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Storie \ Erica's Feet

  Jeffi (translation by Nyllady) | Feet Under The Table -  - English story | 14.01.2006

I was still a young guy of 19 years old, and I had to take classes of the italian history and geography given by a private teacher who receives students afternoon. I was at erica's place 10 minutes in advance. the teacher was a young lady of 22 years old, very pretty, she let me get in, and I looked at her at once, she was beautiful, and the more I was looking at her the prettier she seemed to be. She wore a dark blue costume that consisted of  a blouse and a short skirt in japanese style. When she came up to open the door she didn't have the shoes on, but she had some light-coloured almost transparent socks that got to her ankle. she smiled to me saying - Hi, Stefano, How're you? - It's ok- I said, she continued - Listen, I've got another student now, would you wait for 10 or 15 minutes? You can get in though!  And I replied - that's ok, I'll wait...... she showed me the way to the sitting-room and went back to the room where she was giving a lesson. When I got alone, I started to look around, a beautiful sitting room, excellent library of millions of books, but there was a title that particulary attracted my attention. There were red-covered books shelved in row one by one, with the title "Kama Sutra" on one of them. I took one of them and started to look it through, it was amazing, there were photos and pictures that I'd never seen; of course, I imagined  some stuff like that but i never thought they could be put into practice. Different positions were thoroughly explained, with the pictures to back the text, or in some cases with real photos where men and women were actually performing the described positions. I wanted so badly to masturbate, so I started with touching myself on the pants, then looking at the photo where one woman was alternately sucking dicks of two men  and swollowing their sperm. I took my penis out of the pants and began to strike it with my hands up and down, faster and faster, maybe because of the terror to be cought in the act, how would I explain all this if I had to? I cum a bit later always looking at that picture. After that I looked at the watch: 25 minutes have passed since I arrived, and Erica doesn't turned back yet. i didn't know what to do, so I did my fly up, and I decided to look for Erica to remind her about my lesson. i went out of the sitting-room closing the door behind me. I walked along the coridor  untill I reached a kind of huge passage with doors on each side of it, one of which was half-open so the voices could be heard for the inside, I stood beside the door trying to overhear. I could her the voice of Erica and someone's a bit younger. I tried to look inside without opening the door, and without being noticed. It was a large spacious room where I'd never been, there were a lot of books as well. At the center of the room there was a round table, Erica was sitting at one side of it, and a  20-year-old young man she was giving a lesson to (she was supposed to, at least) - at the other. From the place where I was standing I could see the silhouettes of both of them, and since the table didn't have any cover I could destinguish Erica holding her left foot between his thighs, catching a glimpse of her foot's top posing on his jeans' fly. Her foot was leaned against his chair, with its base driven to his pubis part. Erica did't move her foot, she was still, from time to time though she was moving her toes (that destinguished themselves since that was almost all I could get a peep of because of the young-man's legs. Erica was moveless to provoke a great pleasure, or an intense one at least, to feel his penis to get bigger under her foot. The young man was embarassed with his face turd all red. Erica asked him at once - Do you like it, Luca?- The guy nodded his head without saying a word, - But you won't tell about this to your mom, will you? - He shook his head to say no - Good boy, if you don't tell to anyone about this, we'll spend other lessons in this very way - when saying this she withdraw her foot back from his fly, and then said - Open your zip and take you guy out, and you'll see how big I'll make him to become! - While he was opening his zip i was observing the scene getting more excited, so I started to masturbate once more. His penis was out, but with some time it got relaxed, and Erica was taking her socks off, one by one, saying to him with malicious look - You know, Luca, it's more sensual to do it with bare feet, and more pleasant - then she posed her feet between the guy's thigh once again, but this time she covered his dick with her feet, her left one on one part of it, her right one - on another, and she began to move with them up and down, she was making a masturbation to him with her heels. The Luca's penis turned straight again, and after a couple of strikes he cum in a sensational splash covering Erica's perfect feet with his sperm while she was looking at him excited and smiling. I cum at the same time with Luca in a perfect plesure, so that I stained a bit the floor with my cum. I did my pants up moving off the door, and checking the time I thought it was senseless to begine a lesson now, so I directed my way out and I ran away.