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Storie \ Aftermath

  Dreadnaught | Feet Under The Table -  - English story | 06.02.2005

After the bar had closed down and the last of the spectators to Nina's first fight had left, I picked up the safety deposit box with the receipts and money and headed back to my office to put them in the safe. Judging from their weight, I'd say we had a better than average night. I had to give Roxanne credit, her schemes were starting to come together wonderfully. The idea of advertising Nina as a "mystery" fighter had drawn in a curious crowd. That crowd was transfixed when the fighter turned out to be a beautiful woman, and even more fascinated when she demonstrated a dazzling fighting ability and pummeled her male adversary. According to Roxanne's predictions the bar wouldn't be big enough to hold the crowds that would show up in the weeks to come. As I walked to my office I passed the room I had allocated to Roxanne, Nina and Tara to use as their dressing room. In the silence following the departure of the noisy mob of spectators, I could hear their voices quite clearly out in the hall. Roxanne's rich English accent was unmistakable. "You did an excellent job, Nina. He never stood a chance. You've learned well." Nina's sultry voice laughed. "Thanks.. although I did feel a bit nervous when the wimp drew the knife." "But you remembered how to deal with that situation," Roxanne observed. "Yes.. dodge until you see a weakness, then exploit it." "Exactly," Roxanne laughed. "I thought it was hilarious when you kicked it out of his hand and it stuck in the wall. He looked like he'd seen a ghost!" The two women laughed heartily. Nina's voice continued after the laughter died down. "Oh Roxanne, it was just so easy! I felt I could do anything to him out there." "It WAS easy. I told you that you would be able to take on any man and win, Nina. I knew when I first saw you as a dancer that you had potential. You always had an aptitude for fighting techniques." "I know, you've always told me that.. thank you. I just didn't know if my earlier fights would prepare me for this.." "But they did. I know those earlier fights didn't allow you to use your full power, but neither did this one, really. Look at how easily you won!" Nina giggled and began to moan softly. "I know.. for the first real fight I'd had, I'd say I did a damn good job," she said unmodestly. Roxanne's voice dropped to a husky whisper. "Yes, you did. The first male opponent you've had who was even marginally close to your abilities and you destroyed him." There was a brief pause, broken by some giggling and soft moans. "Tell me what you felt." Nina's voice held delight as she purred and moaned. "Mmmm.. I felt the arrogance drain out of him as I hit him. I felt the strength he had disappear with every punch and kick I landed. I felt my muscles destroying weak male flesh." Her moans got louder as she contemplated these thoughts. "I felt the crowd staring at me, admiring me as I destroyed him. I felt the huge power I had when he refused to submit and I hit him again and again. I felt my last kick land and knew he was out... ohhh!" Nina's moans began to become cries of ecstacy. I'd kill to be able to see through doors right now. After a bit of bumping around inside the dressing room punctuated by more moans and near-orgasmic cries, Nina continued. "And I looked down at him and knew my muscles had knocked him out and heard the crowd cheer me on.. Ohhh! Roxanne, I want more!" Nina's voice became frenzied as she thought of her total dominance. After another loud pause, Roxanne's voice began to purr. "Mmmm.. Nina, you'll get more. You have the power to take whatever you want from any puny male. Remember that." Another bumpy pause. "We're the star attractions here now. Men will be lining up to try to beat the big bad girl fighters. You can destroy as many as you want." "Oh Roxanne, yes!" Nina cried. I was debating getting on my knees to try peeking through the keyhole. Roxanne's voice gently interrupted. "But for now, I have to go speak to our promoter, get our money and set up the next fight." Oops. I doubt she'd be too happy seeing me outside trying to peep into their dressing room. I scurried back to my office, and the last thing I heard was Nina's voice huskily whispering, "Good.. but you don't need to go quite yet.."

I quickly sat and began to count the receipts for the evening. Not a bad take for a smallish crowd. Enough to keep me going for a little while, even though I had to split it evenly with the girls. The anticipation of future capacity crowds still filled my greedy little mind. It was a good little while before Roxanne knocked on the door to my office. "Come in," I called. She entered still dressed impeccably in her grey business suit, not one piece of clothing out of place. "So I assume we had a good take, Mr. Black?" she asked. "Not too bad," I admitted, sitting back in my chair. "The receipts are here, you can check for yourself." She smiled and moved around my desk, sitting on top of it next to me. There was a soft hiss of nylon as she crossed her legs towards me, the hem of her skirt ascending up her thighs. I almost gasped with the effect having such a close view of her long, luscious thighs and calves had on me. She picked up the receipts and began shuffling through them as my erection grew to a monumental size. As she flipped through them, she seemed totally unaware of the effect she had on me. Her foot was inches away from my crotch. As she read, she slipped her heel out of her stilettoed pump and began dangling it on the ends of her toes, her foot in constant motion to keep the shoe from dropping off. I almost moaned out loud as my erection throbbed. I couldn't stop staring at her seductive stockinged legs as she flashed them before me, her skirt revealing everything below her crotch. Finally she stopped her foot gymnastics and pulled her shoe back on with her toes. "Yes, these receipts all seem in order," she smiled as she set them down on my desk, then noticed my blatant gaping at her lower limbs. "Why Mr. Black, you seem to be hard as a rock," she giggled. My mind raced with fear of what she might do, but I could not tear my eyes off her no matter how hard I tried. "I.. I'm sorry," I stammered. "It's.. uh.." "My legs?" Roxanne grinned. "I did have the feeling you had a weakness for them." She raised the leg she had crossed on top up past the horizontal before my eyes, began caressing it and rotating her ankle. The high heel added to their unmistakable femininity, my eyes following every seductive, well-muscled curve her hand ran along. The sound of her hand stroking the sheer nylon was driving me mad. She slowly revolved around until her leg touched my face, then brought it back towards her so the nylon of her pantyhose rubbed against my cheek, followed by the cool leather touch of her sexy shoe, then she brought her knee back and slowly kicked her leg up high again, using her hands to stroke her calf and thigh.. "Oh God," I moaned, my penis crying out as it throbbed against the confines of my clothing. Roxanne slyly grinned as she watched the effect she was having on me. "I love leg men," she purred, "Theyr're so easy to get going.. especially when they have a weakness for strong women as well." She continued the leg display, tormenting me with the look and feel of them. I was beginning to sweat from the exertion of keeping my rock-hard member bottled up in my pants. But when I moved my hands down to release it from my pants, I found her foot gently but firmly kick my hands away from it. "Uh-uh, not yet," she told me, then resumed her display. "We have something to get straight first, Mr. Black." Her long, shapely legs lay before me. She uncrossed and recrossed them, dangling her shoe temptingly, inches away from my screaming cock. "Anything," I moaned, restraining myself with inhuman effort. "Call me Dave, please.." "You are my employer, Mr. Black. We have a wonderful, lucrative business partnership going. A romance would sour that, don't you agree?" Roxanne told me, her high heeled shoe dangling from her shapely foot in front of my face. I managed to supress my horniness long enough to hear her words above my raging hormones. "Yes, I suppose you're right.." She smiled. "Good." She then took a moment to examine me. I was just a huge mess right now, she had me so turned on with her leg tease. She brought her legs up and lay them across my desk tantalizingly. "Still, I can't very well leave you in this state, can I? Stand up and drop your pants." "Wh..what?" I blurted. "You heard me," she replied. "Do as I say." Without a second thought I did, my erection practically flying out of my shorts as they dropped around my ankles. She grinned and began to rub her legs against each other. Their sexy sight and the sound of her nylons rubbing together caused my erection to pulsate before her as pre-cum dripped off it. "Now sit," Roxanne commanded. I did as she ordered.. "You do have a happy little friend down there, don't you?" she laughed as she examined my throbbing member. I quivered slightly with both fear and anticipation of what might come next. She swung her seductive legs off my desk and crossed them so that her foot was almost in my lap. "Remove my shoe," she said. I did so, watching her wiggle her toes. She crossed the other leg over and I removed her other shoe. Following her orders, I put her shoes on the desk in front of me. She then reached down with her foot and pulled my chair closer to her. "You're indeed lucky I'm in a generous mood, Mr. Black," she purred, placing one foot on my leg and the other on my very solid erection. I moaned loudly and almost came on the spot as the soft, sheer nylon touched my member. "Easy," she instructed. "I assure you the longer you can hold it in, the better it will be." Once she was sure I'd had a hold on myself, she slowly and gently began to stroke my erection with her foot. I moaned louder as the near friction her nylons caused filled me with ecstasy. I began to massage her leg, feeling the well-developed calf muscles under her pantyhose. She moved one hand under her skirt and began pleasuring herself as well. She moved her toes fully along my erection, spreading them around the tip and massaging it gently with the nylon. I gasped with the sensation, and she repeated it several times. She would keep this up until I was out of breath from gasping, then she would move her foot back down and begin kneading from the base up again. Her own sounds of pleasure were quite drowned out by my own. My mind did register her voice as she began to speak to me, however. "I'm very glad you appreciate my legs," Roxanne whispered, moving her foot underneath my shaft to stroke the underside along with my balls. My eyes were shut from the pleasure I was receiving, just the sensations and the sultry voice were all I knew. "I know you've seen their power, Mr. Black. You watched me destroy one of your fighters with them." The next instant my eyes shot wide open as she pressed down with her foot, briefly putting enormous pressure on my fragile balls. I cried loudly, but just as instantly as the pain had come, it was gone, replaced by even more pleasure than before as she resumed her massage. "Be happy you're not on the receiving end of that pain," she smiled. I almost fainted on the spot. "Oh God," I moaned, "Your legs are so strong and sexy. I've wanted to worship them ever since you came in here." Roxanne smiled down on me and sighed. "I love having worshippers." She raised her other foot up, began to stroke my neck and face with it as she continued rubbing my penis with the other. Oh God, what a glorious sensation. "Let's discuss next weekend while I have your attention," she giggled, letting me lick the bottom of her stockinged foot. The nylon felt wonderfully rough on my tongue, and I felt her pulling harder on my cock with her other foot, beginning to build me towards orgasm. Over my loud moans and cries of pleasure she said, "Next Saturday night Tara will fight. She's a slightly more seasoned fighter than Nina, and the crowd will be expecting something just as spectacular as tonight, if not more so." I began to breathe in shallow gasps as her foot pressed my member against my leg, stroking faster and harder. "I fully expect a capacity crowd," she assured me softly, "To watch her defeat two opponents at once." That shook me out of my reverie enough to begin to voice an objection. "Wha..?" was as far as I got. Before I knew it, the foot I had been licking was pushing against my chest, forcing me firmly back into my chair, while the other foot stopped its motion as it stretched my feverish erection. "If you do not listen to me, I will not let you cum," she said sternly. "Oh God," I groaned. "All right, anything." Roxanne began stroking me again with her foot, while the one she had against my chest moved down underneath my balls and began stroking the underside of them. I felt the seam of her pantyhose pressing against me as she massaged my balls and shivered with the thrill of her touch. "That's better," she chuckled. "I knew you would listen to reason." Her stockinged feet rapidly brought me back to the level of excitement I was at before my vain objections. "My ideas have been very productive so far, wouldn't you say?" I moaned my agreement as her foot pressed my erection against my leg. I felt every stroke of her stockinged feet yanking the orgasm that was building in me to its climax. "We will have a capacity crowd next weekend, and Tara will be more than capable of dealing with as many opponents as she desires," Roxanne whispered. I cried out as her stroking became feverish, the motion of her nyloned feet bringing me towards the supreme fulfillment. "We will have more money than you know what to do with, Mr. Black," she beamed, as my orgasm exploded. My cum shot out over her foot, soaking her nylons thoroughly as I screamed with the ecstasy. She kept stroking, her expert manipulation of my member bringing more and more liquid pouring out. I gasped and screamed as I experienced the longest, most incredible orgasm I had ever had. The feelings of her nylons and muscular legs and feet caressing and rubbing against my privates was unlike anything I'd ever felt before. Her feet kept pulling more and more cum out of me until I had no more. I lay back in my chair, totally spent and exhausted. With a wide grin Roxanne removed her feet and stood, taking a cloth from a nearby table and began cleaning the cum off my leg and penis slowly. "I'm glad we had this little business discussion, Mr. Black," she said, and I responded with small moans, several sighs and more than a few "Oh God"s. Suddenly I found her fingers squeezing my cock tightly from either side. I gasped loudly. "But please bear in mind this is just a business partnership and nothing more," she instructed coolly. "Yes!" I screamed. "Just business!" Then the pressure was gone and she continued cleaning me. "Still, there's nothing wrong with allowing you the pleasure of worshipping my legs from time to time. You seem to enjoy it," she giggled, looking at my exhausted body and still-dribbling cock, "Plus I do so love having a man worship me. It does wonders for a woman's ego," she laughed. When she had finished, she stood and walked around to the other side of my desk. I could almost hear her feet squishing in the wet nylons. "Oh dear, this pair of pantyhose is finished," she grinned, winking at me. She reached down and began pulling them down, easing them off her shapely legs as I watched. Unbelievable, but my erection began to stir again! Deciding discretion was the better part of valor, I tried to keep my mind occupied as she sat on my guest chair facing me, pulling down her pantyhose. "I.. I have so many questions.." I began. "I can imagine," Roxanne said, continuing to remove the soiled nylons. "Like when did you first learn to fight, how did you realize you could beat men, what are Nina and Tara's backgrounds, etc." I nodded. "Those are good starting points," I agreed. She had her pantyhose down around her knees by this point. "These are very long stories, Mr. Black," she smiled. "Myself, I began to fight in my mid-teens, as did Tara. Nina was a late bloomer, shall we say." Roxanne giggled as she removed the pantyhose from one leg and worked on the other. "I know several forms of martial arts. Tara has seen her fair share of street and bar brawls. Nina has a background in dance which translates very well into martial arts moves." She had the pantyhose off now, and was making a theatrical gesture of wringing them out, as if they were totally soaked, with an evil grin. "My first fight was also the only fight I've ever lost. I was determined not to ever let a man beat me again, so I embarked on a rigorous schedule, involving weight training, martial arts training, boxing, honing my body into a fighting instrument. After a year and a half I issued a challenge to the man who had beaten me. It was the last fight he was ever in. I destroyed him, mind and body." As I hung on her every word she said, she suddenly became aware she still had the pantyhose in her hand. She stood and tossed them to me. "Here, you may keep these as a souvenir," she giggled. Knowing I was still waiting to hear her stories, she told me, "You'll learn more about us in time, Mr. Black. It's not good to divulge all one's secrets at once, you know. It ruins the suspense." Moving around the desk again, Roxanne quickly erased the look of disappointment from my face as she again sat on my desk and crossed her legs provocatively, again stirring my spent penis to life as her bare toes wiggled in front of me. "Shoes," she commanded. I took one of her black pumps and eased it onto her waiting foot, and she obligingly crossed her other leg over for me to put on her other shoe. Smiling at my handiwork, she kept that foot dangling in front of my face as the other moved over to my penis once again. I felt it sputtering into arousal again as my eyes feasted on her long, curvaceous legs and my penis felt the pressure of her shoe. She giggled. "You see, Mr. Black? A woman has more ways to dominate a male than just with the power of her fists." Laughing, she took her half of the money from the safety deposit slips and moved towards the door. "Goodnight, Mr. Black. I'd suggest you take a nap before you lock up. You look exhausted." She closed the door behind her and I was alone. I did a quick examination of the pantyhose I held in my hand, noting the sopping wet feet, the hole cut in the cotton crotch, the stains around it.. then bundled them up and put them in my desk drawer and went to lie down. My mind raced with thoughts of Roxanne, but she was quite right, we needed to keep our relationship purely professional. Besides, she'd kill me if I tried anything more.

After resting for a good half an hour, I awoke and left the office to go lock up. The girls' dressing room was predictably empty, but to my surprise there were still people in the bar area. I quickly recognized a paramedic's uniform, bent over the still prostrate form of Derek, Nina's victim from the night's combat. Wow, he looked like more of a mess now than when the fight was over. The paramedics had him lying on a stretcher, his ribs bound tight. I imagine they'd figured some of them were broken, or didn't want to take the chance that they might be. His nose was bound to stop the bleeding, and one of his eyes was swollen shut with the lurid bruises his face sported. Nina had really given him a pounding. She was right, she was damn impressive for her first real fight. The paramedic saw me approach. "He's not as badly hurt as he looks," the man chirped. "I know, I've seen beaten men before," I grumbled. The paramedic went back to work, slightly crestfallen. Derek saw me out of the corner of his good eye. "Black.." he groaned. I thought he was still unconscious from the beating. "Yeah?" "That girl that did this to me.." "You mean Nina." The paramedic was giving me all sorts of strange looks. "Long story," I told him. "Show up next Saturday night if you want an explanation." "That's her, Nina," Derek growled. "I'm gonna kill her." Unbelievable. "Derek, you fucking idiot, she beat the living crap out of you! If you come back she'll just do the same thing. She'll just whip you again and again until you can't come back anymore." "I don't fucking care!" he yelled. "I'm not letting some damn girl beat me. I'm gonna get her if it's the last thing I do!" I addressed him in the most serious tone I could manage. "It might be the last thing you do, fool. She went easy on you tonight. In a few days you'll be up and feeling better. What if she had wanted to kill you? You seriously think you could have stopped her?" He glared daggers at me. "And you, you little shit!" he spat at me. "You set this whole thing up, played me for a fool! I'm gonna kill you too!" He began to thrash around on the stretcher, causing himself a great deal of pain. "Lie still!" the paramedic ordered him as they began to wheel him out. Great, a homocidal freak after me. Just what I needed. Nina must have really nailed him with those shots to his head, he'd seemed to have lost it. I tried to put both him and Roxanne out of my mind as I began planning the ads for next Saturday night and Tara's fight.