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Storie \ My Cousin

  Dan | Feet Under The Table -  - English story | 01.11.2003

It was a family get together, for what occasion I barely remember. When it came down to midnight, most of the family was leaving my nephew"s apartment or going to bed. Since I was single, and midnight is considered starting time in most cases, I had no intention on calling it a night. The only one that seemed to agree with me was my second cousin Christine, who can only be described as "breathtaking". She was perched on the couch in a low cut denim skirt with white nylons, 4 inch heels, one of which she dangled seductively from the toes of her feet. I had a plan to visit a local watering hole for last call and having her on my arm was the plan right from the "get-go". Christine grew up in the south and we hadn"t seen much of each other in quite some time. She was barely 21 and I was a mere 35. After we got a quiet out of the way table at the bar I got the impression she was flirting with me. I had to make sure of this because I"ve had my share of beautiful women, but this was just too good to be true. We had the typical discussion of recent failed relationships and we both agreed that if the sex wasn"t good, any relationship hasn"t got a chance. It wasn"t until then I noticed her beautiful blue eyes staring at me. Was I dreaming? About the same time I heard a shoe fall to the floor I felt a foot stroking my crotch as I saw my beautiful cousin ease back in the chair with a lustful grin on her face. I took my hand and guided her foot to my ever increasing hard on. The feel of her nyolns in my hand was excellerating the rate at which my cock grew. I have to admit I have a fetish for women in pantyhose. I started to think that this was a bad idea, after all she is my cousin"s daughter. But how could I control myself? All of a suuden we were interrupted by the waitress asking if we need any more drinks. For a moment I thought to mysel " I can"t do this" what would my Mother think?

We drove back to my nephew"s house, where we were both staying. We got into bed together, and I told her that we could only kiss. That anything else would be wrong because we are related. That strategy lasted about 5 minutes, once she started kissing me I was done. I must have been the nylons . I remember ripping a hole in the crotch and sliding my cock inside her. Not fast and rough like an anxious teenager, but slow and hard with a lasting thrust.

We made love many times after that. I can get myself hard just thinking about her. She is married now and living in Florida. I saw her recently at a family function, I couldn"t take my eyes off her nylons this time.