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Storie \ Anna

  Anonimo | Feet Under The Table -  - English story | 27.01.2003

The next evening, Anna came in late from her classes. Cindy and I were already seated eating dinner when she arrived. She sat herself directly across from me at the table, as she chatted about her day. Before long, as the dinner conversation continued, I could feel her nylon covered foot working its way up my pant leg, rubbing my leg above my socks. Every now and then, she looked at me across the table and smiled innocently, as her foot rubbed my leg. When she knew Cindy wasn't paying attention, she'd even pout her red lips and blow a silent kiss, or run her wet tongue slowly from corner to corner of her partially opened mouth. Needless to say, all this teasing gave me an instant erection.

Her soft foot worked it way slowly up my leg, over my knee, and to my thigh. Casually, she slid her chair closer to the table, so that she could better reach me. Soon her foot had rubbed up the inside of my thigh to the stiff pole inside my pants. She rubbed her talented toes and soft arch across my the swollen cockhead. I could barely hold my fork, the sensation ws so intense. I felt her other foot move into my lap. Now it was my turn to scoot my chair closer. All the while, the three of us kept talking about how our days had gone.

She alternated her feet as she massaged my prick and rubbed my balls. About then, the telephone rang. My wife, announcing that she was expecting a call, rose from the table and stepped to the phone at the other side of the room. She turned her back towards us and talked. At that moment Anna leaaned towards me and whispered.

"Take it out baby - I want to feel it all hot and hard against my soft feet. Do it - unzip and take it out."

I looked at my wife. She was abosrbed in the phone call. I looked down at the edge of the table cloth. It was long, draping down well below the chairs.

"Take it out - I'm gonna' make you shoot so good," she breathed, squeezing the head between her toes.

I reached down with both hands. With one I unzipped and with the other I reached in and pulled my hard cock out. Before my hands were back on the table top, Anna's nyloned feet were stroking my stiff tool beneath the table.

When Cindy hung up the phone and turned back to us, Anna was sitting, leaning forward on the table, with both hands around a glass of wine. Her feet continued to work my dork.

"So," Cindy said chiperly, "how are you two doing? Are you finished yet?"

Although Cindy was speaking about dinner, Anna spoke up and answered, "Oh, not quite yet, Cindy."

Feeling bold, I added, "Just about - just about."

"Well," she said, smiling and turning towards the kitchen, " I'll just go ahead and get the dessert. You better finish up before I get back," she added as the door closed behind her.

"Y-yes, d-dear," I mumbled, feeling the cum rise out of my balls and erupt from my cock. I shot my pearly sperm across the bottom of the table and out over Anna's talented feet. She squeezed the head with those naughty toes of hers as I pumped my hips against her. When I finished pumping, Anna pulled her feet away.

"You come to my room later tonight," she whispered as her hand disappeared beneath the table.

"I've got my own pie for you to eat," she said as she lifted her hand from below the table. It returned with a gob of creamy white cum dripping from the two fingers. Just as Cindy walked back into the room with the dessert, Anna lifted her fingers to her lovely mouth and sucked my cum off. She smacked her lips and winked at me.

"You must have certainly enjoyed your meal," Cindy commented, smiling to Anna as she set the pie down.

"Oh, Cindy, it was delicious, just delicous!"