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Storie \ Gail

  Anonimo | Feet Under The Table -  - English story | 30.03.2003

It was a nice Sunday morning and Gail decided to have some our friends over to a dinner party.

She got all dressed up.Wearing a full dress,light tan nylons and white pump shoes.

We decided to have a Bar-B-Que and eat inside.

Off and on thru the day,she would catch me looking at the backs of her legs,as she walked here and there. I was fascinated to see her in a dress,as she seldom wore a dress. She always wore either slacks or jeans.

Sometimes during the day,she would slip of just the heel of her white pump and i could see the reinforced heel of her nylon stocking. After she had done this about three times,i was begging for her to let me enjoy her heel,and she would only laugh and say,"later love,later". She definately was driving me crazy with the lust i was building up for her nylond covered foot. Seeing her foot and nylons was making me hard as a rock.

Damn her,she was enjoying it to the fullest.

Every once in awhile,she would mention that her feet were getting hot and was sweating in her pumps.

Around 1:00 o’clock in the afternoon,the guests started arriving. Dinner was set for 2 p.m..

The six of us was sitting around the table. We sit across from our mates at the table.

About halfway thru the dinner,i felt something on the thigh of my left leg. I leaned back just a litte,so as not to let on anyone else what i was doing and looked under the table. I saw a sexy tan reinforced nylon stocking toes on my leg,looking at me. I could feel the warm,wetness of the foot on my leg.

I gained an instant hard-on and wanted to find an excuse to slid under the table,any excuse,just to get under the table and at that beautiful foot. I picked up my head and looked at Gail,sitting across the table from me and saw a big smile on her face,as she looked at the torture on my face,from what she was doing.

Someone at the table commeted on how much that Gail resembeled, "Jody Foster",and how nice she looked in a dress. Even her hair was fixed like Jody’s.

No one was realizing what was going on under the table. Her foot now had found it’s destination,my cock.

She started to rub my cock thru my pants. At this point,i was in agony.

I then slipped one ofmy hands under the table and tried to slid her foot off of my cock and leg,but to no avail.

When i would slip her foot off,she would only slip it on again and apply more pressure against my cock.

So i figured that the next best thing,if i didn’t get caught,was to go along and enjoy what was happening.

I reached down and slowly unzipped my pants and let my cock out the meet her foot. I had a hard time to get him out without letting on to everyone else except Gail on what was going on under the table.

When i finally when i got him out,she took full advantage of ti and started using just her reinforced nylon stocking toes to nibble at just the head of my cock. She would put her toes just over the head and bend her toes down to put pressure on the head,then release,then squeeze again it with her toes.Squeeze,then release,squeeze and release. She kept this up for awhile. God,it felt like she had it in her mouth.

The silkyness of her nylon stocking on the head of my cock was driving me crazy.

Finally, all my manhood fluids came to the boiling points in my loins and i erupted like a volcano on her soft nylon toes.

I must have had a strange look on my face,because one of my friends asked me if i was feeling o.k. responded that i was o.k.

Gail then removed her foot and slid it back into her shoe.

As all of us were getting the the end our our meal,someone asked what was for ,"Dessert",and i commented that i already had mine. I did get some very strange looks from our guests around the table.

Often,after that,i wondered if anyone that was there that day,realized what had happened at the table.