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Storie \ My Boss's Wife

  (translation by Nyllady) | Feet Under The Table -  - English story | 14.07.2007

The story I’m going to tell you is a true one, and it will be only the first part of a long series of the anonymous rendezvous in most weird places that I had with the my-department-head’s wife. It’s a story about a true “sexual torture”. The thing started at a restaurant. My boss wanted to make a party to celebrate the company’s income increase. It was summer, and he was accompanied by his wife. She was a terrific blondy with great sensuality. She was very tanned, wore a black low-necked dress, with shoulder-straps and a short skirt. As I’d never seen her before, I was stunned by her perfume and clothing. My eyes stared at her clevage and at her shoes, with high heels, and at her splendid tanned feet that had a scarlet nail-polish on them. We sit opposite each other, and for the first 15 minutes she had been making nothing but lancing some teasing looks and dazzling smiles at me. I can’t say I was not embarrassed. Suddenly she dropped her fork under the table and she looked at me. “I’ll pick up it for you, don’t disturb yourself”, - I said and slipped under the table. When being there I had a surprise waiting for me. She took off her shoes opening her legs to me. She wore no underwear, and a little bit of her blond fluff could be seen. The thing that made me so hot when I bent for her fork was her placing her foot on my face, and I instinctively opened my mouth to take it into my lips. It had been happening for a fraction of a second: I avidly bit her toes and deeply sucked them. “So.. did you find the fork” my boss asked, “here it is” I answered when turning back up. We continued to have our dinner when I suddenly felt something touching me in the fly zone of my panties. She – named Mara as I got to know afterwards -, stretched her foot out on my dick looking at me as a real bitch. She started to stroke it intensely so it became as hard as ever with just a few pushes. I was so hot that I lost my sense of reality that could suppress me, so I took it out as there was a table-cloth to hide what was happening. She squeezed it with her toes as she had an amazing knack for massaging its top with a delicacy that I’d never felt before. After a while I cum. The hot fluid has covered her feet, and I can remember the expression on her face when the second cum covered her toes: she was nibbling her lips. I was exhausted, but nobody noticed it. When the second shot was done, that bitch being very excited got up and went to the restroom. After 30 seconds the manager of the restaurant told me that I’d got a phone call. That was Mara who was calling me from the ladies’ restroom using her mobile: “Move it on, get to the ladies’s restroom. I’m in the last cabin. You made me feel so horny, hurry up or I’ll got you fired if I say that you made me advances”. I didn’t need to be called twice, and I rushed to the bathroom. She had pulled up her skirt. She seized my head, and she made me suck her pussy that was already wet. She cum into my mouth after a bit less than a minute. I really can’t describe her mood. She pushed me against the door pulling my cock out. She took it into her mouth and said: “I can still feel the sperm flavour, that makes me crazy”. She started to suck it obsessively, she was moaning “cum, cum, we don’t have that much time”. When sucking she took it out making her saliva drop on the member’s top, then taking it back into the mouth. I can’t tell you what feeling I had at that moment. She was tightly squeezing it with he lips and sucking only the member’s top. Then I exploded, and she never took her lips off my boy, so all handful of my hot sperm filled her mouth. She swallowed all of it, and even the ultimate drops. Then cleaning her lips with her hand she said: “That jerk can only dream about this. I haven’t had for years a dick so hard like yours”. We put ourselves in order, and before we turned back to the table, she said: “From now on you should do what I say and when I want it, otherwise I’ll got you fired saying that you raped me”. All that thing was happening during about 5 minutes. She turned back first, I showed up after a while. Nobody has noticed anything, and it was her the first one to ask me loudly as I sit down: “Who was it. I hope nothing terrible has happened at home?”. “My sister felt bad,– I said, - but now it’s under control”. From that day on we had met like 30 times making kind of things that every one will be shocked to hear about, and in the most weird places. I changed my job today .. because of despair.