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Storie \ The Seduction Of Michael

  zaza-ob | Feet Under The Table -  - English story | 27.03.2005

My name is Michael James; I consider myself an average person with basic wants and needs. I'm a lawyer of a very prim and proper law firm who has been divorced for two years. I've considered getting back into the dating game but found myself too overwhelmed and a little intimidated by the aspect of dating again at the age of 42; that was at least until I met Deborah or quite frankly her daughter Natalie. I met Deborah at a function hosted by my firm once a year for the company's clientele, and to elicit new ones. She was a marketing exec with a cosmetic company that specializes in hair products, who had contracted the firm to prepare several contracts and other agreements for they're up coming summer promo campaign. Deborah was a nicely put together package with a beautiful face and stunning green eyes and a figure that was generous but a little on the pudgy side which still had hints of a beautiful body of years gone by. We had hit it off immediately to my surprise and after the dinner and several glasses of champagne decided it was in each other's mutual best interest to see each other again. Our relation gradually blossomed over the next two months with both of us getting to know each other much better, sexually as well as emotionally. It was then that Deborah decided to invite me over dinner and to introduce me to her 18-year-old daughter Natalie.

I arrived at their apartment door not expecting how to react but tried my best to keep my cool. I rang the doorbell and waited patiently until someone came to the door. When it was opened I was literally taken back by the vision that was in front of me. Deborah's daughter, Natalie was something else standing at around 5ft10 she was statuesque as if carved from beautiful white granite without a hint of imperfection. Her skin was milky white and seamless, her blonde hair fell from her head to her shoulders in tidy bundles of curls, her face very much like her mother's was beautiful with those very same stunning green eyes which seems to beckon to anyone who stared into them. I was unable to speak at first but manage to compose myself to form an introduction. "Hi", I said,"my name is Michael and you must be Natalie", hoping to bury our conversation in formal greetings to cover the fact that I was staring so blatantly at her. "Hi yourself Michael mom is getting ready she'll be down in a minute you can come in and wait in the den till she is ready." I walked in after her taking the time with her back to me to feast my eyes on her body once more noticing those long legs and round butt which provocatively swayed effortlessly from side to side as she walked. Sitting in the den we made idle chatter while watching the television Deborah had came in and said that dinner will be ready in the next 15 minutes and went off to check the lasagna. Through the small talk and watching the TV Natalie had caught me sneaking glimpses at her body, especially her breast, which were standing so high off her chest as if weightless.

At one point we made eye contact and she smiled slyly like a cat that had caught the scent of it's prey and said, you know "Mike, can I call you Mike?" I said, "sure if it makes you feel comfortable." "Well you must like my mom a lot?" "A great deal Natalie,"wondering where this conversation was going. "Have you made it with her yet." I gasped dumbfounded by the question not knowing what to say I asked her why she wanted to know. "Well she said mom is pretty attractive and she hasn't been dating in a while so I was just wondering if she's getting what she needs from you." Feeling completely lost with the course that the conversation was taking I took the plea bargain route and simply stated that, "maybe this is a question best left for your mother." She looked at me coyly as if saying in her mind that I wont get off that easily; turned in her seat letting the skirt she was wearing ride up the steep incline of her legs placed her hands flat on the insides of her thighs with her manicured fingers gently out stretched apart and said, "Well are you getting what you need Mike?" I stared at her now unable to fathom how in heaven above I had managed to get myself in this situation and how am I going to possibly get myself out. "It seems your at a lost for words Mike I hope that means that my mom is giving it you every which way that she knows how, but if not maybe you should try looking in another direction possibly a younger one." I felt now like I was going to pass out from the shock of the entire situation. The fact that she caught me leering at her youthful but very sexy teenage body coupled with the interrogation into her mother and myself sexual affair made me want to head for the door running without stopping to look back. Luckily I was spared further trauma to my nervous system by the timely intervention of Deborah walking in and announcing that dinner was ready. The dinning room was a quaint and comfy room surrounded by old paneling wood flooring with a high ceiling with one side of the walls opening to three six feet high glass windows which gave a great view of the city.

The dinning table was a small glass table that could comfortable hold about four people. It was wrapped with an intricate table cloth pattern from Colombia. I was seated on one side while Deborah and Natalie was seated directly across from me. The meal was incredible; Deborah had really outdone herself and impressed me by adding cooking to one of her now numerous attributes. The meal coupled with her witty conversation had managed to distract me from the previous spectacle between Natalie and myself though not enough to notice a slight almost feathery brush against my leg. I hadn't taken much notice of it at first but the touch became more insistent more demanding. I was startled at first and looked up from buttering my garlic bread into the eyes of both Deborah and Natalie. Deborah smiled and asked me if I was enjoying the meal. I said, "yes thank you it's delicious." Natalie gave me a nonchalant look and went back to eating her food. From natural deduction I knew it was someone's feet and I figured it was Deborah's giving me that discreet smile while asking me about the meal. I decide to sit back and enjoy this little foreplay. Her feet went from being playfully ticklish to outright bold and daring. She began to gently play with the cuff of my pants but then started to travel slowly up my leg taking time to make little pit stops to playfully pinch my leg with her toes. This started to make my blood boil as her soft insteps rubbing against my leg made me hornier and hornier. It was like slow torture as her foot reached my upper thighs now rubbing back and forth begging and tempting my dick with the anticipating of being touched. It took all of my energies to try and be composed as this sweet torture was taking place beneath the dinning table. My cock was so hard now I feared the slightest irritation would see me blow my load all over the front of my pants. I couldn't muscle up the nerve to look up from my meal into the eyes of my tormentor for fear of the excruciating agony that would have been seen on my face but only sat and ate as Deborah foot began that final journey towards its ultimate destination. I braced myself for that first touch that first stroke that would be the sweetest as my cock got its first direct stimulation. Almost gently as if stroking a baby her feet landed on my lap and rested without stirring, like a predatory beast lying in a forest crouching on all fours waiting to strike. Her feet stayed there without moving for over two minutes but to me it felt like an eternity. My cock was on fire waiting to burn a hole straight through the seat of my pants while her feet so soft and perfectly shaped beneath the table cloth hidden from me was so unmoving as if dead as if she it her foot couldn't feel the pulsing between my legs as my cock was now so fully engorge with blood it felt misshapen. The two minutes stretched into three then four as my private member began to adjust itself to the intrusion resting on my groin and gradually began to slightly deflate from the high. I felt disappointed at being carried so close only to be denied; it was as if someone had mugged me and left me penny less. I was so caught up in the loss of my high I never felt Deborah's feet been lifted ever so slightly off my lap until it was hovering about one to one and half inches over my crotch. By then it was too late her feet pounced on me like a cat that had caught its prey off guard. She mashed the sole of her feet into my crotch and began to ground her heel into my crotch bringing my penis back to life. Stirring and moving in tiny quick circles she grounded her heel into my crotch searching for my hardon and finding it began to painfully torture it by dragging it in circles around my lap. It was like her feet had taken on a life of it's own, like that great cat dragging and mercilessly tearing at its victim rending flesh from skin. I was caught up in a swirl of emotion as if a twister had caught and thrown all my senses to the Four Corners of the house. She had me in a daze as her feet searched out the head of my cock and wrapped her toes around it like fingers and began squeezing and releasing it like soft sand squishing between her toes. I was fastly approaching my limit knowing that any second would be my last. My legs were trembling my stomach contracting I felt dizzy almost faintish when I heard the telephone ringing. It's ringing pierced through my consciousness bringing me temporally back to reality and a reprieve from my attacker as everyone look in the direction of the phone. It rang again beckoning someone to pay attention to its needs. Deborah got up and excused herself from the table and went to answer the call. I felt greatly annoyed at this intrusion to yet rob me from my long overdue and deserved climax. I had to now resign myself to the fact that fulfillment was not to be mine as the meal was almost finished and it would be fool hardy to sit around an empty dinning table waiting on Deborah to return. Natalie had just finished her spaghetti when she asked if I didn't like what I was eating. I said, "sure Natalie, it's great." "Well you don't seem to be enjoying it since you've hardly finished your pasta." "Oh I'm just savoring every bite." With a smile she said,"Well it seems you might need a little coaxing." I was speculating on what she said when I felt that familiar intrusion quickly escalating up my leg and inserted itself deep underneath my balls. It was that very same feet it's movements now deadly familiar in my mind its form of sneak attack indelibly shocked into my system. Yet it wasn't Deborah's feet but Natalie's feet that had been teasing and taunting me through the entire dinner. I looked up into her eyes as her scarlet green pupils' contract and sparkled with laughter as I fully realized I had been taunted and aroused by my girlfriend's 18-year-old daughter. I wanted to get up I wanted to shout out every profanity that I could possibly think of but I was dumbfounded I was rooted to the chair by the pleasures that was now taking me over once again. I could feel the cum swelling up in my balls as her toes scratched and irritated my sacs willing it's fluids to leave the sanctity of it's home and travel up the length of my cock; while doing this she began to talk dirty to me. "C'mon Mike be a good boy and eat up don't you wanna cum." "Your cock does it's so fat and thick it wanna pour it's jism all over your pants." Her taunting only served to carry me to even higher heights as I faintly hear Deborah's voice in the background talking. I scalped and stuffed the food thrilling at the sensation of the tomato sauce going down my throat while her toes manipulated my balls at the same time. Her taunting became more intense as her toes left my battered and bruised balls and went to the underside of my cock at the base and started to stimulate and scratch my dick. Forcing the fluids she had drawn up from my balls further up the length of my cock. "C'mon Mike," she said, "don't you want it that's it lick it up, eat up everything on that plate you'll need to put back all the nutrients you can after your big monster shoots its load all over the room." I was moaning now grunting and snorting like an animal completely lost of all civility with my only concern being the climax I was fast racing towards. Her manipulations had grown deftly nimble and accurate as she zoned in on my cock head aiming for the underside where the skin attaches itself to my penis. She gripped it again with her long toes like a cat's claw gripping its prey by the neck for that finally death shot. With amazing agility she twisted her ankle back and forth and moving her feet up and down like a hand that is twisting and masturbating a penis. That was it for me I had finally reached the edge and was brutally pushed over. My climax burst upon me like a wave crashing over a barrier reef carrying me into a zone of beautiful Technicolor as my eyes squeezed shut and open. As I moan and grunted shaking my head back and forth my sperm shot it's way up from my cock hitting my boxers and forcing it's way through the material and encountering my trousers where it splattered and seeped slowly into the cloth. Through all of this Natalie kept up he excruciating torture of my genitals never stopping until she felt the warm sticky fluid smeared out on my pants. She rubbed her feet gently now taking care to smear my sticky sperm over the crotch of my pants, thrilling in the soft sticky feel and the accomplishment of what she did. She removed her feet from my lap and cross her leg over the next where she then raise her feet to within eye view to inspect it. Running her fingers over the sole of her feet she wiped up the cum and stuck her two fingers in her mouth and suck long and hard relishing on my juice. I watched her oblivious as if she was the only one in the room and I wasn't even in the same house. Natalie finished by running her tongue loosely over her index finger taking care that my jism has been cleaned off thoroughly. "You know Mike,"she said". "You'd better get cleaned up before my mom gets back " and with that she got up and pranced away smiling. I manage to some how clean myself up as best as I could without letting Deborah notice anything was amiss; and after half an hour manage to convince her I was suffering from a headache which just would not go away and made an early departure. This was the first of several encounters between Natalie and I, which led to a torrid affair but that, will have to say until another time.