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Storie \ Architecture of Lust

  Anonimo | Feet Under The Table -  - English story | 01.11.2002

Giselle was just wonderful that night. I don't know why she'd decided to get in that dress but it suddenly made me feel quite humble. I looked at her bright blue eyes and it was quite clear that she was in one of these days where just anything can happen. I just thought in the back of my head that someday she'll just drive me crazy, this wicked child was behaving like there's no tomorrow each and every day, squeezing out the juice from life, and enjoying it that way!

She simply said, "Hey how about getting dressed! I thought you'd be happy to go out tonight, no?" She wore that black dress I bought her for her twenty second birthday three weeks before, and she was absolutely stunning. Her breasts all cleaved by the tight fabric looked wonderful, and this was an image quite tough to go over simply like that. I rushed to the bedroom, and quickly jumped in the shower, to wipe off all the sweat of a hard day at work. It took me about 5 minutes. I hopped right into my silk pants, putting on my shirt and choosing one of my fancy ties. She loves it! I then decided on the one to pick. It was a tough choice since there are about 110 of them. Picking up Mickey Mouse (one of my favorites) I quickly got ready for departure.

While I dressed, I could see the reflection of Giselle in the mirror of the room. She laid against the wall, and I caught a flash of her hand tweaking at her left nipple. She closed her eyes while her hand began a very gentle massage of her breast. I was completely lost in awe. She looked so erotic, her head thrown back, as she was feeling her own pleasure. I intentely knocked around a chair, making her aware that I was ready.

As we got out of our bedroom, she blushed ever so slightly when I turned to her and said, " Are you ready for some serious eating?" A flash of lust crossed her eyes. " Well yes, of course, but you decide on the place."

That was no problem for me. I spend my week in restaurants, and having made a quick selection, I decided on a little French restaurant located in the Old Town. The atmosphere is quite intimate and the food is just amazing. So we hopped into the Mercedes (my other car is a Ford Escort (yeah right!) and hit the road. It was raining like crazy outside, but there's nothing more romantic than a ride under the crying sky.

I could not keep my mind on the conversation that we were having. The scent of her perfume quickly got too much for me, and her long slender legs, plainly exposed, made my mind run quite wild. Of course she knew it and intently turned herself to me as she spoke, exposing me her full-clad breasts. By the time we got to the place, I was having trouble making some impossible mental calculation, trying to get rid of the erection that made my pants look like a tent.

The doorman knows me well, and a wink is enough to make him understand a quiet table, not too open to the eyes. We were seated, and ordered a bottle of wine, for I know that when Giselle is a little heated she just gets crazy. The red bordeau fills her glass with ruby-like liquid. "To our love." She toasted.

"And to the unbelievable beauty of women." I added.

She ordered the Chateaubriand while I asked for the Steak au poivre. We started to eat. I felt the gentle touch of her silk covered toes against my leg. She was enjoying herself, I could see it by the smile she kept on her face. I filled her glass again, while I saw stardust in her eyes caused by the glowing of the candle. Her foot gently crawled up its way to my knee, and slipped past it. She began a gentle massage of my groin. From our position nobody could see us, as we were hidden by the luxuriant vegetation. She felt my cock stiffen under her gentle caress, and giggled, saying, "My God, are you having a HARD time dear?" She knows how much I like the feeling of her stocking covered feet on my manhood. So she leaned over the table, which left me an opportunity to peek down her dress. God, she was wearing that awesome demi-bra. She whispered into my ear, "Please. Unzip your pants now!"

I was more than eager, since her teasing had produced a massive erection that needed urgent caring. So I opened up my pants and put aside my briefs. I always wear those Tanga briefs that makes it easy to free my cock. I exposed my sex to her gentle touch. "Ooh." I moaned outloud. I thought I would loose consciousness right there. The feeling of her soft, cold feet against my dick was just unbelievable.

I was having a tough time eating, not to mention simply speaking. I muttered a few words but her finger came on my lips, in that international language that means, "Shhhhhhhh." Her second foot came to help the first one, sliding its way up. Finally she got both feet in my lap. She gently pulled them one to the other, squeezing my turgescent pole between her soles. She began to stroke me slowly. Occasionnally her silk covered toes would carefully caress my balls, sending lightning to my spine! She began to stroke me a little harder, her feet hidden by the table sheet, and while she stroked, she lifted her wonderful tits, sighing slightly as she enjoyed and teased me some more.

I was beginning to feel the buildup of cum inside me. I wanted to tell her to stop, but when I leaned forward to whisper it to her, her eyes flashed once more. A devilish smile lit her red pouty lips. That means, "You're mine, and you remain under my command until further notice." That feeling of soft silk rubbing my cock combined with the intense pleasure she was having was just too much for me as I felt the intense buildup of my orgasm. She must have felt it also somehow, for she squeezed the base of my penis with both feet, blocking the pre com blast from coming out.

My head was spinning, and the waiter came towards us! "Monsieur dsire une nouvelle nouteille?" While he asked, Giselle started over her merciful massage of my disk, stroking it's full length with firm, yet amazingly pleasureful strokes. I answer, "Bien sur, et du mme s'il vous plait!" I tried to regain my composure. The feeling on my hard cock was unbelievable. I felt as if the only sensitive part of my whole body was my sex and everything was centered on it. I was simply overcome with delight. I knew that I was about to burst. This time Giselle just kept on pumping.

I closed my eyes and tried to muffle the scream of bliss that was in my throat. Hidden under the table, I felt my cock throb, as the sperm shot out of me! The cum shot out of the head of my cock like a volcano, and my warm cum covered Giselle's feet. Through my half closed eyes I saw her closing her eyes. She felt my warm lava that covered her stockinged-feet. She kept pumping my cock, until it drained out of me. Every last drop.

After a quick look around, which showed no sign of the waiter, I peeked under the table sheet to evaluate the disaster. It was worse than I imagined! Her feet encircled my cock and were covered halfway up to the tip of her toes with rivers of cum! It looked so good. Her stockinged feet were covered with white cum! It was amazing! Giselle smiled at me and said, "Please, be a gentleman." So I wiped her feet clean with a napkin. "Thanks!" She said. She smiled and put on her high-heels.

The waiter brought a new bottle and we continued our evening supper. I asked her why she made me cum right there, knowing how much she loved to be fondled herself. "You just looked wonderful, and I had been fantasizing about this all day." She said. "You can't imagine how much I wanted to make you cum, to overflow you with shocks of pleasure." "Well, you've done it! I'm quite stunned!" I answered back.

"I know." She replied with a smile. We eventually finished our dishes and she begged me to excuse her while she went to the bathroom to clean up the spill and of course to refresh her look. As she stood up, I saw a fine trail of cum on the top of her stocking. I looked at her walking through the room, her hips swaying gracefully as she headed for the ladies room She pushed open the door and disappeared out of sight.