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Storie \ Babe's Footjob

  Anonimo | Feet Under The Table -  - English story | 27.01.2003

Melinda knew she shouldn’t do it, yet with Janice sitting so stimulatingly close she felt completely incapable of stopping herself. Casually, whilst plucking a small morsel of meat from her fork, she slipped off one of her high heel pumps. She wriggled her toes for a moment and smiled inwardly before reaching across to refill her wineglass. She sipped slowly at the blood red liquid for a moment before replacing her glass to the top right of her plate.

She cut lustily into her food, and as she raised another mouthful to her lips, she locked eyes with Janice before stretching out a long leg to brush the side of her foot casually against the inside of Janice's calf. The archaeologist dropped her fork with a clatter and sat bolt upright at the provocative sensation. Melinda simply raised a curious eyebrow and continued with her ministrations.

Outwardly, Janice recovered quickly and offered an apologetic smile to those seated around her. To Melinda she gave a malevolent glare, which served only to strengthen Melinda's resolve regarding her antics, her foot moved higher. Janice swallowed quickly and fought to suppress a shudder which threatened to envelop her. A spark of adrenalin had started in her stomach and was achingly making its way to her groin.

She could not believe that Melinda was being so risque. Didn’t she know what she was doing to her? Oh she knew, Janice decided when she felt Melinda's foot against the inner side of her knee, gently urging her to shift her legs further apart. Despite herself, Janice gritted her teeth and complied, feeling Melinda's foot settle languidly between her open knees, resting on the front of her chair. The close presence of Melinda's foot was both highly desirous and deliriously intoxicating. She could feel the warmth filtering luxuriously into her flesh and both cursed and praised her body for responding as it was.

She locked eyes with the Southerner, something enigmatic passing between them. Janice shifted slightly in her chair, trying desperately not to look as if she was squirming at the sensations brought on solely by that foot, which were so intense in their construction that she was powerless to stop them. Janice sent Melinda a frustrated look that basically said, 'if you don’t remove your foot, we're going to have to leave here right now'.

Yet Melinda was enjoying watching her partner struggle with the effort of continuing a general conversation and dealing with the emotions she knew she was creating. That in itself was arousing, and watching Janice out of the corner of her eye made it doubly so. With added determination, Melinda kept her foot exactly where it was for the duration of the meal.By the time dinner concluded, Janice was physically sweating with desire, she could feel her own arousal between her legs which Melinda had been teasing relentlessly with a shift of her foot here and a wiggle of her toe there.

At last each of the guests stood in turn to offer their congratulations on the fund raiser and to make assurances that their support would not be withdrawn. It was at this point that Melinda finally allowed Janice to stand, removing her foot and surreptitiously replacing it in her shoe. Janice held on to the table for support and flushed embarrassingly when Melinda sent her a knowing smile.