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Storie \ Tracy And Jeannie

  Anonimo | Feet Under The Table -  - English story | 27.03.2005

Sunday morning we woke up together, as if on cue. Jeannie and I had been up until midnight reliving the night before, and planning tonight with Ted and Al.

I smiled and let my eyes dance over Jeannie's naked form. I guess our "sleepovers" would never be the same again. After feeling Jeannie's nakedness and tasting her pussy at the lake on Friday, I looked at her now with a whole new appreciation.

Not only was she still my best friend, but now she was a lover! And what a lover!!

She grinned back as if she could read my thoughts, then bounced out of bed.

"C'mon girl...we've got quite a day ahead of us!! Let's eat!!"

I threw her a loose fitting nightshirt and put one on myself. The soft cotton felt marvelous aginst my naked tits.

When we went down stairs for breakfast, my uncle Jack was already up and was cleaning the pool. His shirt was off and he had on pair of short denim cutoffs were so old and thin that even the pockets were frayed.

His muscular torso was glistening with a combination of tanning oil and sweat. I had to admit he looked pretty sexy as the muscles in his arms and legs bulged with each pass of the pool skimmer.

I waved to him as he looked up and he waved back. Jeannie leaned out of the patio door and waved.

"Hi Jeannie!" he yelled. "You guys sleep okay?" "Slept like a log" Jeannie replied. She stretched her arms over her head as she spoke, and thrust her chest towards my dad.

"You're looking pretty cute in those shorts, Mr. Thompson" she teased. "Careful you don't get wet!"

Her eyes were directed at the outline of my uncle's cock, which was clearly visible through the thin cotton.

Jack's eyes were obviously focused on Jeannie's tits. I didn't blame him. They were showstoppers all right.

He chuckled at her comment, and went back to his pool skimming. I pulled Jeannie back into the kitchen.

"Geez", I said. "Why don't you guys just jump on each other!"

I don't know why, but I was feeling jealous. The confusing part was that I didn't know who I was jealous more of...Jeannie, or Jack!

"Sorry, Trace" Jeannie soothed. "Jack and I were just fooling around. You know how we get. Hey, he's cute!"

Jeannie loved to tease my uncle. She would often let her skirt hike a little higher than usual when sitting on our couch if Jack was in the room. And more than once I noticed her surreptitiously undo a couple of buttons on her blouse if she knew he was around. I'd even seen her crossing and uncrossing her legs repeatedly if he was sitting across from her.

She knew he loved to look at her and it was obvious she loved to be watched. I have to admit that I kind of enjoyed it too!

I kidded her about it, but she said she thought my uncle was cute and she loved to see him get "excited". A few times I'd seen Jack leave the room with a large bulge in his pants.

I figured it must be tough for him. It had been two years since his divorce from his wife, and he hadn't remarried yet. In fact he swore he'd never get married again. "A waste of time and energy" he told me once.

At forty, he was in excellent shape physically and was unusually handsome. Not just in my eyes, but in my friends eyes too.

Jeannie said that he reminded her of the guy in the Chanel perfume ads.

And I had to admit that when I could put it out of my mind that he was my uncle, I'd get pretty turned on when I'd see his bulge growing under Jeannie's teasing stares.

I guess it was the "older man" thing. I told myself that I wasn't into my uncle sexually, but I could relate to Jeannie teasing him. I'd do the same thing with a few of his friends when they'd stop over.

It turned me on immensely, but I had to be careful that my uncle didn't see. Once he caught a buddy of his staring at my tits (which I'd been kinda showing off...) and he kicked the guy out of the house!

Jack had his fair share of girlfriends but it still must have been frustrating to be teased and turned on by my sexy blond, and obviously horny, best friend. Mostly though, I just sat back and enjoyed their bantering. Jack was a big boy and knew how to handle himself. He didn't let Jeannie's flattery go to his head, and obviously liked being teased as much as she like teasing him.


As we got breakfast together, I kept looking at Jeannie and saw a new fire in her eyes when she watched my uncle using the skimmer on the pool surface.

Each time he'd lean back to dump the leaves out of the skimmer net, I could see his cock outlined in his thin shorts. And I know that Jeannie was noticing too! She was leaning against the counter top with her arms folded across her chest and was intently watching Jack do his chores.

"You want to give me a hand here, jailbait?" I asked with an edge in my voice.

"What do you mean "Jailbait" girl?" Jeannie replied, whirling around to face me. The look on her face was as if I had read her lustful mind. I think I had! She had a lusty smile on her face.

"We're eighteen, you know" she continued. "There's a whole new world opening up for us, Trace!"

"Well, just don't open it up here, okay?" I said with a smile. I handed her a tray, on which were cereal bowls, sugar and a pitcher of milk.

"How about bringing these out to the patio table." I said with a grin. "Think you can handle that?"

Jeannie continued to watch Jack as she reached for the tray.

"I know what I'd like to handle..." she said as she turned her attention to me. She smiled broadly and took the tray.

As she turned towards the patio and the pool, I leaned closer to her and whispered, "At least wait until I'm away at college!" Jeannie laughed heartily and went out to the patio table. I went back to the cupboard for the cereal and to see if the toast was ready. I smiled to myself, thinking of Jeannie's attraction to my uncle. It was kind of cool knowing your friends admired the way your guardians looked. I decided that I didn't mind too much.

After all, they were both adults. It was really none of my business!!

I smiled and turned my attention back to getting breakfast.

When I finally made my way out the patio, about ten minutes later, Jeannie and Jack were nowhere in sight.

"That bitch!" I thought, only half angry. I had to admit, I was more curious than angry. I quietly set my tray laden with boxes of cereal, toast and jars of jellies, and walked softly around the corner to the pool area.

I paused when I saw them standing close together next to the pump house. I moved closer to the wall so they wouldn't notice me as I spied on them. For a reason I wasn't sure of, my heart started to race wildly.

Jack was leaning with one hand resting on the small pump house, and the other holding on to the skimmer. There was a curious edge to his voice and his laughter was a little too forced. I could tell he was nervous, and I could see why.

Jeannie was telling him something, and was leaning forward in a conspirital manner, as if she was sharing a dark secret. I saw that she had unbuttoned the top three or four buttons of her nightshirt, and was standing as if she were a mirror image of Jack, with one hand on the pump house, and the other on her hip.

I saw Jack's eyes fighting to look into Jeannie's face, but it was a loosing battle. Each time she'd lean forward, his eyes would dip down and drink in the sight of her firm young breasts peeking out from her nightshirt.

I don't think my uncle realized that Jeannie was naked under her thin night shirt, but he certainly could see that her breasts were.

From where I was standing, a little to the side and behind them, I could see Jeannie's naked ass and her blond bush peeking out from the bottom of her shirt. The shirt had ridden up as she stretched her arm out to lean on the pump house, and she had helped the process by pulling it up a bit as she placed her hand on her hip.. Jack was too close to enjoy that view, but was plainly enjoying the sight of Jeannie's breasts.

Jeannie had decided to take her teasing one step further. She was having the time of her life and was very aware of the effect she was having on my uncle.

His cock was rock hard and was outlined against his tanned leg through his denim shorts. For the first time, I began to wonder what his cock looked like...and tasted like...

It seemed to be about eight inches long and perfectly proportioned in width. I felt my mouth begin to water as I imagined it in my mouth.

As they continued their conversation and their motions, I saw the head of Jack's cock peek out from the bottom of his shorts.

Jeannie couldn't see it, but I knew she would have loved the effect she was having on Jack She said something witty, she put her hand on his shoulder and leaned close, giving him an unobstructed view down her shirt.

The interaction between the two of them was beginning to turn me on immensely. My breathing was increasing and I came close to groaning out loud when Jeannie slid her hand from Jack's shoulder and grasped the pole of the skimmer. She wrapped her fingers around the pole and began a slow, suggestive stroke that made Jack look.

She said something more and they both broke into peals of laughter.

I slowly backed away, not wishing that my spying be exposed at this point, and made my way back to the patio table. I sighed heavily as I dropped into one of the large cushioned chairs. I felt exhausted and exhilarated at the same time.

I thought that I should be mad that my best friend was teasing my uncle and turning him on that way, but the fact of the matter was that I was incredibly turned on!!

I reached into my lap and cupped one hand around my pussy mound as I pictured in my mind Jack's hard cock sliding out from the end of his shorts. I couldn't help but remember the taste of Ted's cock and that made me groan louder.

Not wanting to get caught masturbating on the patio, I reluctantly pulled my hand away and, picking up my tray, moved quickly to the kitchen.

Taking a deep breath, I turned and noisily made my way back to the patio. I made sure to make a clamor as I moved and called for Jeannie when I reached the table.

As if on cue, she walked around the corner and sat down at the table across from me. Her face was flushed, but her manner was as if she'd just been birdwatching. Pretty cool and collected, I thought. I was curious to see how my uncle would react.

I called to him that breakfast was ready, and saw Jeannie smile as he yelled to go ahead and start without him. I smiled too, knowing it would take a few minutes for his cock to go down.

"Hey, this toast is ice cold!" Jeannie complained as she tried to put butter on it.

"Sorry" I answered. "I got waylaid on the way out here."

Jeannie grinned at that. She looked into my eyes and immediately knew that I'd seen her. It was impossible for us to hide anything from each other. We'd been friends too long for that.

"What can I say?" she said with a broad smile. "He's a cutie!"

I didn't get a chance to reply because my uncle chose that moment to walk around the corner. His smile was natural and his manner was calm, but I could still see the outline of his half-hard cock under his shorts as he moved. He sat next to me, across from Jeannie, and smiled.

"Well, good morning ladies!" he said, trying to sound calm. "I can't wait to eat!" He looked directly at Jeannie and grinned.

"Good morning, Mr. Thompson" Jeannie trilled musically. "How do you feel today?"

"Oh, gag me!" I thought. What a fucking act! My uncle had no idea, but Jeannie was continuing the teasing. Knowing that I'd seen them together! She was too much!

Jeannie looked over at me and, when my uncle wasn't looking, reached up and undid another button on her shirt. She winked at me and turned her attention to Jack, who had just found out that the toast was, indeed, as cold as the proverbial ice.

He didn't say a word, as he chewed his toast slowly and looked into Jeannie's hot eyes.

"Well, what are you kids planning today?" he asked. "Going to take a swim?"

"I don't know how we can refuse with the pool looking so clean!" Jeannie answered with a smile. "I can't wait to dive in!"

Jeannie slouched down in her chair and stared at my uncle. I figured that she was playing "footsie" with him under the table and had my thought confirmed when she slouched further and I heard him choke on his food.

The three of us held a seemingly ordinary conversation, but I knew that under the table, things were heating up. Neither Jeannie nor my uncle touched their food except for occasionally playing with it as they talked, and when I'd finished eating, I figured it was time for me to leave.

Besides, I had a plan. "Excuse me, guys" I said, getting up from my seat. "I just remembered I told Ted I'd call him about tonight. I'll be back in ten." I looked at Jeannie and winked, letting her know that I was okay.

I hurried away, trying not to run and I breathed a sigh of relief as I got to the kitchen hallway and out of their line of sight.

My heart was pounding as I quietly opened the basement door and slipped down the steps. My plan was getting clearer as I went down the stairs.

I didn't flip the lights on, but instead walked slowly towards the casement window on the pool side of the house. Peeking through the closed curtain, I smiled, knowing that my plan was a good one.

Unbeknownst to Jeannie and my uncle, the table they were sitting at was directly outside the window which I now stood at. By pulling the curtain apart slightly, I had a full view of the "undertable" activities.

And what a wonderful view it was!!

Jeannie's foot was resting on Jack's knee and was moving back and forth like a metronome. Obviously she felt comfortable in the fact that I wouldn't be returning for quite a while. As I watched, her foot moved to the inside of Jack's leg and she started to gently rub his thigh with her toes.

Jack's cock was clearly visible. A full two thirds of his pole was sticking out from the leg of his shorts...and it was enormous! The head was at least as big as Ted's and was shiny from the pre-come leaking from it's head. I licked my lips at the sight of the thick eight inch length.

Being able to just enjoy the sight of that hard cock, kind of without a person attached, helped my deal with the mixed feelings I was having about my uncle. I was incredibly turned on!

I looked to my left as Jeannie slouched further into her seat and saw her nightshirt ride up and over her hips. As I watched, I saw her hand reach down and undo the last button of her shirt. I knew that her tits were now completely exposed to my uncle's eyes.

Probably my uncle had no idea, but Jeannie was sitting across from him with her pussy completely exposed too! I groaned at the sight and watched as my best friend slid her foot higher up my uncle's leg!

"This is too hot!" I whispered to myself. I hurriedly reached behind me and pulled a high stool from the bar over to the window.

I unbuttoned my nightshirt and sat almost naked in the stool, anxiously awaiting the sight of Jeannie's foot reaching Jack's dripping cock. I was so turned on I was close to coming right there...without even touching myself!

I propped my feet against the window ledge, and brought my hands up to cup my heaving breasts. I closed my eyes as a feeling of pure sex washed over me. I squeezed my thighs together and opened my eyes again, afraid to miss even one juicy moment.

Jeannie's hand was on her own thigh, rubbing lightly, and her leg was completely extended. But even slouched down in her chair as far as she was, the table was just too wide for her to reach my uncle's straining cock. I knew that she was frustrated. She continued to rub Jack's thigh with her foot, and started to slide her hand up her thigh, getting closer and closer to her exposed pussy.

I followed her motions with my hand and cupped my pussy as Jeannie's hands reached her own wetness.

Then my uncle surprised both of us! I noticed his legs tense up and then his butt scooted down as he slouched down in his chair. The motion brought his cock to within an inch of Jeannie's probing foot!

I don't think that she realized how close she was to her goal, and my uncle decided to take the initiative. I saw his hand reach under the table, but instead of reaching for her foot, he first went to the top of his shorts.

I gasped as I saw him unbutton the top button and slide his zipper down to his crotch! The end of his cock was still trapped in the leg of his shorts but the top of his pole was now naked and as exposed as Jeannie's cunt!

I would have given anything to have been able to hear their conversation above the tabletop!

Jeannie finally stretched and made a glancing contact with the head of Jack's cock. I saw her leg tense up and then relax as the contact surprised her. Then, getting her bearings, she started a slow rhythmic stroke on the head of Jack's cock. Her legs spread when she reached her goal and I saw a finger slide into her slick pussy.

I knew then that conversation had most likely stopped by this time.

Jack's hand moved down and I groaned again as I saw him pull his cock out from it's prison and let it sway freely against Jeannie's foot. After stroking himself a few times, my uncle used his hand to press his cock fully against Jeannie's foot, and start to fuck it up and down.

Jeannie was getting hotter and I saw her slide two more fingers into her pussy. Her hips pumped as she fucked herself with her hand.

Suddenly I saw Jack's foot enter my line of vision. While I'd been watching Jeannie fingerfuck herself, he'd slipped his shoes of and was returning her favor by sliding his foot up her leg!

I saw him jump when his foot came into contact with Jeannie's hand, and jump again even more when Jeannie, without missing a beat, grasped Jack's foot in her hand and drew it towards her wet cunt.

I choked on my breath as I watched my uncle gently rub Jeannie's clit with his toes. He turned his foot a little sideways and I moaned as he slid his big toe into her wetness.

I saw her pussy hungrily suck his big toe inside, and her legs spread wide as Jack fucked her with his foot.

When Jeannie moved her left foot up to join her right at Jack's crotch, the picture was complete. Bending her leg over Jack's she trapped his dripping cock between her two feet and began to pump her feet slowly, his cock sliding between her insteps.

I couldn't believe my eyes! My own pussy was dripping wetly now and I was furiously thrusting three fingers in and out, rubbing my clitoris with my other hand.

I'd never in my life been this wet or this loose. I felt as if I could plunge my whole hand up into my cunt and fist-fuck myself!

The only thing that stopped me from actually trying such a crazy idea was that I'd have to stop watching the show upstairs!!

And it was getting too hot for that now!

Jack was fucking his cock into Jeannie's feet and trying to simultaneously fuck his toes into her pussy! By now, she had both hands wrapped around his thrusting foot, and was grinding her cunt against his thrusts.

I felt as if I was watching a silent movie for there was no sound at all except for the occasional muffled groan. I knew they were trying to keep the noise down so as not to alert me. If they only knew!!

Jack's hands moved down to grip his chair cushion. This allowed him to lift further off the seat and I knew he was close to coming.

He was fucking his cock into Jeanie's clutching feet, faster and faster, higher and higher, until he thrust upwards and I heard another muffled exclamation.

He grasped Jeannie's feet and pushed them together forcefully. The movement, and the position of Jeannie's leg over his own aimed the head of his cock directly at the window I was looking out of!!

My hand was a blur as my fingers fucked in and out of my cunt.

I felt my orgasm rising up inside of me as I focused my attention on the end of my uncle's pistoning cock. His juices were pouring out of his tiny slit and covering Jeannie's feet with shimmering pre-come.

And, as I felt my climax overtake my senses, my uncle's cock erupted and sent a huge load of semen straight at me! If we hadn't had the window separating us, his first blast would have been a direct hit on my face! As it was, he hit the screen. His semen dripped down and blocked my view.

I hurriedly moved closer to the window not wanting to miss a single beautiful blast from that cock. I wasn't disappointed as his prick continued to spew it's treasure all over Jeanie's feet.

Jack was making no pretense of hiding their activities now, and with both hands on his chair cushion, he was fucking hard into Jeannie's feet, covering them with wet semen.

Jeannie, meanwhile had slumped down into her chair so far that I could see her face from my hiding place. Her shirt was open and at her sides and her breasts were heaving, covered in a thin layer of sweat. Her eyes were shut, and she had both of her hands in her lap. One holding Jack's foot tight in her pussy, and the other rubbing her clitoris savagely. Her head was moving left and right and I knew she was coming on my uncle's foot.

My own juices were flowing over my stabbing fingers as a huge orgasmic wave washed over me. I closed my eyes as I peaked and slumped into my chair. My whole body was tingling and I felt I was going to pass out. I think I'd stopped breathing ten minutes ago!

As if in a dream, I brought my hand up to my face a licked my juices from my fingers. The taste and the smell made me think of Jeannie and I opened my eyes to see what was happening "poolside".

Jack's cock, although shrinking was still a formidable sight as he continued to slowly fuck it in and out of Jeannie's feet. He'd dropped his foot from her bush, and Jeannie had replaced it with her fingers, slowly sliding two of them in and out.

Her eyes were closed and she wore a dreamy, satisfied smile on her lips.

She began to stir, and as she roused herself, her eyes opened and focused directly on me!

She jumped, and I heard her startled scream even through the closed window! I was too surprised to move and could do nothing but stand there, my come slick fingers in my mouth, and my face pressed against the glass!

Jeannie started to laugh and I saw her draw herself up in her chair, obviously trying to explain what had just happened to my uncle.

They both laughed then, and I knew that she had covered for me. Jack would die if he knew I'd watched Jeannie jerk him off with her feet!

As it was, her scream had broken the trance-like mood they'd been in, and they both were nervously trying to straighten up.

My uncle was trying in vain to stuff his cock back into his shorts, but I think the thought of what had just happened was feeding into his brain. What he was attempting to stuff into his shorts was a full blown, delicious looking hard-on! My mouth watered with the thought that he was ready for more as quickly as that. He'd just come only five minutes ago! Hey! My uncle was a stud!

The thought entered my mind that I'd absolutely love to help him "put it away". Then I immediately got flushed when I remembered it was my uncle I was thinking about. Geez, I was losing it here! Jeannie was having an easier time of it, buttoning her shirt and adjusting her posture.

I grinned as I closed the curtain.