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Storie \ Tiffany

  Anonimo | Feet Under The Table -  - English story | 30.03.2003

We first chat about our lives first but as the wine begins to take its affect our mood turns to events that happened this afternoon. I make an excuse for my behavior this afternoon but before I can finish Tiffany interrupts and tells me she found the whole experience exciting...I tell Tiffany about my passion for women in sexy clothing and sheer nylon stockings. Tiffany replies that she loves being very femine and having that power over men and women.

Our conversation stops for a minute as I watch Tiffany running her finger around the top of her wine glass.. The feeling between us is electric and I seem to see a very sexy grin on her face...

Suddenly I feel the tip of her high heel on the inside of my leg and I watch as she watches my face to see my reaction...Her sexy heel now starts to climb up the inside of my leg towards my crotch and I can feel my cock beginning to grow in my suit.

As her heel reaches the tops of my knees, Tiffany stretches her leg out fully so her heel and toes are right at the base of my flys. My cock is now painfully throbbing and I look down between my legs at her perfect heels and red toes. I watch as she presses the heel into my groin and makes my cock want to burst out.

With both hands I reach down and run my fingers over her heels and then onto her nylon ankles...the sensation feels electric and my fingers slide over her smooth nylon ankles then feel the back of her ankle and notice and smile at Tiffany as I feel the sexy straight seam of her nylons running up the back of her leg...Tiffany then places the other leg up along side the first and I begin to let my fingers drift along the tight seam of her stockings...

Tiffany leans forward at the table and says "Release your cock for me then place your hands back on my legs!!". I look crafty around the restaurant and nobody is around, so I undo my fly and unleash my throbbing big cock..

Tiffany then says "Now take off my heels slowly and place them under the table". I do as I am told and enjoy releasing her heels and sliding them off her lovely feet...

As soon as her nylon feet are free from her heels, Tiffany places both feet around my cock. I moan a little loud and Tiffany grins at my excitement. I look down now at my cock held tightly by those soft, warm nylon feet and watch as Tiffany slowly begins to give me a footjob. I watch and moan as she expertly grips my throbbing member and manages to squeeze the top of my cock with her toes curled.

"What do you think?" She purrs. I can only stutter in answer as she waxes my cock with her nyloned soles. Tiffany is now making me close to cum and all I want to feel is her wet smooth pussy. I look at her now with her eyes closed and I can feel both out excitement.

We quickly get ourselves together and pay the bill.