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Storie \ A Foot And Leg Worship Story

  bondage_philosopher | Feet Under The Table -  - English story | 03.04.2004

Arhen, a college exchange student from Germany, stepped out of the new black Lexus sedan wearing a T-shirt and jeans. He looked up and down the urban street. The grass was cut perfectly on every lawn. Short, skinny newly planted trees stood in the center of those large green squares, and all the houses were pretentiously large. Each had a double or triple car garage connected to its corresponding house.

“Need any help?” George Foremen asked Arhen, clad in kaki shorts and polo top.

Arhen noticed Mr. Foremen’s masculine arm holding his hand out anticipating the weight of a bag. Not wanting to disappoint the kind, built, brown haired adult, Arhen handed him one of his bags. It was a black sports bag, which held Arhen’s clothes. Arhen unloaded the rest of his luggage.

“It’s almost dinner time. You’ll have just enough time to meet the family before we eat,” Mr. Foremen announced as they headed up the red brick walkway leading to the front door of the white three story house.

They entered the house. Though it looked huge on the outside, it was much bigger on the inside. Arhen stared in wonder while Mr. Foremen led him upstairs to his room.

“I’ll let you unpack while I tell the misses we’re back,” George said and left the room.

This place is so big they can’t even hear each other when they enter, Arhen thought.

The twenty-one year old German student unzipped the black bag first. He began unpacking the clothes and personal items when he heard a knock. Arhen turned around and saw something he wasn’t expecting to see.

“Hi, I’m Julia,” the beautiful blonde girl said.

Arhen stared blankly into her deep, blue eyes. He quickly scanned her from top to bottom. She wore a light blue bikini with sandals, towel in hand. Her tan skin glistened against her tight, firm body. The pretty young woman had muscle, but she wasn’t butch.

She flipped her long, golden hair and tried again, “Um, I said hi.”

Arhen shook his head and answered, “Oh, Ja. I’m still getting used to this language.”

Actually, Arhen spoke English fluently. He only used it as an excuse for his nervousness and shock at seeing this beauty queen standing at his door.

“May I come in?” she asked.

“Yes, yes. Come herein.”

“Herein?” she asked, her face twisted in a puzzled look.

“I apologize. It means in here. Sometimes I accidentally switch between languages. It becomes confusing sometimes.”

“Oh, I can imagine. I just came in from tanning in the backyard. So what do you think of America?” she asked sitting down on the bed with her legs crossed.

“It’s big. The houses and cars. Everything. In Germany, everything’s smaller.”

“You’re not smaller.”

Arhen blushed. He glanced down and noticed the large bulge pushing against his tight jeans. Tight jeans were the fashion in Europe. Arhen felt out of place when he noticed all the other kids wearing baggy pants. He took a couple steps to shield his bulge, but he accidentally stepped on something.

“Ouch!” the girl squealed.

“Oh, I’m so sorry. I did not mean to hurt your foot,” he tried to apologize.

She pouted and massaged her right foot. Arhen, not knowing what to do, knelt down and helped her massaged her bruised foot. He noticed he had only stepped on the three middle toes.

“Better?” he asked.

“A little. Maybe you should kiss it better.”

Arhen’s eyes darted uncomfortably. He wasn’t sure if the girl was joking or if she really wanted him to kiss her toes.

“Please?” she asked sweetly.

Arhen couldn’t resist her seductive voice and sexy smile, which showed her rows of perfect pearly white teeth.

He kissed the tips of her toes and moved to their bases. She didn’t tell him to stop, so Arhen continued kissing the top of her right foot. He held the smooth, hairless, tan foot delicately in his hands while kneeling before her.

Suddenly, the young man realized what the situation looked like, and it excited him. He imagined Julia as his mistress ordering him to worship her beautiful feet. Arhen had a weak spot for domination. Just the word, dominate, stirred feelings deep down in his stomach.

Embarrassed with his thoughts, Arhen abruptly stopped kissing the girl’s foot. His long, dirty blonde hair covered his hazel eyes as he stood up and turned away from the beauty sitting on his bed.

“Why’d you stop? That felt marvelous,” the nymph spoke.

“I have to unpack.”

“Well, you still have another foot to kiss mister,” she said with a smile on her face and giggled.

“Julia, I see you’ve met Arhen already,” Mr. Foremen said as he entered the room.

“Uh huh. I was going to help him unpack.”

“Why don’t you go change and help your mother set the table for dinner?” the father ordered in question.

“Ok,” Julia replied and left the room.

“I hope she didn’t scare you,” George said to Arhen.

“No, sir. She’s a very nice girl. Very…umm…what’s this word? Sociable?”

The father chuckled and said, “You could put it that way. Be careful around her. She just turned eighteen, and she thinks she owns the world.”

They both laughed and headed down stairs for dinner.

“How was the flight, Arhen?” Mrs. Foremen asked attempting to make conversation. “Did I pronounce your name correctly?”

“Yes, you did. It was fine. I don’t like flying, though,” Arhen replied trying to be polite.

He had been given a white plate filled with a piece of steak, mashed potatoes, and green beans. Arhen was hungry and began eating.

Arhen noticed Julia gazing at him from across the table. He glanced to his right, where Mr. Foremen was sitting; then, to the left where Mrs. Foremen was eating. Suddenly, Arhen felt something stroking his leg. It was a foot. He looked up and noticed Julia smiling. She pushed her foot under bottom cuff of his jeans and began stroking his bare leg. The parents chatted while Julia went to work. She stopped rubbing his bare leg. Instead, she slid her feminine foot up Arhen’s thigh until she reached his hard cock. It pressed painfully against his tight jeans. Julia slowly stroked his engorged member while casually smiling at her parents.

Arhen’s cheeks slowly turned red as Julia picked up the pace. He tried to control his breathing, but she kept rubbing him in the right places. She scrunched her toes around the head of his cock, and forcefully pressed her foot on his shaft. Arhen tried to move her foot away with his hand, but was given an angry scold from Julia. Intimidated, he left her foot alone. She worked his cock while he sat there, helpless to stop her.

“Enjoying your food?” Mrs. Foremen asked.

“Ja, very much. It’s delicious, Mrs. Foremen,” Arhen managed to say without his voice trembling.

Julia smashed her foot against Arhen’s aroused penis. He jolted, but the parents didn’t notice. He looked at Julia and saw her smiling brightly. She was enjoying this torment. She began pressing her foot against his cock harder and harder while rubbing faster and faster. Arhen began sweating while he tried to eat. He fought her foot with his mind, but she overpowered him there as well. Julia pressed on until Arhen felt an orgasm brewing.

“So how do you like America?” Mrs. Foremen asked.

“It’s big. Everything’s big here compared to Europe.”

Unable to fight any longer, Arhen felt his penis explode with cum as he orgasmed again and again. Julia rubbed faster and faster, and he feared his jerky motions would make the parents suspicious. Finally, the orgasm ended, and he felt Julia’s foot leave his groin. Looking down, Arhen saw a large wet spot on the left side of his crotch.

“You can leave the table if you’re finished,” Mr. Foremen said.

Arhen thought this was ironic as he quickly stood up and turned before the parents noticed his jeans. He walked through the large living room with white walls, two couches, two recliners, and several lamps. He found the stairs and headed up to his room to change his cum stained pants.


“Arhen?” Arhen heard after several knocks.

“Yeah?” he answered.

“Mrs. Foremen and I are going out to dinner tonight. Then, we’re going to walk around the town a bit. We’ll be back later this evening. Julia should be coming home in an hour or so. Is that alright?”

“Oh, yes. It’s fine.”

“We’ll see you later, then. Bye Arhen.”

“Bye Mr. Foremen.”

It had been two days since Julia had made Arhen cum at the dinner table. Arhen avoided her as much as possible because he didn’t want to get into any trouble with her.

Julia was going to a semi-formal dance party at one of her friend’s houses. Her parents told her to be home an hour after they left, so Arhen wouldn’t be home alone.

An hour later, Arhen heard the front door open. He was in the living room, sitting on the black leather couch directly in front of the TV watching a show. The door was to his about ten feet to his right.

“There you are,” Julia said walking into the room. “I haven’t seen you much lately. I hope I didn’t scare you at dinner the other night.”

“No, I’m just trying to get used to this culture. I should probably go upstairs and get ready for bed.”

“It’s early. Watch some TV with me,” Julia said with her sexy voice.

She sat down on the right side of Arhen.
He had his left arm on the left side armrest of the sofa. He glanced over and noticed what Julia was wearing. She fashioned a black halter top, leather mini skirt, tan pantyhose, and platform high heels with straps.

Julia noticed his stare and said, “So you like my outfit, huh?”

Arhen was taken aback and shot his stare straight ahead at the TV.

“I like these shoes the best. Why don’t you get a better look at them?” Julia subtly ordered.

“I should probably--” Arhen tried to excuse himself.

“I said you should get a better look at them,” Julia said more forcefully.

Arhen obeyed and knelt down on the plush, black carpet. He studied her pantyhose clad feet, toe nails painted blue, strapped to her sexy platform heels.

“I think you owe me some kisses,” Julia reminded him.

Arhen went to work pleasing her sexy feet. He started with the tip of each foot and kissed it all the way to the ankle. Then, he bent his head to the side and kissed the side of the platform heel around to the other side.

“Hold on a moment,” Julia said and disappeared

A few moments later she came back holding a bag. She sat down where she had been sitting and removed a wash rag and cleaner from the bag.

“Lie down on your back and clean the bottom of my shoes,” she ordered.

Arhen, already aroused by the sensuous worship he had been giving her, complied and lay on his back. Julia placed her left foot on his chest and he began cleaning the bottom. With her other foot, Julia pressed it against Arhen’s swollen cock.

Arhen finished cleaning her shoe and gave
it one last wipe down with the wash cloth. He repeated the process on the other foot while she massaged his dick with her other high heeled foot.

“Thank you. Now, take my shoes off,” Julia said.

Arhen did as she commanded. She knew how to control the German boy. He unbuckled each shoe and gingerly slid them off. Arhen was careful with the process.

“Good,” Julia said crossing her legs. “Now, kiss and suck my feet. Don’t miss a spot, or I’ll know.”

Arhen sat up and knelt down before the blonde beauty. He kissed each toe, tasting the salty sweat the pantyhose had absorbed from her night of partying. He took her little toes in his mouth and began sucking on them. Arhen ran his tongue between each toe and managed to pull half of her foot inside his mouth. He noticed Julia rubbing herself as he worshipped her feet. She would pinch her nipples through the thin fabric of the spandex halter top while pushing her fingers against her black pantied crotch.

Arhen finished and sat up in his kneeling position. After a few strokes and pinches, Julia came out of her state of sexual ecstasy. She looked at Arhen, deciding what to do next.

“Have you ever fucked a girl’s legs before?” she asked.

“No, no I have not.”

“First you have to worship my legs and if you do that well enough, maybe I’ll fuck your cock with my legs.”

Arhen began at the base of her ankles. He raised her right leg with his hands while exploring the rest of her ankle with his lips and tongue. He licked his way around her shin and up to her knee. He kissed his way back down and licked a trail back to her knee.

Arhen was incredibly aroused. He loved the sight of a girl in pantyhose, but one ordering him to worship her legs? Her feet? He felt his cock twitch against the confines of his tight jeans. He made a move to stroke himself, but Julia stopped him with her other foot. The action made him hornier.

“I’ll let you cum when you’ve finished worshipping me,” Julia informed him.

Arhen moved up to her thighs. She laid on her back so her thighs rose straight in the air and her legs bent at the knees. This allowed Arhen to lick completely around her thighs. His tongue was feeling slightly numb from licking so much of the smooth roughness of her pantyhose. He didn’t care. Arhen was so turned on she could do anything to him and he would let her. He nuzzled the silky fabric on the inside of her left thigh with his cheek. Julia squeezed his face by pressing her right thigh against his other cheek. Arhen moaned and inhaled deeply. He smelled lotion and realized she had put lotion on her legs before wearing the pantyhose.

“Nice job. I think you’ve earned a reward,” Julia said in short breathes.

Arhen noticed her cheeks were slightly crimson. She was sweaty.

“Now, kneel with your cock facing my ankles,” Arhen moved as she instructed. “Good. Unbutton and unzip your pants,” she commanded.

Arhen pulled down his pants to reveal a respectable six and a half inch dick. Julia’s eyes opened wide in anticipation. She loved the feel of a guy’s warm, throbbing dick against her legs. She wanted to feel the hot, milky cum against her pantyhosed legs.

Julia began by trapping Arhen’s dick between her shins. She slowly worked her legs back and forth while Arhen moaned. The friction from the pantyhose material made his dick hot and slightly burned, but the fabric felt so sexy he didn’t want her to stop. She wouldn’t stop anyway, even if it was hurting Arhen.

“Worship my thighs,” she ordered.

Arhen bent over and ran his tongue in long strokes over her thighs while she pumped his dick between her shins. Arhen felt his first orgasm building and told Julia. She stopped pumping with her shins and pressed her feet against his chest. He fell on his back. Julia clasped her feet around Arhen’s hot, red cock and began fucking him with her cute little feet.

Arhen could only moan as she circled his dick with both her feet and pumped madly. He felt the cum rise in his dick and knew he couldn’t take any more.

“I’m about to--”

“Don’t,” Julia interrupted. “Not until I say you can.”

He looked up and saw she was madly rubbing her own crotch. A few moments later, Arhen couldn’t hold it. He tried, but the stimulation was much too strong. He glanced at Julia and saw her arching her back. She moaned loudly and in an after breathe told him he could cum.

Arhen’s dick ignited in an orgasm, shooting several large loads of white, sticky cum on Julia’s feet. She scrunched her toes around the head of Arhen’s cock, making him orgasm several more times and shooting smaller loads of cum between her toes.

Julia put on her shoes and stood up.

“Thanks,” she said. “I’ll be in my room, if you want to come see me at all.”

Arhen just lay there on the floor of the huge living room recovering from the best orgasm he had ever had in his life.