saw me being already hard, she crossed her legs. “Drag to my feet rubbing your cock. I think that will be enough for a puppy like you.” My hard dick felt the shoes leather, then the stockings nylon. She placed her foot under my balls and she slowly started to squize them pumping them up and down, so it took me a lot not to scream. “I adore you, Silvia, oh God I love you so much” I said just before I came. Her foot slipped quickly away, and I remained lying outstretched on the ground, with my infinite cum staining the pavement and my shirt. Hardly had I finished it when I heard the door shut as Silvia left. I realised there were people out there, so being out of breath I put my trousers on and I sat on the table. After having washed the pavement I managed to get calm and to find the papers of the association that was funding the Silvia’s grant. I put her name in the name square of the grant. Then I wrote using my computer: taking into consideration a high scientific level of the candidate, I appeal for a grant owing to the foreign candidates only (as it was higher than the one owing to the Italian candidates). I’m happy to say that being taken for one you can trust to, the association accepted this application as an exception to the rule.

Silvia started to work for me; at first I was really nervous about it, but she behaved herself absolutely normal as if nothing had ever happened. As for me, I was so ashamed of what had happened, that I liked her behaving like this very much. She did as well dress herself more in a casual way, and didn’t have that attitude anymore that caused me to literally drag for her. This change though wasn’t enough for me to stop getting excited and, at the same time, getting scared of her every time I looked at her. I gave vent to my excitement in my wife: I fucked her wildly and more frequently. Several months after Silvia showed up in the laboratory wearing a mini-skirt, with a fabulous costume of lilly colour, embellished by the veiled black stockings (it was the middle of March), and with high heels. Everyone without any exception made her a compliment that it perfectly fitted her. We had to discuss some issues that day, so we gathered around my table. A few minutes after the discussion had started, I was so excited by her presence and her perfume, that I couldn’t help caressing her thigh for a second. Silvia slapped me so hard that my glasses flew away from my face, and I thought it might have been heard by those who were in the laboratory which was adjacent to my office. She stood up and looked at me with air of superiority: ‘You just can’t keep your hands off? How dare you to touch your mistress? I’ll settle you …’ All angry she rushed away from the office and, apparently, she went at home. She appeared a couple of hours afterwards and she asked me if it was possible to proceed with the discussion, so we turned back to the office. ‘I’m so sorry, Silvia, it won’t happen ever again’’. ‘Oh, you bet. And stop whimpering. I understood that you need to give vent a bit before focusing yourself on work’. She took a pair of black shoes with high heels out the box that she brought with her; those were the shoes she wore when we first met, and she put them in my hands.‘you have no right to touch me, - she hissed, - but I give you this honor and pleasure to make love to my shoes”. ‘are you delirious?’ I got even more excited. ‘Oh, I think you know what I mean. She sat down and pulled up her skirt so I could see her tights upper part which is more black. I looked down at the shoes that I had in my hands; Silvia put some toilet paper in them to make them softer inside. ‘Common sweaty, I don’t have all the day to spend on you’. I knew I didn’t have any choice. ‘Can I kiss your feet as well?’ Silvia shook her shoulders ‘if you just can’t help it…’. I took my trousers and briefs off, and I dragged to the Silvia’s feet. I put the shoes that she gave me on the pavement, and I penetrated it with my penis. The slope from the shoe’s heel down to its point was really like a vagina, and I started to push forth and back kissing wildly the shoes that Silvia had on. When being in that position I could see that long veiled legs of Silvia that seemed to me like kilometers long. The shoe’s heel side would saw my testicles up, but it just increased my excitement. Its plantar was as soft as the leather of the point part. I didn’t care at all that someone could come in and see me in that humiliating position, in fact it excited me a great deal. I squeezed the shoe’s point to get it more tight so I could feel the leather on my penis’s skin, and then I abundantly came. My face fell off the Silvia’s shoes when I being absolutely out of control was drooling on the ground. She stood up and walked around me. ‘I give you 2 minutes to collect yourself, then we’ll proceed with our talking on work’. She left closing the door behind her. I was praying once again that nobody would enter at that moment, and I was trying to get over it. Silvia turned back and gave me a smile. ‘I want you to have them.. the shoes, I won’t for sure wear them any more. You should always remember that they were mine, that only my feet veiled with the stockings wore them. Do not use them a lot and try not to wear them off too quickly’. ‘But if I don’t have you out there with me, it’s not the same …’ I protested. ‘I’m sure that just thinking about me will be enough for you be satisfied’. And she came out with her work data as nothing had ever happened. We were there for a while to discuss these data till I went to the bathroom and I realized we were alone in the department. When I came back Silvia was reorganizing her staff. I got excited just from the sense of being here alone with her. I wanted so badly to kiss her but by the time I’d already understood it could happen only in one way … ‘I was a good boy, Silvia, Do you think I can get something in return again?’ ‘don’t tell me you want to do it once again, you’re insatiable, prof!’ she caressed my face with her hand. ‘Let’s do it but quickly, I’ve got plans with my boyfriend for tonight, and I’m already late’. This time I closed my office door on key, I put the toilet paper into another shoe, and I got undressed. Being around her feet again I started to explore the zone between her foot and the shoe’s internal side. Silvia curved her foot a bit consenting me to penetrate with my tongue almost tickling her and tasting the nylon flavour of her stockings. This slight concession from her part got me so excited that I almost died, I started to stroke my penis having it deep in the shoe. The fact that we’d made the same thing before didn’t decrease my cumming wildness. When being shaking violently by the ejaculation contractions I was thinking that my wife hadn’t ever given me so much pleasure. ‘I love you….adore you’ I told her at last. And she was already up, with her bag on her shoulder. ‘I know… by the way, you own me a pair of shoes’. She said leaving. I remained there, on the floor, all distracted, and I didn’t want to go home at all.