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Storie \ Footsies Under The Table

  High Heeled Honey | Feet Under The Table -  - English story | 12.07.2003

Last month I met my husband Tom for lunch downtown. He was with his friend Jim. We went out to a nice Italian restaurant. I was wearing black patent leather high heel pumps. About fifteen minutes into the lunch, I feel someone's socked foot rubbing against one of my shoes. Patent leather is very slippery, and I know it's a turn-on to rub your foot against it. I assumed it was Tom.
Anyway, we were all smiles as lunch continued, and I quickly got rid of both my pumps under the table. My stockinged feet were rubbing all over and around Tom's foot. Then suddenly, Tom got up to go to the bathroom, and my feet were still stroking someone else's! It had been his friend Jim the whole time! Being a footsie girl, I was very turned on, even if it wasn't my husband doing it.
Well, you know what happens now: I kept playing footsie with Jim until Tom returned to the table. Then, while we continued to talk and eat, I began sliding one of my nyloned feet up the inside of Jim's left leg. When I reached the bulge in his pants Jim was all smiles. I rubbed my foot back and forth and up and down over his crotch! My husband had no idea what was taking place right there under the table!
It took Jim only about three minutes of me stroking his cock and sure enough, he turned red faced and I felt some wetness through my nylon covered sole. Still turned-on and feeling evil from making my husband's friend cum here in the restaurant, I decided to keep teasing. I told Jim that one of my pumps had slipped off my foot and that I couldn't find it. Would he be a dear and look for it and put it back on my foot?
He did this and then excused himself to go clean up, hiding his stained crotch behind his suit jacket. While he was gone I rubbed my still bare other foot against my husband's leg. But unfortunately, he is not as into this as I am. Oh well, I sure do hope that I get another chance to have a lunch date with Jim, or one of my husband's other co-workers! I think footsie is better than sex!