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Storie \ Erin

  Notorious | Feet Under The Table -  - English story | 27.03.2005

Erin was sitting next to me in class. She was wearing a sexy plaid short skirt and dark black stockings with open-toed black, block heels. She had her legs crossed and was kicking her foot out in front of the table repeatedly. I couldn't help but look at it. I was almost in a trance looking at her little size sevens with the sparkling white polish.

Suddenly Erin spoke up. "Sean, what are you looking at?" She asked.

"Um, nothing," I said trying to cover up. I would have been so embarressed if she had known that I was looking at her foot, so I stopped completely.

The teacher then spoke up. "Now we're going to be working in groups." She said.

We all were grouped together by table, so that meant Erin and I were in the same group. "Goody." She whispered to him as the teacher called their names.

"What?" I asked, caught off guard by her comment.

"Oh nothing." She said as she got up and walked over to the lab table and sat down on one of the stools. As I walked over, she slowly crossed her lucious thighs and began rotating her foot. I sat down behind the table also, and the teacher went over the instructions.

Half of the class had to leave in order to observe something outside, leaving me and Erin alone on one side of the room. I opened my book to get started and Erin spun the stool to face me, nudging me in the shin with her toes. "Sorry Sean," she said innocently.

I looked up and she was smiling looking right into my eyes. "It's okay Erin." I answered. She leaned in closer to get a better look at the book and her foot pressed up against the inside of my calf. I looked up startled and she looked back at me.

"Problem, Sean?" She asked.

"No not at all." I answered. As she started reading, her foot slowly began to slide up and down my leg. I tried to ignore it and to keep my eyes on the book as she raised it up to the back of my knee and rested her foot on my stool. I took a deep breath, relieved she hadn't kept this up. I would've undoubtedly gotten a hard-on and that would've been difficult to explain to Erin.

As she continued to read, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to glance down at her small, white-polished toes pressed up against my chair between my legs. I looked up at her ankle and up her leg at her beautiful lucious thigh leading up into her skirt. After she finished reading her section, she asked me to do a little reading. So I began to read out loud to her.

As I did this, she placed both of her hands on her knee. I continued reading as I heard her drag her long matching finger-polished nails down her nylon covered leg until she reached her foot that was still resting on my chair, inches from my crotch. She then pulled her nails back up, making the most unbearable sound. I felt myself starting to get hard in my mesh shorts and I hoped that she wouldn't be able to tell. But she continued to slide her hands up and down her leg.

I tried to concentrate on the reading but it wasn't doing any good as that noise kept making me increasingly harder. When I finally finished reading, I was fully erect and I tried to hide it by leaning forward. "So, you wanna read now?" I asked her.

"Why don't we take a break?" She said.

"Fine." I answered. "My feet are killing me," she said looking down at the foot she had resting between my legs. "These shoes are so tight."

I had nothing to say. I didn't know what to do. She rested both of her hands on her foot again and slid her nails up and down the top of her foot. I couldn't stand it. Then she began unstrapping the top of the shoe. I started getting nervous, knowing that I would be hard all during class if she took her shoes off.

After unstrapping the shoe, she slowly slipped her foot out of it and flexed her toes and ankle. My cock was throbbing now and I couldn't keep my eyes off of her foot. She dropped the shoe to the floor and rested her foot in the same place again, except this time a little closer to my crotch. I was positioned so that my cock was under the table and Erin looked down at where it was. I was so scared that she might see, but she then looked up at the book and began reading again.

I let out a sigh of relief and looked at the book also. When Erin was done, it was my turn, so I began to read. Midway through the second sentence, I felt her foot brush against the mesh leg of where my cock was. I stuttered as I read and she giggled a little. I went on reading when I felt her foot sneak up underneath my shorts and touch the head of my fully erect cock. I jumped involuntarily and stammered out the rest of a sentence as she began to slide her toes up and down against my shaft. I could hardly speak.

She began pushing my shorts off of my cock and before I knew it, I was out in the open and Erin was pressing the ball of her foot up against the underside of my cock. She began to rub it up and down, slowly producing an amazing feeling. By the end of my reading I could hardly say a word. I finally stammered out the end of the paragraph.

I looked up at her and her eyes were focused on my cock. She was sliding her dangling foot up and down the length of my shaft quickly now. Then I looked up and saw her friend Liz walking from across the room to our lab table. I looked down at Erin's leg. It was fully extended in the dark nylons ending in her little foot tickling my cock with her toes. I could see the glitter on the white polish through her nylons and every movement she made was bringing me closer to an orgasm.

I whispered to Erin to stop before Liz got over, but she only increased her speed against me, rubbing the ball of her foot quickly over the sensitive spot underneath my head. I gritted my teeth and closed my eyes as I felt an orgasm coming on just as Liz got to the table. But as soon as I was about to burst, Erin slid her foot down to my balls and began tickling them with her toes instead of finishing me off.

Liz began speaking to Erin as I tried to catch my breath, but her tickling of my sac wasn't making it easier. I also couldn't cum like this. She wiggled her toes quickly underneath my sac, making me squirm as she kept up a perfectly normal conversation with Liz. I was still on the brink of cumming and I was sweating now from the prolonging of it.

"Liz, have you showed Sean your tattoo yet?" Erin asked. I didn't know what she was trying to do, but then Liz put her cute little foot up onto the stool across from me and showed me her tattoo which was wrapped around her ankle. My eyes immediately went down to her shiny rose-colored polish on her toes and that's when Erin brought her foot back up to the head of my cock.

I moaned involuntarily and grabbed the table as Liz looked at me strangely and rubbed her ankle saying how it still hurt or something. I couldn't take it anymore. Erin's toes were about to make me burst as Liz unknowingly slid her hand up and down her toes while she continued her conversation with Erin. I looked into Erin's deep blue eyes as I shot my load onto her little feet.