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Storie \ Footsie In Restaurant

  Roberto | Feet Under The Table -  - English story | 01.11.2002

(edited by Colonel Vorbeck for clarity)

Last week I was out on a date with my girlfriend. We were having dinner in a small family style restaurant. Let me just say that my lady is accepting of my foot/shoe fetish. Anyway, that night she was wearing a pair of chunky leather slides with open toes. She was not wearing any type of hosiery.

Some people don't care for this style of shoe, and while she could have chosen better, I look at it like this: girls can dip and dangle them, and you can see their feet. It could be worse: sneakers - UGH!

Well, girlfriend is a world class danlger with nervous feet. She would put a shoe on the ends of her toes and bounce her foot up and down like it was possessed. It's a beautiful sight, believe me! That's exactly what she was doing under the table as we had our drinks, and at one point she ended up kicking me.

"Yow!" I told her playfully.

"What's the matter? You don't want me putting my feet on you?" She shot back, smiling.

"I don't mind you kicking me dear, but will you take your shoe off so I don't get bruises?"

Then I hear a dull thudding sound under the table, and I know then that she's dropped her shoe. My heart jumped when I felt her bare toes begin to rub against my lower leg. Did I mention I was wearing shorts during this date? Oh the feel of her foot on my bare skin! Of course this posed a problem since the server showed up and I had to try and order while she was doing this to me.

Up, up my leg went her foot. This was getting really serious. Add to this a couple of twentysomething babes who were seated at the table next to us. Both girls were watching what was happening under our table. I didn't care, even when girlfriend put her toes over the bulge in my crotch and began to "pump the gas pedal". It felt better than you can imagine, sitting there in a restaurant, my girl's bare foot working over my trapped cock, and two giggling female voyuers taking it all in. Hopefully they learned something they can try out on the men in their lives!

Somehow I made it through the meal without cumming in my pants. But as soon as we got back to my car I pounced on girlfriend! I ripped her shoes off and had my dessert by feasting on every inch of her soft, teasing size sevens. Finally I jerked off on her feet, the pleasure of release being so intense I didn't care who saw us there in the parking lot. I spent the rest of the night with a wicked smile on my face and a wet spot on my lap.

Next week is an anniversary for me and girlfriend. I plan on taking her out to a really nice restaurant. I wonder...well, I'll let you know.