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Storie \ Sister In Law

  Anonimo | Feet Under The Table -  - English story | 30.03.2003

I have been married for 10 years now and have always had a thing for my sister-in-laws feet. She has perfect size 8 feet with long toes that are always perfectly painted.

At home she is always barefoot (she lived with us for a few years... and yes it was torture) or in expensive sandals. I'm sure she has caught me staring at ther feet on more than on occasion. She is always barefoot or in expensive sandals. She then goes out of her way to tease me by gently stroking her feet, or dangling her sandals. She has even gone so far as to tease me about painting her toenails like I do to my wife.

Lately she has been getting bolder. She was visiting, which she does quite often and I was sitting across the room from her so I could glance at her feet, when she aske me to get her a drink. After I returned, she said "Why don't you sit here?" and motioned beside her on the sofa (she has never done that before). During the conversation between my wife, her sister and I, I felt something at my side. She was slowly rubbing her toes on my thigh. She was explaining that her boyfriend did not like her long toes, to that she said "I don't know why, I can grab things and do so much with them". We had a laugh and her eyes caught mine for a second. I knew she was looking for a reaction.

The rest of that night was kind of uneventful (unfortuneatly), but I knew we were having a get together the next day. We said our good-nights and I tried not to stare as she slipped on her Steve Madden sandals and went home... The next day we arrived for dinner, the parents, my wife and I and my sister-in-law and her boyfriend. He was a complete jerk that night.

At the dinner table, I was seated across from my sister-in-law. Sometime during the dinner, I felt something under the table. I shifted my feet thinking I was kicking someone. I guess this gave my sister-in-law some room to manouver because next I felt bare toes running up and down my leg. I looked up and she gave me a quick wink and little smile. Half out of fear for being caught, I tried to move a little not to be too noticable.

With every movement, her bare foot just climbed farther up my leg. Resigning myself to the inevitable, I moved my chair into the table as much as I could, so nobody could see what was about to happen in my lap. In moving the chair in, her foot landed right in my lap and on my quickly stiffening tool. Smiling broadly at me, she proceeded to stroke my tool from the head down.. I was wearing lose fitting, light pants that she could easily work me through. She continued to stoke and squeeze me for what seemed like an eternity. She could feel I was coming close to the end and this only made her work more feverishly, only now she was concentrating on the head of my tool. I'm not sure if anyone noticed my expression as I exploded. She just continued stroking and squeezing with this little grin on her face until I excused myself for some damage control..

After dinner, she quietly asked if I could help her with some work on her computer.... I did not hesitate to accept, and I followed her bare feet up the stairs...