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Storie \ My 1st Footjob

  Anonimo | Feet Under The Table -  - English story | 01.11.2002

I have had a foot fetish ever since i could remember. I would dream of what it must be like to have a sexy pair of feet wrapped around ones cock. Well finally my friends i have a story i would like to share. I am part of a foot fetish group on yahoo... whose name im not going to mention. This group holds monthly chats at a local restaurant so i figured id go today..

Normally we just hang out and talk about womens feet. this group has male and female members as well as attendies. I arrive, have a couple of brews and begin to mingle and i strike up a conversation with this incredibly beautiful woman about everything you can imagine except foot fetish. We sit down, and i cannot help but stare at her feet. perfect size 7's with her toes painted hot pink and a toering. I sitting across the table, not directly across but the next chair over,anyway this guy sits down next to me and starts some chit chat when out of the corner of my eye i see her feet in his lap mainly her toes rubbing this guys hardon through his pants. So now im pissed because i think i missed my chance but to my utter joy this guy got up and left, why i'll never know.

Then suddenly, i feel something warm on my left leg.. i look up and she is motioning for me to sit across from her which i quickly do and before i know it those sexy feet are on my lap rubbing my cock through my jeans claiming her feet are cold and they need warming up. Now mind you we are sitting at a table full of people. so i decide to get brave and unzip my shorts and let my cock out. the instant i did that she put my cock was between her toes. she played with my cock for a good 90 minutes ahhhh i was in heaven. when no one was looking i glanced under the table and actually seeing the head of my penis between those sexy pink toes of this hot chick i lost it and came so hard, ive never shot like that before. it sprayed everywhere even on her friends feet, by the way are great too. but the friend was drunk she didnt even notice. So after playing with my cock a little more she withdrew her cum soaked feet from my lap and put her black mules back on and left quickly. she said she will be back for next months chat and my friends so will I.

I hoped u liked this story i still cant believe i finally got a footjob.. WHOOOO. Hopefully i'll have more stories of footjobs in the future. I also have to tell you about my friends sister's slides.. another time