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Storie \ Feet Under The Table

  Jeffi (translation by Nyllady) | Feet Under The Table -  - English story | 14.01.2006

I was out for dinner with my friends, there was a dozen of us, as men as women, all of the same age of 25-28 years old. The table was narrow and lengthy, and I happened to sit opposite my friend Paolo and his girl, Ilaria. I was aware of them having some problems in their relations now because of Ilaria's insatisfaction and Paolo's indifference. Ilaria was a pretty girl with long, brown, a bit curly hair, that day she was wearing a wonderful white suit.
 While having dinner I was talking to Paolo about this and that, I suddenly felt as something has touched my leg. I didn't pay attention at happened at first, but I felt it once more a bit later on my ankle's bone. Talking to Paolo I shot a glance at Sofia who was intensely staring at me; I forgot about it as never happened, but after 10 minutes I realized that Ilaria's ankle was caressing my calf, and she was gazing at me without being caught by her boyfriend. She was bitting her lips when I felt her shoe's sole was sliding up my leg, passed the knee, and she posed it between my legs provoking me to strain my voice for a moment. she was wearing a beautiful pair of white shoes that have its heel, lateral parts and toe open. The Paolo's girl had her heel and sole pointed at my genitals, and everytime she moved her toes I got intense pleasure. Being so much embarassed with this thing happened, even if Paolo didn't get anything, I stood up in haste saying to all and Paolo that I had some stuff to finish at the office. So I say good bye to everyone leaving Ilaria with her foot placed on my seat. In several minutes I was already in the office, then I hear someone knoking on the door. I open the door, it was Ilaria, as beautiful as always. - I beg you help me, - she said, - I can't handle Paolo anymore! Since you're his friend, he trusts you, so make him get through with me, - I return, - what? How am I involved here? He's your guy, and he's my friend, but I don't have the right to do it! - She sit down on the arm-chair behind the table. When coming closer she smiles and continues - i know, but I can't do it either .. or he'd think I've got someone else ... as for you, you could tell him this ..... when she was telling all this, she sit on the table beside me, took off one shoe letting it fall down  on  the floor, placing her bare foot directly between my thigh, plunging it into my pubis zone, beginning to move it sensually. I managed to resist for little, then I cum in my pants. So she took her off the table withdrawing the foot, she opens me the zip of the pants liberating my penis still covered with my sperm. She took it in her mouth immersing all of it into her troat, and began to suck it very noisely. I was moveless while she as if she were a vampire thirsty for my blood, has sucked all my cum till the ultimate drop making me cum again and again.