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Storie \ MixUp

  Anonimo | Feet Under The Table -  - English story | 01.11.2002

Legs n Heels message board, author unknown (Edited by Colonel Vorbeck for clarity)

A few nights ago my cousin and his girlfriend took me to dinner for my birthday, and it was a night that I would NEVER FORGET!

It all started at this really nice resturant my cousin Rob and his girlfriend Becca usually go to. As a result, we got a great table, a small, roundish affair with a very short tablecloth. My cousin and I sat together on one side while Becca sat opposite us. Becca was a short, athletic college junior. Her tanned skin looked fabulous against the black dress and hose she wore that night. Leaning back slightly in my chair, I got a great view of Becca's pantyhosed legs. They were crossed, to my great delight, the black suede pump on her crossed foot was dangling slightly off of her heel.

I was content to glance at Becca's shoeplay now and then, but nothing else was happening. Then, with no warning, things got good... really good! We were looking over the menus, chatting casually and I was asking them for recommendations. I noticed that Becca was looking up from her menu to stare hard at her boyfriend. Puzzled for a moment, I leaned back and caught movment under the table.

Becca had uncrossed her legs and had slipped off her dangling pump. My mouth began to dry up from excitement as I saw her size six foot start to move foward towards my cousins right leg. Oh you lucky bastard I thought, glancing at my cousin. But then I feel something touching my left foot. I look down again and see that Becca had missed my cousin's leg by a few inches, and she was rubbing the top of my loafer with her toes.

I quickly looked up at Becca, swallowing hard. She didn't notice me, and then I feel her nyloned toes going up into my pants leg. All the while she's staring at her boyfriend like she's doing the deed to him!!. Aroused and a little confused, I just kept still so she didn't suspect anything. I wasn't sure how to handle this, and how I would explain this. But since this was a fantasy come true, a large part of me wanted her to keep doing what she was doing!

And that's exactly what Becca did. She removed her foot from my pants leg and starts rubbing up the inside of my calf to my knee, sliding her foot up and down, up and down. By this time I have a raging hard-on that was ready to blow up in my pants Not wanting to leave the table and miss out on Becca's fantastic footwork, I took my cloth napkin under the table and attempted to shoot my load into it. Somehow I was able to unzip my pants and take out my penis that is hard like a rock withoug being noticed. But in my nervousness, I drop the napkin under the table so I cant reach it!! Luckly it was under the table because if a waiter was gonna give it back to me I would have been dead right there!.

So then the unthinkable happens. Becca slides down her chair a bit and slides her foot up on my penis thats out of the pants and is ready to blow! She looks lustfully at my cousin, like it his penis she's rubbing. I was in heaven! I stole a glance down to see her silky black pantyhosed foot sliding and patting and caressing my hot cock. I couldnt take any more teasing, my stomach was so coiled with excitement and fear, so I proceeded to masturbate all over Becca's pantyhosed foot!! As I shot my load on her arch, I covered myself with a fake coughing spell. Oh it felt so good! I could hardly see as I came!

At that point something bad almost happend. My cousin decides to go to the bathroom so I figured I'm screwed right.... WRONG! Becca pulls her cum drenched foot out my crotch and puts it back on to the floor still thinking it was his crotch she was playing with. She then casually asks me how do I like dinner, and I reply that it's like nothing I have never experienced before in my life. Becca smiled broadly at me, and I noticed she had taken her own napkin and discreetly placed it in her lap. Continuing to eat, I leaned back slightly and saw that she was in fact wiping the cum from her foot.

So, Rob comes back a few minutes later and yet again I feel Becca's foot start rubbing my leg with her toes. Incredibly, I started to get another erection. We were about to leave, so unfortunately I wouldn't be able to enjoy Becca's feet anymore. And my secret was still safe. When the waiter arrived with our bill there was a problem with Rob's credit card, and he quickly stood up and went with the waiter to use the phone. Oh shit!! Becca's foot was still rubbing my leg. Now she knows it was me! I looked up at her expecting the worst, but I got a warm, sexy smile, and a stockinged foot between my legs, softly petting my returning erection.

"Happy birthday sweetie. Did you enjoy your crotch massage?" Becca giggled seductively. My jaw hit the tabletop, and Becca laughed and winked. We stood up, Becca replaced her shoe and went to meet my cousin at the door. The rest is history =)